“I want to have my car polished. What polish should I do?”

This article answers a common question clients ask us, what “polishing package” they need, how much it will cost and how we go about that answering that.

The first thing to understand is that each client and their car is different for example:

  • The condition of the paint;
    • does it have swirls everywhere and random scratches ?
    • or does it have scratches on a lot of panels.
  • Can the scratch be felt
  • Has it penetrated the clear coat (we can’t polish that!)
  • Is the paint original or repaired entirely or only partially
  • is the paint hard or soft
  • how was it cared for and how will it be care for
  • why are you polishing it?
    • to maintain it
    • to sell it
  • how do you use the car i.e. daily driver or garage queen
  • how is the vehicle stored?
  • How much do you want to spend?

As you can see there are many variables that we, you as the client and us as detailers need to consider to best make a choice as to what’s needed.

It is best that a pre inspection and polishing test spot is done before starting work to ensure the level of work meets your expectation.

COVID-19 complicates matters so here are some suggestions:

  1. Come in for a pre-inspection and testing before making a booking and we conduct it with the appropriate social distancing.
  2. Book for a Single Step Correction, our base package, and when you drop off your car, I will then inspect and polish a test spot so you can see in person while you wait or we send you video / photos if you have not.
  3. We conduct a pre-inspection using a combination of video and high res photography.
    • This will be laborious but its and option.
    • Lighting and angle is the big issue.
    • Whatever we quote will then be best effort ‘guestimate’

It is extremely important we communicate expectations clearly so we can deliver what you want and nothing less!

Polishing Test Spot

An example of a ‘Test Spot’

  • Left ‘panel’ – before
  • Test ‘panel’s’ 2 to 4 polished out with various combination of steps to show the client .

It is generally difficult to look at photos as its doesnt convey depth.

Also photos taken at the wrong angle can obscure the defects such as in this photo you can see the difference in the left side to the right side but you cant make out the differences that each of the right side panels in person would show.

We are well equipped to handle any polishing and detailing requirements for the ultimate in detail.

I dont use just one polish brand or equipment. I believe that limits optimal results. I’m constantly researching, developing and testing new products and equipment to deliver the ultimate results.

  • Precision Lighting
    • if you cant see the problem what are you doing?
    • I have the best lighting available on the market to ensure we give the maximum results.
  • All major polishing machine movements: 
    • rotary
    • short and long throw dual action
    • forced rotation
    • dual head buffers
    • 1″ to 7″ polishing media for precision detail
  • Vehicle lift for “wheels off” detailing
  • Paint thickness gauges 
  • Microscopes 
  • Water Distillation
    • we mix our chemicals with distilled water we produce ourselves for the best purity and performance
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