ProTouch Car Care

ProTouch Car Care ( Established 2006!) offers detailed cleaning, polishing, protection and restoration services for vehicle exterior and interiors.

Motorcycle and Bicycles welcome.

We can accomodate up to a large Quantum GL sized vehicle at our premises.

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Ceramic Maintenance Wash & Detailing

Ceramic technology based Maintenance Wash & Detail for cars thats ceramic coated or not.

Interior Services

  • Full Valet: Interior Steam Cleaning & Sanitization
  • Ozone Treatment for Odour Removal & Disinfection

Polishing & Detailing

Paint Decontamination

i.e. removal of contaminants stuck on your paint

Example: “rust flecks” / Industrial fallout, paint / cement splatter, pollen, tree sap etc

Paint Correction

i.e. buffing, polishing, enhancement, scratch and swirl removal

Glazing / Glaze & Wax

i.e. Glazing is a light polish that fills light to medium swirls & scratches to give a vehicle a smooth look. Contains Wax / Sealant protection

Ceramic Coatings

A Ceramic Coating is a protective layer for vehicle paint and other surfaces of the car. e.g. leather, plastics, glass, wheels and fabrics

Headlight Restoration

We restore only the outside of a headlight for clarity or to remove a scratch.


We arrange the following repairs with trusted partners for your convenience:

Motorcycle & Bicycle Detailing & Ceramic Coating

We offer polishing, detailing and ceramic coatings for any motorcycle or even bicycle

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