Do we offer Mobile Detailing?


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From far or closeup this car is wet and glossy. We offer various levels of service any of which will grab attention!

To be honest, I’ve offered mobile services on many occasions since I started. It was just never and official direction for me as there was always some or the other technical challenge that prevented me from committing to the concept. But yes we could.

For the general public, I would only provide Polishing & Detailing and Ceramic Coating services. It is not feasible for us to provide normal car wash or interior full valets on a one to one on a mobile basis due to timing and opportunity cost. You are of course most welcome to book these services in with us at our workplace in Lansdowne.

If you are a private person with a collection or fleet or a corporate company and require a detailer’s level car wash or other services this would be an exception.

I also provide mobile service to discerning Dealerships, traders, Auction houses, Production companies for Movies, Commercials and Photo shoots as well as for Events.

Contact us for any further information or bookings!

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