Ceramic Paint Protection

Ceramic Paint Protection  – The Ultimate Paint In Vehicle Paint Protection


Ceramic coatings is the ultimate in vehicle paintwork protection technology now available. Superior to traditional waxes and sealants due to sheer physical hardness and longevity. Ceramic coatings is also known as Nano, Glass or Crystal coatings from a variety of manufacturers.





The chemistry technology of these coatings is based on SiO2 or Silicon DiOxide. This formula bonds to the paintwork molecules to create a semi permanent layer protecting the original paint surface and adds extra hardness (2H to 9H)

This layer cannot be washed off. In order to be removed requires to be compound polished. A single coat offers 2 to 3 years of protection!

Ceramic paint protective coatings offers: 

  • Scratch resistant – minimizes micro scratches and swirls due to physical hardness
  • Chemical Resistant – Protects against chemical attacks like bird poo as well as alkaline cleaners, degreasers          and harsh detergents staining the paint.
  • UV Resistant – protects from the sun damaging UV rays from  fading paint
  • Anti Static and Self cleaning – lowers cleaning costs and time
  • No follow-up applications necessary with no special maintenance shampoo or cleaning solution required
  • Protects against water marks
  • Guaranteed not to de-laminate or yellow

We have been applying ceramic coatings since 2011 with the release of Meguiar’s Deep Crystal coating and now offer the internationally well regarded CQuartz and Williams’ ceramic coatings.

  1. A coating installation on a brand new or pristine surface is from R1200*
  2. Vehicles requiring detailing (i.e.  has swirls and scratches etc ) before installation P.O.A.

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