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New Year Specials

These are our specials for the January 2020:

1. Feynlab Universal Ceramic Coating from R1950

We are on our last stock!

Up to 18 Month Durability

PS: Once this coating is used up we will offer a 1 Year Coating for R2000


  • Wash
  • Machine Clay
  • AIO Polish
  • Pre coating prep
  • Feynlab Universal Ceramic Coating Applied

Before booking we suggest a pre inspection to determine if the level of polishing included here is satisfactory!

New Product / Service Test

Ceramic Glaze from R1000 – 1 Year protection

This is a new product / service we are testing.

Please Note: This is not a coating!

Its a polish with some correction ability i.e. it can remove scratches and swirls depending on the paint and it lays down a semi-permanent Ceramic based glaze and protection that can last up to 1 year if the car is maintained properly.

The benefits will be for long term UV protection, water repellancy and ease of clean. A proper coating offers more benefits than this product.

This offer is limited to 3 cars only, 1x white 1x black, 1x silver / red and to clients on our broadcast lists only.

ProTeam Bicycle and Sportbike Ceramic Coating from R750

Limited to 5 bikes only


  • Wash
  • Panel wipe to remove any oils before coating
  • ProTeam Ceramic Coating

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