How to Protect a New Car With GTechniq Platinum

Photo of the GTechniq Platinum Ceramic Coating Application
GTechniq Platinum

If nothing beats the feeling of a new car, it stands to reason you would want to keep it that way.

Protecting your car from the beginning before you start using it, is the best time to do it!

For one it will lower your costs by eliminating the need for extensive preparation like polishing or steam cleaning it.

GTechniq Platinum is a whole car protection system or treatment for brand new cars that is unlike anything else on the market. It will help you preserve your cars state for years to come!

Gtechniq Platinum is a complete solution for protecting your entire vehicle inside and out!

It will protect all the surfaces of your car namely:


The Paint Coating included, Crystal Coat, offers High-gloss, UV protection, durability and swirl resistance with a 5 year guarantee to help keep your car looking newer for longer.

It is positioned between the Crystal Serum Ultra and Crystal Serum Light coatings and is especially formulated for brand new cars. It is not available as a stand alone coating


The Glass coating will help in repelling rain for clearer vision in rainy weather.

Interior Fabric, Leather & Plastic Protection

Fabric seats and door panel inserts, floor carpeting, loose mats, boot mats, Alcantara and suede!

Gtechniq’s interior fabric and leather protection, BioCote® Antimicrobial Technology works to actively reduce the number of microbes on the interior surfaces of car by up to 99.99%, making them more hygienic, reducing bad odours and staining, and protecting them from degradation. Read More


The coating applied becomes your wheels new surface making them dirt and brake dust repellent as well as being much easier to clean. 

Photo of Gtechniq Platinum Application Kit
GTechniq Platinum Kit for new cars
Photo of whats included in GTechniq Platinum kit
GTechniq Platinum is ceramic protection for your entire car

Photo of a glass windscreen ceramic coating test

Read a review of GTechniq’s Glass Coating after 1 Year!

Photo of a wheel getting ceramic coated

Read a review of GTechniq Wheel coating after 2.5 Years!

Each application that is done comes with a complete maintenance kit contains everything you need to take of your car for the immediate future.

Product photo of GTechniq Maintenance Kit
GTechniq Platinum Maintenance Kit
Photo of the GTechniq Platinum Maintenance Kit
GTechniq Platinum Maintenance Kit Contents – Everything you need!

Gtechniq Platinum is strictly meant for brand new cars.

You can request your dealer to contact and arrange and application with us and we can apply it for you before or after you take delivery. It may even be added to your vehicle purchase deal.

Click here to visit the GTechniq Platinum website or contact us directly for more information!

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