ProTouch Car Care ( Established 2006!) offers detailed car care services i.e. in depth cleaning, precision polishing, paint and general vehicle surface protection for vehicle exterior and interiors.

Kindly Note: We do not offer normal car wash services or engine or chassis cleaning

Please Note:

  • All work, meetings and inspections is strictly by appointment / bookings only.
  • All prices quoted on this website is for up to standard sedan sized sized vehicles e.g. corolla.
    • This includes small cars, coupes etc
    • Larger vehicles is priced on inspection.
  • We work on a limited number of cars at a time. Typically under 3 cars simultaneously.
  • Up to Quantum GL sized vehicles can be accommodated
  • Paint inspections is free.
    • Written Quotes is R200 and deductible if we do the job
  • Backup generators onsite for minimal interruption
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