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Excellant as a Christmas / Yearend gift voucher!

What can a ceramic coating do for me?

The major benefits of all Ceramic Coatings is that it will stay cleaner for longer, make it easier to clean, protect your paints colour from the bleaching effects of the Suns UV rays. Each coating formula (each one is different) will offer varying degrees of scratch resistance but only in terms of wash swirls ( in this regard either the coating will “catch” the swirls within its film thickness or actually be hard enough to have repelled that level of contact pressure). It cannot wash off and also has great chemical and temp resistance.

It CANNOT repair failed paint, make bad paint look better, fill deep scratches or swirls and defenitely cannot stop stone chips or deeper scratches than swirls!

It also doesnt mean you never need to maintain your car i.e. not washing.

All ceramic coatings is not the same!

In these specials we are using quality and proven ceramic coatings from the German brand SONAX in the 1 and 2 year offers and a white label product for the 5 year offer. All these we have experience with for over 4 years in terms of application and have maintained client vehicles with it in on. One reason we are able to offer this is that we have purchased in bulk. (see pics)

We have made the allowance of upgrades to other Ceramic Coating formulas also at a considerable discount (read further below) that has greater gloss, hardness / flexbility for protection, better colour suitability, water repellancy, outdoor storage etc which may be more suitable for your needs.

SONAX Ceramic Coating Shipment

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All detailers is not the same

Like all ceramic coatings are not the same so is one detailer from another.

“I hate regrets so I dont sell any”

Qiyaam Adams

“I hate regrets so I dont sell any” is a personal mantra / ethos / saying (patent pending). One of the first questions I will ask you, is what you expect a ceramic coating to do for you. If your reply is not in line with what a ceramic coating or any other variable that matters can deliver, I will not advise you to go for it.

We’ve been applying ceramics since it started appearing in SA around 2009 and we’ve been detailing for far longer.

We are accredited installers for GTECHNIQ, FEYNLAB and AUTOGLYM and can offer warranteed applications.

Only quality products is used in our deals around the core Ceramic Coatings and Polishing, from established brands such as Autoglym, Carpro etc

We also stock Autoglym & Gtechniq products so you can take care of your car after we’ve detailed it.

Check out our Google reviews to see our customer reviews!

Whats included:

The level of preparation i.e. washing polishing etc is all the same. The difference is the coating used.

  • Wash – to remove loose dirt
  • Clay – to remove bonded / stuck on dirt / contaminants
  • Polishing – aka buffing / Paint Correction / compounding – to remove scratches and swirls, improve gloss and reflectivity
    • We will be using the excellant high gloss polishing system from Autoglym, Rapid Renovator.
      • One step / stage is done over the whole car. Results will depend on how deep your scratches are as well as how hard / soft your paint is.
        • If your vehicles paint needs more work than whats included, that can be quoted that as an extra.
        • Please allow 20 minutes at drop off at booking so we are able to demonstrate on a test area on your car what to expect in terms of scratch removal.
        • You can also bring it ahead of your booking so we can do an inspection/ test so you know what to expect!
  • Pre coating panel wipe – to remove any polishing oils or other contamination that may interfere with coating
  • Coating Application – the selected coating would be applied i.e. 1 year, 2 year or 5 year
  • Finishing detail – i.e. courtesy light vacuum, wipe dash, clean windows inside and out and exterior trim & tyre dressing.
    • More Detail can be arranged as extra

For Booking & Enquiries contact 0716868055 avail on Whatsapp

Terms & Conditions

  • Full amount needs to be paid to confirm your booking.
  • No refunds is possible on any of the above. Specific stock has been bought for this deal.
  • All prices quoted for up to standard sedan size vehicles example Corolla. Larger vehicles quoted extra
  • BFS (Black Friday Special) bookings will commence from the 1st December 2020 with 1 slot available per day on the Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday of the week until all orders have been completed.
  • BFS special ends 5th December 2020
  • Allow 1 day for completion.
    • 2 staff is allocated. One person cannot do justice to the scope of the work!
    • Vehicles requires to be with us for the latest by 8:30am-9am to allow us to complete your vehicle timeously.
    • Drop off the day before is possible, please arrange before hand.
    • Vehicles need to be collected on the day of completion.
  • Whenever a Ceramic coating application is done by us, its done with consideration with the weather
    • Your vehicle cannot get wet within the first 24 hours of a ceramic application and for that matter cannot be washed within the first 7 days
    • If the the weather is bad on the day of booking, either; we can do the application and then hold the vehicle for collection the next day (If the weather is better that day) or reschedule to the next available slot.
  • BFS Bookings to be applied by 28 February 2021.
    • We have ordered specific ceramic coating stock for this special and once we open them and start applying they start hardening!
    • If you need to extend beyond this time it may come at an extra cost to cover the difference / fresh stock etc

Ceramic Coating Upgrades available

The following is upgrades to the Ceramic Coatings for the main Black Friday Deals. You need to add the amounts indicated here to the main deal’s amount that you wish to upgrade.

These upgrades gives you more advantage in areas such as; best coating for the colour of your car, gloss, durability and where indicated warranty. There is too much information on each of these to elaborate here, you are welcome to contact us to discuss your needs so we can advise you better.

These prices are also discounted for Black Friday and limited to the special.

  • For the 1 year coating – Autoglym UHD or Feynlab Ceramic Lite +R1000
  • For the 2 year coating – GTECHNIQ EXO +R1500
  • For the 5 year coating
    • GTECHNIQ C1 Crystal Lacquer – great for any paint type especially older paintwork as well as matte +R1750
    • GTECHNIQ Crystal Serum Light (aka CSL) +R2500
    • FEYNLAB Ceramic Ultra
      • Without Warranty +R2000
      • With Warranty +R2750
    • GTECHNIQ CSL with EXO – We are accredited GTECHNIQ applicators so this combination comes with a 5 Year International Warrantee from GTECHNIQ +R3500

For Booking & Enquiries contact 0716868055 avail on Whatsapp

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