Inspections, Digital Paint Reports & Quotations

We provide Digital Paint Reports, Inspections, Estimates & Quotations


We do not charge for Inspections. An inspection is done when you want to have polishing done and you come in to us. We do a walk around of the car with you and identify issues by sight.

We may test out on an area polishing to identify what works and suit your eye, expectations and budget. We may also discuss detailing and so forth.

You may also wish to consider a Digital Paint Report that goes more in depth.

Digital Paint Report

A Digital Paint Report is where we take measurements and photography and compile that into a PDF at a charge compared to an Inspection where we only do a visual walkaround of the car and thats free.

Before you buy any car consider checking the car’s paint and body work out for flaws and repairs. Even brand spanking new cars with a few kilometers on it we see paint issues, either from the factory, during transportation or from issues at the dealership.

It is also useful before you have your car resprayed to ensure proper process was followed.

It can also be done as part of a restoration process so that you have a baseline of your paint for future.

We use the following tools:

  • Colour matching lights
  • The latest professional Paint Thickness Gauge with digital reporting functions for normal steel (Fe) and aluminium panels (non Fe).
  • Loupes and magnifiers
  • I use the built in digital camera of my smartphone which is a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.


  • Either the vehicle can come to us or we can go to the vehicle for this service.
  • R450 is for a Paint Report provided in PDF format. It would include a quotation for work done to bring it to whatever standard you require. If we do Paint Correction level work afterwards we will discount you R200. However, If you want a post report i.e. for us to log paint thickness after work has been completed, then there would be no discount to cover the cost of this labour.
  • Travel costs would be based on R5 per KM

Quotations and written reports

We are inundated with requests for quotations. Some clients just want an estimate for budgeting and others may want one to submit to insurance, dealers and other claims and reasons.

What happens alot is that we get abused as the client just wanted a quote so they may get money and they had no intention to do the work with us.

Obviously a considerable amount of time and labour gets wasted therefore we have had to put measures in place to solve the matter.

For any written report or quotation we charge R200 for and we deduct this from the job.

Cost Estimations

This is dedicated to the clients that wants to be able to get an estimate of work to be done.

It can only do general estimations like polishing but not specialized ones like for example paint decontamination e.g. paint or cement splatter and detailing. For that we need to see i.e. Inspect the car in person

If you have any queries please dont hesitate to contact me

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