Full Steam Ahead

It’s been a hectic past few weeks with some great changes.

We have finally recieved our Astra EVO Steamer! It allows us to wash the entire car with steam with as little as 3lt per car!

Dry Steam and Waterless is now the only two allowed methods of car wash for Level 4B for both formal and informal (i.e. at home) car wash, this is according to communication by the City Council.

We have used steam for over 8 years in our valet service as it leaves interior surfaces much drier than conventional wet extraction systems that everyone mistakenly calls “Steam cleaners”.  It kills bacteria and germs on contact and is a first line method in controlling odour.  This new addition allows to clean interior and exterior bodywork with just steam!

Steam on the outside of the car is the superior way to clean versus waterless as it gets where waterless simply cannot, think seams, wheels and arches! There is approximately 5% moisture in the steam generated from this unit. Condensation on exterior surfaces further aids safe cleaning. One area where I found Steam even better than high pressure is cleaning wheels, front bumper grilles and engines. Not to mention we dont suffer from wet feet anymore!

If there is a downside i’ve experienced is its loud. 😛 

For customers old and new, I demonstrate the cleaning power of steam by showing them how safe the system is. you can hold you hand comfortable 10cm away from the tip and it feels like a hot shower. I then allow them to clean a dirty wheel and that just blows them away! This provides clients the confidence that steam cannot damage your paint or remove protective wax or sealants from your car. 

We do of course have a healthy respect for electronic systems and avoid blowing steam close to electronics.

So ProTouch Car Care is full steam ahead once more!

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Astra Evo Steamer (1)

Astra Evo Steamer (1)
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