Maintenance Detailing

COVID-19 Protocols

  • We are committed to ensuring a safe and clean environment!
  • Bookings are essential for COVID-19 safety as well as individual attention. This is for all in-person interaction i.e. work, inspections, visits or product purchases.
  • All vehicles on arrival and collection are disinfected including your keys with a vehicle-specific sanitizer for everyone’s safety.

Kindly Note: We do not offer normal car wash service like wash and go, mini valets etc, engine or chassis steam cleaning.

Our focus is on Detailing Services.

The key to the longevity of your car’s paint, preserving the way it look’s, how long and well it’s protection performs and lasts, is determined on how it’s cleaned and regularity.

A Maintenance Detail is a detailer’s “version of a car wash”. It is for the person that wants to maintain their car at detailed level.

It emphasizes a safe exterior wash to reduce swirling and scratches on your paint and maintain paint protection with more time intensive, higher quality product and equipment and careful technique than a normal car wash can offer.

It is the base package for extra/further detailing, paint protection maintenance and even for a ceramic coating if no polishing is required.

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A normal car wash offers a “mini valet” as their top wash. This typically includes a pre rinse, foam the car, then hand wash with a sponge or even a cloth, rub dry with a chamois and then interior vacuum etc. All aimed at getting cars in and out so they can turn over.

There is many critical points of failure in their process that increases the chances of scratching and swirling your car and eventually forcing you to polish. Which is something we actually want to avoid as your paint is thin and limited. Every time you polish you are reducing your paint!

Lets look at three main culprits:

  1. doing a pre rinse first …
    • Pressure washing alone wont remove dirt that’s attached to grime (oily or grease deposits)
    • I’ve seen a lot of car washes try to clean a car with their pressure washer which just wastes water and time
    • the best way is to foam up the car before its first rinse with a snow foam / pre soak to remove the grime layer that the dirt is stuck to making the pressure rinse more effective.
    • This leaves less dirt on the car that when you do a contact / hand wash there’s little to scrub and swirl on your paint
  2. foam the car then hand wash with a sponge or even a cloth ...
    • A sponge or even a microfibre cloth has NO mechanisms for lifting and holding dirt away from the paint.
    • Both would plough and push dirt into paint.
    • A microfibre or wool wash mitt’s has millions of tiny hairs that gently lifts and traps dirt preventing it from being scrubbed into paint
    • it is highly advised to use dedicated wash buckets fitted with girt guards that you can clean the wash mitts in the buckets themselves releasing the dirt you took off from the paint and holding it under the guard and preventing it from free floating in your wash water and being reapplied to the car
  3. rub dry with a chamois
    • It should be noted that ANY unnecessary contact with paint should actually be avoided.
    • when you rub dry on your car with anything especially a chamois, you WILL impart towel marks / marring.
    • If you can, and air dryer is the best with a dedicated plush / thick microfibre drying towel
    • When you dry you car you should lay the towel over the paint and pull it off absorbing the water. Alternatively you can lay it over the paint and pat or rub over the towel to absorb but not rubbing the towel over the paint.

The Protouch way

Below is the detail steps we use and recommend to ensure thorough cleaning, prevention of swirls and scratches and to maintain your vehicle’s paint protection.

