Deep Scratches Removed From A Silver Fiat Panda

This week we detailed a Fiat Panda with some deep scratches inflicted by a bad wash, something we see extremely often!

To remove scratches and other paint defects you have to always try the least aggressive method to correct your paint in order to preserve paint thickness. Therefore we inspect and test out and area to see how the damage and the paint responds. If a client contacts us about their car we usually offer this as a demo before we commence or book the work so we can quote properly and give the client a better idea of what to expect.

With this Fiat, we first tried polishing out the bonnet, which was the worse affected, with compound but the results wasn’t great so we chose to wet sand/flat the bonnet and the other bad areas with 3M Trizact 3000 grit paper on a Dual Action sander.

Its important when sanding to you use good quality sanding paper and the correct grit to ensure you end with an efficient and quality result. We use Meguiars and 3M abrasives to enable us to provide the best possible results and be able to offer our clients a comprehensive paint restoration and correction service that goes beyond normal detailing.

To say the least the results was flawless and Ben, the client, was totally ecstatic! We saved yet another man from this better half and a car from going to the spray painters for and unknown amount of time and expense! (Please read Ben’s comment via WhatsApp below!)

So If your car needs some special attention please call Qiyaam on 071 686 8055 (Avail on WhatsApp)

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Sorry, forgot to send this yesterday, but just wanted to say that I am impressed with the job you did on the panda,inside and out. Excellent, honest service and top quality results at what I think is a very reasonable price. Will be recommending you to all I know. Thanks so much. – Ben, Kenilworth

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