Ceramic Paint Protection

Ceramic coatings is a superior paint protection technology compared to traditional waxes and sealants simply due to longevity & durability. It will make your car easier to clean, create a high gloss finish, improve your surface scratch resistance against things like swirls and protect your car for a long time from UV and preserve its looks and colour in a measure of years.

If you want protection from stone chips, door dings, general paint chipping or deep scratches like from vandalism, ceramic coatings is not for you! Ceramic coatings is simply to thin to prevent that level of impact or damage. Paint Protection Film or PPF will be more appropriate. If you want that level of protection I can arrange that for you, please contact me.

I offer Ceramic Sealants for budget or maintenance applications, conventional Coatings from 1 year to 7 year warranted or non, the latest Graphene and the ultimate in coating technology, Self heal coatings.

Self Heal coatings can heal itself from swirls and light scratches within the coatings film thickness and is generally harder than conventional coatings.

I also offer ceramic coatings for other surfaces for example:

  • Glass i.e. Windscreen
  • Wheels
  • Leather
  • Fabric
  • Plastic

Read more: Ceramic Coating Features

  • Scratch Resistance
    • A coating will greatly assist, reduce or otherwise prevent light scratches and swirls typical from car washing within its own coating film thickness.
    • It will not repel stone chips, vandalism or contact with a wall or gate. It is not a force-field!
      • If thats what you looking for, contact us and we can discuss Paint Protection Film (its very expensive and visible though! Cheap film R1000 per square meter ex labour!)
  • Stays cleaner for longer
    • Hydrophocity i.e. water repellancy
    • Some coatings has Oleophobicity which is oil repellancy
    • Some formulas feature ‘dirt repellancy’ through their particular chemistry.
  • Easier cleaning
    • through slickness and water repellancy.
    • With the water restrictions we have experienced recently, coatings makes it considerably easier in cleaning and indeed has a pseudo self cleaning ability that will keep your car cleaner for longer.
  • UV protection
    • it cause paint to lose its colour by bleaching out the pigment in the colour layer. due to sun exposure its also a solid consideration.  
  • Anti Graffiti
  • pH Resistance
    • A single application can last multiple years and cannot be washed off by the alkalinity of car shampoos!
    • Bird poo isn’t an immediate issue so long as its removed timeously.
  • Longevity
    • A coating can last for many years.
    • We have cars with 4+ years off a single coat
    • Washing regularly and carefully is the most important
    • Boosting with a ceramic detailer or spray sealant will up keep water repellancy and sharpen gloss

How much does a ceramic coating cost?

Two things determines the cost and end result of a ceramic coating job

  1. Prep i.e. Polishing, decontamination etc
  2. Choice of Ceramic Coating

1. PREP / Preperation

PREP or Preperation is to decontaminate and or polish before we can coat.

This affects adhesion and longevity and of course gives a better shinier glossier result!

The prep that goes into your car will largely be determined by the condition of your car, expectation or budget. The amount of prep also influences the cost of your job.

If you car is brand new, pristine condition or you’ve just detailed it elsewhere or you are happy with the condition, work on minimum prep from R1000 for a sedan to a maximum of R2000 for large size vehicles etc.

For vehicles requiring more, I base my Prep options on my Paint Correction packages so check that out on my Polishing page.

2. Ceramic Coatings

To best suit and serve our clients varied needs we constantly try out different brands and products to deepen our knowledge in order to offer our clients the very best and knowledgeable service. Some brands we have applied and certified on include, Feynlab, CarPRO, System X, NDG, Meguiars, SONAX, Turtlewax, Williams F1, Nasiol, TAC Systems and the list goes on.

Please email or whatsapp me for an updated PDF pricelist. Coatings are fully imported therefore pricing can fluctuate and stock availability can be an issue.

I’ve prepared a ‘Price Gauge’ to give you a way determine what coatings cost in general and what may best suit your needs and budget. Once a budget etc is determined we would advise from there whats available and best.

Read more: Ceramic Coating Price Gauge

Ceramic Sealants from R250 – R1000

  • Ease of cleaning.
  • High Gloss. UV protection & excellent hydrophobicity
  • Silk like slickness
  • Excellent as a stand alone product or as maintenance for any ceramic coating irregardless of brand.
  • 3, 6 months to 1 year

Have a look at our Ceramic Paint Enhancement package for an all inclusive polish and ceramic sealant based protection package.

Ceramic (SIO2 TIO2 SIC) & Graphene based Coatings from R950 to R7500

Consumer grade R750 to R3000
  • Normally ‘off the shelf’ type coatings
  • 1 to 2 year longevity
  • Nominal to Very good scratch resistance
  • Enhances gloss to high gloss
Prosumer R3000 to R6500
  • These are entry level but professional grade in that it may be technical to install.
  • 1 to 3 years longevity
  • Good to excellent scratch resistance
  • High Gloss
Professional Only grade from R5000 for Entry Level to R10000 High End
  • Only professionals’s has access to these products
  • 1 to 7 years longevity
  • Can be warrantied
  • Superior Scratch Resistance
  • Superior Gloss

Self Heal Ceramic Coatings from R5000 to R15000

  • Self repair of minor scratches and swirls
  • Extreme gloss
  • PH Resistance
  • Ease of cleaning. High Gloss. UV protection
  • Pricing above is indicative of full corrective polishing and detail.
  • We have three Self Heal options that range from no warranty and then 5 – 7 year warranty.


Feynlab Universal 18 Month Ceramic Coating from R1950

We are trying to clear stock of Feynlab Universal. Highly durable, It is best suited though to white cars, commercial, fleet, uber vehicles.