  1. Bug Remover – Pre Treatment to remove bugs safely
  2. Snow foam / Pre Soak
    • A dedicated snow foam is applied to loosen dirt and oily / grease / grime based dirt so that when we high pressure rinse the majority of dirt is easily and safely removed.
  3. High Pressure Rinse
    • First rinse to remove as much loose dirt preventing it from grinding and scratching when its contact washed.
  4. Wheel Cleaning
    • We use either All Purpose Cleaner, Wheel Acid, Acid Free Wheel Cleaner or an Iron Removing Wheel Cleaner as appropriate to the wheels condition and package.
  5. Shampoo Application
    • We use a variety of different shampoos to suit the maintenance to be done.
    • It will either be a pure type shampoo from a top brand like Autoglym, GTECHNIQ etc example Autoglym’s Bodywork Shampoo which has a water repellency film.
  6. Contact / Hand wash
    • Wool wash mitts and grit guards in our buckets is used to help prevent loose dirt from swirling and scratching paint.
    • A top down, overlapping pass method is used to ensure thoroughness.
    • Each wash the implements is washed out to ensure a safe wash.
  7. Post Wash Rinse
  8. Drying
    • We hand dry your car using deep pile, high absorption microfiber towel to safely dry the vehicle by absorption action and avoid any rubbing that may cause damage.
    • Car specific hot air blowers is used to dry out seams, emblems and mirrors.
  9. Interior Carpet Cleaning
    • We allocate 15 minutes for carpet /floor vacuum cleaning
      • We first blow out the car to get between and under the seats and then brush up all carpeting and end with a vac.
      • Loose mats is brushed and vacuumed outside the vehicle.
    • We can clean your loose carpets with a fast drying foam based cleaner – Price On Inspection
  10. Interior Surface Cleaning
    • As an anti Coronavirus / COVID-19 measure, we offer a choice of interior finishing:
      1. A specific Antimicrobial cleaner to clean and disinfect surfaces from virus, bacteria and germs
      2. Our standard interior dressing that can be applied as glossy or matte as you require.
      3. From R80 extra if you want both done
    • Before we handover, we will sterilize your keys with an disinfectant.
  11. Steam clean glass
    • Glass is everyone’s pain. Steam not only makes glass crystal clean but sanitizes it from our breath, sneezing, cigarette and vape vapour etc.
  12. Finishing Protectant
    • Depends on whether your car is ceramic coated or not or the maintenance level
    • The products at this level will give you a visible boost in colour and definitively extend your paint protection
    • #1
      • Quick Detailer
        • for our #1 package – A Quick Detailer, aka QD, is used to put the finishing touch to your vehicle. 
        • Its a spray product that quickly and easily removes water spots, streaks, dust, fingerprints, smudges and any other light contamination for the perfect look.
        • The QD’s we use is Ceramic compatible!
      • Autoglym Rapid Aqua Wax
        • This is a carnauba (natural) wax based product. It is applied to the entire car, paint, glass, rubber etc
        • This is available for non ceramic coated cars in #1 package
    • #2 and 3
      • Ceramic Sealant
        • A full on Ceramic Sealant like GTECHNIQ C2v3 Liquid Crystal or Feynlab Ceramic Sealant as is available is included in the #2 & 3 Maintenance Details
        • It will give you extended periods of paint protection, water and dirt repellency, gloss and slickness from 3 to 6 months depending on usage, care and storage

Vehicle Size Indications:
  • S-M stands for Small to Medium size i.e. Small to Standard Sedan, Hatchback e.g. Hyundai i10 or Toyota Corolla                             
  • L is for Large like larger sedans: E.g. Mercedes E & S Class and then SUVs like BMW X5, Fortuner, etc                                       
  • XL is for Extra Large vehicles e.g. 4x4s like the Ford Ranger / Raptor, Mercedes G-Wagen, and minibus like Vito, Caravelle, etc

Maintenance Detail

from R350

  1. Booking is essential.
  2. Allow 1 hour for a booking.
    • 2 staff or more is allocated so it’s 2 man-hours!
  3. Pricing
    • From R350 for S-M
    • For L & XL Pricing is confirmed on inspection
      • L from R450
      • XL from R500
    • Surcharge on extra dirt such as mud, excessive sand/dirt, pet hair, etc
Please click on the following to read more about what we work we include for each area:
Exterior Process
  1. Snow foam is applied and allowed to pre-soak the vehicle to loosen dirt and grime safely.
  2. Wash wheels
    • We stock; Acid, Acid-Free, and Iron removers to effectively clean your wheels
    • The time allocated for wheel cleaning is 10-15min.
    • If more time is required due to the condition of your wheels, we will only go ahead with your confirmation.
  3. Clean & Polish Exhaust – time allocated 5 min
  4. Detail clean window seams
  5. Clean door jambs
  6. High-pressure rinse
  7. Foam up
  8. Hand wash with a microfibre wash mitt
  9. Careful drying with microfibre towel dry
  10. A hot air blower is used to blow out grills, seams, mirrors, etc
  11. Detail paint and wheels with a Ceramic compatible Quick Detailer.
Interior Process
  • Time Allocated for interior: 15-20 minutes
  • Blow out, brush up, and vacuum
  • Wipe down hard surfaces.
    • Option: either a vehicle-specific cleaner and disinfectant or water-based dressing
  • Glass and mirrors cleaned

Extra Detailing

Detail is our specialty. The list below is just some of what we are able to do. If you don’t find what you looking for please contact me!

