First Ferarri we detailed for Viglietti

Here is some pics of the first Ferrari we detailed for Viglietti in Cape Town. We still operated as GoValet at that time (2008/9) and we changed over to ProTouch Car Care in late 2010

This is a Ferrari F355 F1 GTS, the first Ferrari with a paddleshift gearbox and the last that was spray painted by human hand.

It was brought over from the UK and left in the open for two weeks! Bird poo landed on the car and the interior was a mess. The shipping agents attempted a clean up but they only really covered the damage with Turtlewax colormagic!

We stripped the colormagic by clay and Meguiar’s Safe Degreaser (sadly no longer brought in by Meguiar’s SA) and we then performed a Full Paint Correction.

Full Paint correction starts of with a wash to remove dirt and grime, clay to remove bonded dir, pollution, brake dust etc

It also includes compounding to remove paint defects like scratches, swirls and in this case the marks created by the bird poo, final polishing (to increase gloss and wetness in the paint) and sealant and wax to protect and shine. All chromework and rubbers are also cleaned and conditioned including wheels.

The interior for this vehicle was also steam cleaned and conditioned.

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