If you want solid protection then this is fine. If you have a premium vehicle contact me for an update pricelist on our other options.

While stocks last!

New Car Platinum Protection

If you are buying a new car consider adding a Ceramic Coating to you purchase, Your dealer can include it in your finance or you can purchase it directly from me and I appply it at the dealership before you collect or it can come to me and I apply it here.

We are offering GTECHNIQ Platinum Ceramic Coating & Protection kits which comes a 5 Year Warranty for new cars at only R6500!

It covers:

  1. Paint
  2. Wheels
  3. Glass
  4. Leather
  5. Fabric

Contact me for more info or to book!

More info about GTECHNIQ Platinum click here

Note: I can also provide Paint Only Ceramic Options!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to book a Ceramic Coating

  1. Please read the information and the pricing band / guide we have provided. This will give you an idea what a coating is and does and what to budget for.
  2. Consider the condition of your car, what you want and expect together with a budget for that.
  3. Consider when you want to have it done in terms of date and time
  4. Contact us via whatsapp, phone call or email to discuss what options will suit you best and we get you booked!

What’s a Ceramic Coating made of?

Conventional ceramic coatings is usually based on Silicon Di-Oxide and Titanium Di-Oxide within a resin base which is akin to glass, crystal and ceramic molecular structures . A few companies use Silicon Carbide (SiC) like Opti-Coat and there is also an emergence in Graphene (NDG and ArtdeShine) and even Rubber based alternatives.

While different manufacturers will have there own formulas with different characteristics, all coatings creates a cross linked molecular bond between itself and the coated surface by interlocking itself with the relevant surface molecules. This is why they are referenced as semi permanent but must be considered as a sacrificial layer on top of a vehicle’s surface taking the brunt of minor attacks while preserving the actual paint underneath.

The most groundbreaking innovation in car care is Self Heal Ceramic Coatings like the FEYNLAB range we offer. This technology represents the best advancement in Ceramic coating technology. As the name implies, swirls like those caused by bad car wash and scratches, not exceeding the self heal layer, will automatically heal by closing up under the sun or if a heat source is applied. Deeper damage will look far less worse than without! 

How is a Ceramic Coating applied?

The cost of installing coatings may be a lot, but must be considered against how long it will last, its actual protection and the convenience of time it saves from having to continually treating a car like a wax or sealant based system.

In order to apply a coating the paintwork needs to be prepared.

Preparation depends on the condition of your paintwork in terms of contamination, swirls and scratches. This will mean the car needs to be decontaminated by washing, claying, iron, tar or oil removers and polishing to remove scratches and swirls.

Even a new car will require some level of preperation.

If you want to reduce cost and apply a coating without polishing, it will at least need to be decontaminated to ensure adhesion. In this circumstance we would recommend looking at a 1 year coating or alternatively ceramic sealants.

Does a Ceramic Coating require maintenance?

Ceramic Coatings needs practical and common sense maintenance but nothing out of the ordinary.

1. Washing

  • Ceramics does make it easier to wash your car and stays cleaner for longer but it needs careful and considerate washing when the car is dirty . This is needed in order to prevent scratches and swirls caused by bad washing methods.
  • Regular washing will also prevent certain types of dirt from bonded to the paint which will take away from the water repellancy.
  • Washing with a non wax based shampoo

2. Waxes & Sealants

  • No waxes or polymer sealants are needed.
  • Using a Ceramic based or compatible Quick Detailer such as a drying aid or after wash touch up will help avoid swirling while you do you after wash detail.
  • Periodic application of a Ceramic Spray Sealant will amp your cars look and boost gloss.
  • Top Coats are also available to boost both gloss and greater longevity.

3. Swirls and scratches or repair

  • If your ceramic coating has swirls or very light scratches or you have had a body panel resprayed we are able to repair or recoat areas.

Can a Ceramic Coating be repaired?

  • If your ceramic coating has swirls or very light scratches we may be able to repair the coating depending onn the damage and the coating that was applied and its age
  • If the car was in and accident or a body panel was resprayed we can simply prepare and coat the repaired area
  • In the case of Self Heal little to no intervention may be required!

Can you ceramic coat other types of surfaces and things?

Sky is the limit! (but we could probably coat a space station or MARS rover too 😉

  • Vehicles i.e. cars, trucks, buses, light commercials, motorbikes etc
    • Glass – windscreens and mirrors etc
    • Leather & Vinyl
    • Textiles
      • Upholstery like fabric, velour and even suede
      • Carpets
    • Plastics – interior or exterior
    • Alloy wheels
  • We now offfer bicycle specific coatings
  • Boats, Jetskis, yachts
  • Aircraft
  • Home & Personal
    • Furniture
    • Carpeting and mats
    • Kitchen Appliances
    • Kitchen cupboards and counter tops
    • TVs
    • Balustrades
    • Windows

The biggest consideration for getting a coating is maintaining the originality of your cars paint, its irreplaceable! ( To be more technical ceramic coatings helps the preservation of your paint film and the pigment in its colour layer from fading through exposure to the environment!)

Paint film thickness is getting ever thinner from manufacturers, due to cost cutting and pollution prevention (water based versus solvent based paint). When a car is new off the show room floor it’s the best time to apply a coating to help protect the paint for it’s future.

Older or used cars can still benefit even if its a demo unit, 1 year old or even a classic! During its previous life, it would have been subjected to bad washing, storage in open lots or during transportation (ships, trucks or even rail). All these factors would’ve led to the car being polished at one time or another. Whether it was done correctly or badly the paint thickness would have been reduced, thats simply the end result of polishing. Therefore it would be a good idea to detail your car properly and protect it while you own it and beyond.

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