Cleaning Gummy and sticky buttons in your car

We often get cars in with sticky buttons and controls.

Typically car manufacturers coat vehicle controls with a rubber coating for a “soft touch feel”.

Things like; steering controls, indicator and wiper stalks, buttons and dials, like your window, aircon and other features may have it on.

It doesnt matter the brand of car, I’ve had to remove this kind of sticky mess from Ferrari’s of all things!

These coatings degrades over time through a number of reasons typically:

  • The dirt on our hands that transfers to these controls and damages them…
    • Sweat, food (yep some of that KFC chicken wings!), makeup, grease …
  • With the COVID pandemic, sanitizer residue on your hands if not the direct use of inappropriate disinfectants inside a car
  • Humidity and heat also plays a big role.
  • The use of silicone based products car care products not too mention the wrong or incorrectly used general cleaner …
    • You should only use quality water based dressings and dedicated car cleaners.

It looks terrible when these buttons and controls degrade and is off putting.

The goo can come off on your hands, they tend to hold dirt and most likely germs as well!

Point in case, this vehicle shown here was for sale, the buyer’s condition was to have this first removed!

The problem however is the risk. In an ideal world these things should be stripped out, but would be massively expensive and time consuming to the client. These are all electronics by nature and the way to clean them is with a cleaner, (which is wet) and of course rubbing it clean.

Most of the time, we clean them in place. Removing knobs etc where possible as well as taping off as much as we can before very carefully cleaning them. The danger is moisture finding its way into a switch or busting a control system!

Additionally, most of these controls have symbols on them. These can come off through cleaning as the previous “rubber like” coating protected them. These are typically laser etched, so having them redone in South Africa is next to impossible.

We’ve have had great success in cleaning them up as the photographs that follows shows.

This was a 2012 Jaguar XF Diesel. The total time for cleaning the various buttons, dials, knobs and controls was approximately 2 hours. Our detail cleaning rate, currently ( May 2021) is R350 per hour which included the materials for this specific job.

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Steering Wheel



Steering Wheel Controls – Buttons & Dials



Jaguar Gear Dial Shift / Gear Selector



Climate Control / Air conditioning buttons and knobs



Window Buttons



We now stock Autoglym Car Care Products

I’ve now started stocking the Autoglym Car Care range.for clients to be able to maintain their vehicles themselves.

Autoglym is the start and will be the base range of my “Car Care Collection”. As things develop, I will add the best or in demand products from other top brands such as; CARPRO, Meguiars, Turtlewax and others.

Products is available now in store and I will be adding an online store soon.

Autoglym is a well known and respected name in automotive detailing. Founded in the UK in 1965, Autoglym car care products were originally a ‘trade only’ brand supplied to valeters / detailers and bodyshops only. It became available as a consumer range the mid 1980’s and has since won numerous and very often consecutive Awards. As a testament of the high quality of Autoglym products, it was endorsed by the British Royal family by way of their “Royal Warrant”

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Do we offer Mobile Detailing?

We provide the following services on a mobile basis

  • For the public, I provide Polishing & Detailing and Ceramic Coating services.
  • Private collections, fleet or a corporate companies from car wash and up.
  • Dealerships, Car shows, traders, Auction houses, Production companies for Movies, Commercials and Photo shoots as well as for Events from car wash, onsite detailing and valets, resets etc

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We have a backup generator!

We have a backup generator that allows us to provide all our services without exception! Whether in studio or on a mobile basis! Contact us now on 071 686 8055 Avail on WhatsApp

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