Chemical Paint Decontamination

One or all of the following chemical decontamination methods will be required from time to time for your car.

Before applying ceramic coatings; Iron remover and a TFR / De-Waxer will be the minimum required decontamination if you don’t choose a polishing package as base preparation.

If you already have a ceramic coating on your car and it’s not repelling water and dirt as it should, consider a TFR and perhaps an Iron remover followed by a Ceramic Sealant like GTECHNIQ C2v3.

  1. Iron aka Industrial fallout remover from R250 for S-M from R350 for L & XL         
  2. Tar & Adhesive Remover from R250 for 1 meter squared of total contamination whether in one area or distributed around your vehicle.
  3. Traffic Film Remover (TFR) is a Paint Safe Degreaser / De-Waxer from R200 for S-M & L, R250 for XL 
Paint Protection
  • GTECHNIQ C2v3 Ceramic Sealant
    • High Gloss. UV protection, water, and dirt repellency with very good detergent resistance.
    • 6 month longevity
    • Can be repeated every week so it can layer/stack.
    • Pricing
      • Paint only             
      • Paint, glass, wheels, plastics, chrome, etc      
  • Hand Glaze & Wax          
    • A Glaze is like makeup for a car. Like cosmetic foundation, it fills and masks light swirls and scratches.
    • Pricing
  • Autoglym Enhanced Gloss Protection (EGP) Paint Sealant
    • Lasts up to 30 washes if washed with the proper shampoo.
  • Autoglym Ultra High Definition WAX
    • High Gloss, Impressive water, and dirt repellency with up to 6 months of longevity.        
    • Pricing
Mag/Rim/Wheel Care

We offer a “Wheels Off” Cleaning, Detail & Protection service where raise your vehicle and remove your wheels to thoroughly clean them as well as your wheel arches and calipers.

Option 1: From R1500 with wax/sealant pricing confirmed on inspection. Allow 4 hours 

Option 2: From R3500 with GTECHNIQ Wheel Armour. Pricing confirmed on inspection. Allow 6 hours. This includes ceramic coating application and Infrared curing to ensure full potential hardness and protection is reached. You would be ready to drive on these wheels immediately even in wet weather.

Option 3: From R1000 for Ceramic Coating Wheel Face Only with Infrared Curing. Price confirmed on inspection.

Black Trim Restoration

We use Solution Finish and GTECHNIQ C4 for Black Trim Restoration/Re-Dye. Pricing on inspection       

Metal Trim Polishing

Please arrange a free inspection so we may assess the work required and provide an accurate estimate.

Your trim may need to be removed. It could require sanding and polishing or just polish depending on how hard the material is, how much coating like chrome or anodizing it has, and how much damage i.e. scratches it has. These are factors that make giving an estimate difficult from a verbal description or looking at pictures.

Glass Polishing & Protection
  • Glass Polishing for;
    1. Deep cleaning i.e. oiliness, smudging, smoke, vape, and smoother wiper action.                                                 
    2. To remove Limescale, Mineral Deposits, Watermarks
    3. To remove scratches, wiper marks, graffiti, etc.
    4. Please Note: Pricing strictly on Inspection. No estimates can be given without seeing it physically.
  • Autoglym Screen Wash
    • We use Autoglym’s screen wash mixed with distilled water for the best results.       
    • R350 to R500 depending on your reservoir size.                           
  • GTECHNIQ G1 Glass Coating – Price On Inspection
  • GTECHNIQ G5 Glass Sealant – Price On Inspection 
Engine Cleaning & Detail

Engine cleaning and detailing is done at vehicle owner’s risk!

