We now stock Autoglym Car Care Products

I’ve now started stocking the Autoglym Car Care range.for clients to be able to maintain their vehicles themselves.

Autoglym is the start and will be the base range of my “Car Care Collection”. As things develop, I will add the best or in demand products from other top brands such as; CARPRO, Meguiars, Turtlewax and others.

Products is available now in store and I will be adding an online store soon.

Autoglym is a well known and respected name in automotive detailing. Founded in the UK in 1965, Autoglym car care products were originally a ‘trade only’ brand supplied to valeters / detailers and bodyshops only. It became available as a consumer range the mid 1980’s and has since won numerous and very often consecutive Awards. As a testament of the high quality of Autoglym products, it was endorsed by the British Royal family by way of their “Royal Warrant”

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“I want to have my car polished. What polish should I do?”

Qiyaam polishing out paint work on a classic mercedes convertible

This article answers a common question clients ask us, what “polishing package” they need, how much it will cost and how we go about that answering that.

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How to Keep Your Car Safe From the Corona virus COVID-19

How to keep your car clean and safe from Corona Virus COVID-19 – Picture credit: United Nations

The Corona Virus COVID-19 pandemic has reached humanity all over world. In our homes, workplaces and our cars!

As we have kitchen or bathroom hygiene, so we should have Car Hygiene!

Here are some tips to help keep your car clean and control the Corona Virus COVID-19 spreading in you car.

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Do we offer Mobile Detailing?

We provide the following services on a mobile basis

  • For the public, I provide Polishing & Detailing and Ceramic Coating services.
  • Private collections, fleet or a corporate companies from car wash and up.
  • Dealerships, Car shows, traders, Auction houses, Production companies for Movies, Commercials and Photo shoots as well as for Events from car wash, onsite detailing and valets, resets etc

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We have a backup generator!

We have a backup generator that allows us to provide all our services without exception! Whether in studio or on a mobile basis! Contact us now on 071 686 8055 Avail on WhatsApp

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