Nano Steam Guns For Disinfection Now On Sale!

We have a limited quantity of these Nano Steam Guns ( aka Anionic charge guns) for the purposes of disinfection for sale at R1750 per unit.

Here is a video I made to test out the Nano Steam Gun. This video will demonstrate how it operates and what to expect.

According to my tests, the unit dispenses 200ml in 3min 10 seconds at full open on its valve. Also at full open you could reach objects efficiently at 2 meters away with the trail of the spray reaching up to 4 meters but will leave to little disinfectant on the surface you are spraying.

The Nano Steam Gun, as with any sprayer used for disinfection, needs to atomise disinfectant into droplets of between 1 to 10 microns in size to effectively and efficiently disinfect surfaces from the Corona Virus COVID-19. Large droplets like from a trigger sprayer or compression sprayer does not coat efficiently (big gaps between droplets) and will of course leave the surface wet.

It’s important to note that the surface needs to stay damp long enough for the disinfectant you are using to be effective. It should state on the packaging of the disinfectant you are using what the dwell or efficacy time should be. For example: 1 min. Note: Dwell times is different between disinfectants!

I use this unit to fog disinfectants in my customers cars after ive detailed them , in my home and it can certainly be used professionally.

For personal or professional use the Nano Steam Gun efficiently atomises disinfectant.

I recommend using a non alcohol based disinfectant. I use and sell Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL, 5lt for R150. It can be diluted 1:1, i.e. 5lt’s makes 10lt)

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