We clean engines from the top only. We use minimal water methods like foam and air or optionally Autoglym’s Engine Cleaner which can be done waterless. A pressure washer would only be used under the bonnet, ( if there is no insulation) and around the engine like on the chassis legs, shock struts, hinges, and wiper area, but NEVER direct on the engine or fitted accessories like the alternator. We cover everything that we reasonably can before cleaning.  

  • Engine Detail from R350 using a water-based trim dressing                     
  • Engine Detail from R500 with Ceramic Sealant
    • Optional: GTECHNIQ C4 Trim restorer – price confirmed on inspection.
  • Autoglym Engine Cleaner R180 Extra
Interior Cleaning & Detail

How to Book ( A Maintenance Detail )

  1. To book, simply contact us via WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal or Email with 1 or 2 time slots you have in mind.
    • Bookings is best done in Advance i.e. either a day or 2 beforehand.
      • Please take into consideration weather and traffic to avoid possible issues, penalties or forfeiture.
    • Same Day i.e. short notice bookings are dependent on availability.
  2. Payment
    • Full Payment is required only via EFT for Advanced bookings. No exceptions.
    • Bookings made on the Same Day, can be paid Cash, EFT or FNB Geo payments.
READ MORE: What happens before service, on arrival and at collection
  1. Before coming in…
    • Please remove all personal belongings and items of value.
      1. We cannot be held liable for loss or damage for anything inside your vehicle.
      2. Leaving things/clutter that we need to move and replace takes time from cleaning your vehicle.
    • Any dirt you want thrown away may be left on the vehicle’s floor.
  2. On Arrival
    • If you want to wait on your vehicle, you are most welcome to, we will make every effort to make you comfortable.
      • Please Note: At present, we dont have a waiting room or public toilet facilities.
      • We can arrange seating, table, electrical point and internet access via wifi
      • There will be noise from running equipment etc
    • If you are dropping off and collecting later, please communicate with us when you want to collect so that the last step of detailing can be done at the last possible moment so your vehicle is as fresh as it can be.
    • If you live within 5km and our vehicle is available we are happy to drop and collect you.
  3. On Collection
    • Staff is trained and should be checking their work according to a quality checklist.
    • We Are All Human. Please allow some time at collection to check your vehicle with us so if you see something we may have missed that we have the opportunity then and there to correct it.

NOTE: We have backup generators! We’ve got the power!

READ MORE: Rescheduling and Cancellations Policy

If an Advance booking is made, It can be rescheduled depending without penalty if done the day before 5 PM. This allows us to fill in that time with another client.

If you need to reschedule a booking made on the Same-day or Advanced booking that is due on that day, it may be rescheduled for a later slot, that day, if available, without penalty. If you reschedule for another day, we reserve the right to withold 50% of the booking.

Please note that we work through any weather conditions for our clients convenience. If you are concerned about the weather, please make sure you book carefully. Cancellations or rescheduling due to weather cannot be accommodated as we book and schedule our time and space. It may be you were the only vehicle booked for that day and your cancellation affects us completely.

Maintenance Detailing Time slots:

PLEASE NOTE: You need to allow 1 hour for the Maintenance Detail alone. This excludes time needed for any extra detailing.

  1. First Slot 1: 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM
    • Service at 8 AM to 9 AM is available if made in Advance at minimum 4 PM the day before so we can arrange enough staff.
    • Drop offs for service later in the day can be made from 7:45/8 AM weekdays and from 7:30 AM Saturdays subject to parking availability and prior arrangement.
  2. Slot 2: 9 AM to 10 AM
  3. Slot 3: 10AM to 11 AM
  4. Slot 4: 11AM to 12 PM
  5. Slot 5: Either 1 PM to 2 PM or 2 PM to 3 PM depending on jobs and staff lunchtimes.
  6. Last Slot 6: 4 PM to 5 PM
    • NOTE: Collections after hours can be made by arrangement.
    • Collection the day after is subject to parking availability and by prior arrangement.
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