Mobile Detailing


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From far or closeup this car is wet and glossy. We offer various levels of service any of which will grab attention!

What we offer

General Public

At present we provide only Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating services to the general public. Please read our Areas Covered and Requirements section below.


We can provide any car care services to dealerships but limited in the Areas Covered mentioned below.

Our services has been utilised by top marque’s such Ferrari, Maserati, Bentley, Audi and many more!

Events, Photo Shoots & Movie sets

For events, photo shoots and movie or commercial advertisment sets we can provide customized services in the larger Western Cape area.

Our detailing has won Concours events like the Porsche and Mercedes club events and numerous other Show and Shine awards.

We have been part of many Photo shoots and in 2014 we were instrumental in the Speed & Sound Magazine’s Godz of War Article which featured Nissan Skyline GTR’s from the R30 to the R35. All of which were owned by clients of ours!

We can provide on set and off set detailing for Commercial advertisement sets as well as Movies for both local and international production companies. We provide a reliable and discreet service.

Areas Covered:

  • Southern Suburbs
  • South Peninsula
  • Cape Town CBD
  • Atlantic Seaboard


  • For a base price guide please see our Polishing & Detailing and Ceramic coating pages or contact us if you are uncertain
  • We add from R500 extra on base price to cover logistics.
    • Excludes parking costs
    • Per day
  • Where inspections is required before a job its a minimum of R350 to come out and inspect vehicle.
    • Excluding parking costs.
  • A booking deposit of 50% applies for all mobile work.


  • A space to wash your car with good drainage for water to run off
    • If you dont have this we can provide a rinseless wash virtually anywhere.
  • Under cover or in a garage for polishing & detailing.
    • Garage is a must if we are doing a ceramic coating!
  • At least 2 meters of space around the car
  • Access to water and power

How to book

Call, Whatsapp or email us for availability and to discuss your requirements.

Please Note:

  • This service is available between Monday to Thursday.
  • Same day service may not be possible due to preparation and possible other bookings .