How to Remove Odours and bad smell

The 1st thing that must be done to remove a odour or bad smell is to remove the source of the smell first by cleaning. 

Odours and bad smells is an individual problem and therefore cannot be treated with just one method like you will find at a normal car wash or valet center.

I offer various odour removal strategies depending on the smell and its causes.

I recommend doing a valet first. We use hot steam like you would get from a kettle to clean. As it cleans it kills surface bacteria and germs thereby sanitizing the surface on contect.

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We try to avoid the use of extra chemicals as much as possible but this may be necessary like in the case of liquid sources. 

After the steam cleaning has been done the car is allowed to dry and then our Ozone generator is placed in the car.


  • Another important part of removing odours , especially smoke, is to replace the vehicle’s cabin air filter. These are also called pollen, micro or air-con filters. We do not offer this service and advise you to your own mechanical service center.
  • If you have spilled a liquid 
    • In the carpet: we can take out the seats and remove the carpet and clean underneath and through the carpet. The underfelt would need replacement. This is priced on inspection. If its one area only perhaps we can lift only that section without total removal.
    • On a seat: This is bad. If it gets into the sponge it’s impossible to remove. In this 
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