ProTouch Car Care

ProTouch Car Care ( Established 2006!) offers detailed cleaning, polishing, protection and restoration services for vehicle exterior and interiors.

Motorcycle and Bicycles welcome.

We can accomodate up to a large Quantum GL sized vehicle at our premises.

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Maintenance Wash & Detailing

Ceramic technology based Maintenance Wash & Detail for cars thats ceramic coated or not.

Interior Services

  • Full Valet: Interior Steam Cleaning & Sanitization
  • Ozone Treatment for Odour Removal & Disinfection

Polishing & Detailing

Paint Decontamination

i.e. removal of contaminants stuck on your paint

Example: “rust flecks” / Industrial fallout, paint / cement splatter, pollen, tree sap etc

Paint Enhancement & Correction

i.e. buffing, polishing, enhancement, scratch and swirl removal

Glazing / Glaze & Wax

i.e. Glazing is a light polish that fills light to medium swirls & scratches to give a vehicle a smooth look. Contains Wax / Sealant protection

Picture of Meguiars logo polishing and detailing
200200Meguiars Polishing & Detailing
photo of the Koch Chemie logo polishing and detailing
Koch Chemie Expert Polishing & Detailing
Photo of the Autoglym Professional logo polishing and detailing
Autoglym Professional Polishing, Detailing and Valet
photo of 3D products professional polishing and detailing
3D Professional Polishing & Detailing Products

Farecla Professional Polishing
photo of the menzerna logo for professional polishing
Menzerna Professional Polishing

Ceramic Coatings

We apply some of the best ceramic coatings in the world!

We offer ceramic coatings for; vehicle paint and leather, plastics, glass, wheels and fabrics

pic of sonax logo

Headlight Restoration

We restore only the outside of a headlight for clarity or to remove a scratch.


We arrange the following repairs with trusted partners for your convenience:

Motorcycle & Bicycle Detailing & Ceramic Coating

We offer polishing, detailing and ceramic coatings for any motorcycle or even bicycle

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