ProTouch Car Care

ProTouch Car Care ( Established 2006!) offers detailed cleaning, polishing, protection and restoration services for vehicle exterior and interiors.


  • All prices on this website is for small cars up to sedan sized sized vehicles e.g. corolla. Larger vehicles is priced on inspection.
  • A maximum of 2 vehicles is worked on at a time.
  • All work, meetings and inspections is strictly by appointment / bookings only.
  • We do not offer normal car wash services like wash & vacuum, mini valets or engine steam cleaning etc
  • Up to Quantum GL sized vehicles can be accomodated
  • Paint inspections is free. Written Quotes is R200 – deductible if we do the job
  • Backup generator onsite for minimal interruption

Photo of Matte Audi R8 getting carefully dried with microfibre towel after a car wash

Maintenance Detailing

Pricing from R350

This package is meant for follow up maintenance washing / cleaning, protection & detail to our primary services.

Pricing depends on vehicle size and detail you require.

Example: renewing protection / water repellancy and other cleaning / detail for example leather care etc

Interior Deep & Hot Steam Cleaning

Pricing from R850

We offer options that include complete interior with just and outside wash or wash, clay and glaze polish as well as seat or carpet only services.

Pricing depends on vehicle size, dirt level and options you require.

Odour Removal & Disinfection

Price R450

NOTE: Price is flat regardless of vehicle size.

Recommended to be done after deep and or steam cleaning

We use Ozone & UV-C to help remove bad odours or smells

Photo of headlight restoration on a Golf GTI

Headlight Restoration

Pricing from R500

For two headlights outside only.

We restore only the outside of a headlight for clarity or to remove a scratch.

NOTE: The inside cannot be done and broken lights cannot be mended!

paint Decontamination

Paint Decontamination is the removal of any contaminants that is “stuck” on your paint.

Example: iron fallout, paint overspray, cement splatter, pollen, tree sap etc

Polishing isn’t and effective means of removing bonded contaminants. Cleaning stains is fine but also to aggressive and should be last resort.

Consideration of the removal of paint contaminants is important before polishing and paint protection especially ceramic coating is critical as it will be redistributed by polishing and cause issues with bonding of paint protectants.

Long term it will cause the fail of your paint causing it to peel and fade together with the sun’s oxidation effect.

Clay, the traditional main method, is included as standard in all our Polishing with Detail packages as well as the use of iron remover through seams and joints we cant clay in.

The use of iron remover for the full body isn’t always required. It is only included in the Ultimate Correction packages.

Pricing on Inspection

Depending on vehicle size and product / time that you your vehicle requires.

Polishing & Detailing

We use the best polishes and equipment on the market to ensure the ultimate results no matter the service!

We have Polishing with Detail and without to accommodate different clients needs, expectations & budgets.

All services can be tailored!

Full Paint Correction & Detail

Pricing from R2000 to R7500

Best Correction

These packages will give you true correction i.e. permanent removal of scratches and swirls.

It will only be the accumulation of new scratches and swirls after this!

Highest Gloss

To get ultra deep, wet, mirror like reflective paint you need to do correction polishing and follow up with a microfine polish.

Ultimate Detail

We are able to provide the ultimate detail be it within polishing, cleaning or other restorative services.

Paint Enhancement & Detail

Pricing from R1500

If your vehicle’s appearance is dull, hazy and lifeless.

it requires to be polished in order to remove or improve scratches & swirls and gloss.

The end result should be more gloss, sharper reflections and richer colour.

This service includes detail.

Its the one of the best options for daily driven vehicles to improve overall looks.

Scratch & Swirl Removal

Pricing from R1000

This service is polishing of the entire vehicles paintwork to remove scratches & swirls, improve gloss without detail.

Its meant to be simple and affordable. Ideal for fixing up your car for pre sale, dealers or for daily driven vehicles.

Glaze & Wax

Pricing from R650

Glazing is a light / non abrasive polish that works by filling light to medium swirls & scratches to give your vehicle a smooth look.

Ideal if you selling your car, need an affordable temp solution or you don’t want to cut on the paint.

It will eventually wear off +- 3 months

If you want true correction i.e. permanent removal of scratches and swirls then look at any of our other packages.

Ceramic Coatings

Worlds best Ceramic Coatings for vehicle paint and leather, plastics, glass, wheels and fabrics.

We have the widest catalogue to fit the best performance for your budget. From as little as R650 to as much as R25000

pic of sonax logo

Motorcycle & Bicycle Detailing & Ceramic Coating

Pricing from R350 to R3500

Depending on scope of work e.g. Sport bike vs Harley etc, Normal Sealant vs Ceramic Coating etc

We offer polishing, detailing and ceramic coatings for any motorcycle or even bicycle

Touchup and Minor Paint repairs

Brush Touch-Ups

I can do brush touch ups to chips or door edges in house.

NOTE: Brush touch ups is not appropriate for scratches or if you front end is peppered with stone chips.

Pricing from R350 per hour including consumables but excluding paint!

Major & Minor Paint Repairs

For major or minor Paint Repairs please contact Junaid Adams @ Ascot Motors 068 047 3140 (He is avail on call or WhatsApp)

Note: Price On Assessment

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