The glossiest coatings in our range! Premium looks and high end technology

Ceramic Lite

Perfect for the occasional drive vehicles or if you simply want the highest gloss.

Ceramic Lite offers slightly better gloss and slickness than Ceramic V2 (making it arguably one of the glossiest coatings on the market), but at the cost of durability!

With its fantastic gloss levels, it is perfect for the weekend or show car, while its slickness makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze.

Durability:18 months plus.

Pricing: From R2500

Ceramic V2

Ceramic V2 is ideal for the daily driven vehicle.

It offers great protection against the elements, provide fantastic levels of gloss, and with its easy cleaning properties, it makes washing effortless.

  • All painted surfaces coated with Feynlab Ceramic V2
  • Requires a day to complete excluding correction

Durability: 3 years+

Pricing: From R3500

Self Heal

Feynlab’s Self Heal technology is what attracted me to their brand.

It has the ability to heal swirl marks and light scratches by simply leaving it in the sun to reflow and heal itself!

It also offers superb levels of gloss and protection and will look its best all the time effortlessly!

For those that want the best!.

  • All clear coat painted surfaces receive Feynlab Heal Lite
  • Requires 3 to 4 days to complete excluding correction

Durability: 5 years

Pricing: From R12000

Top Coat

Feynlab Top Coat is meant to help prevent water spotting, add insane water repellancy, improve hardness and coating thickness to any of the Feynlab coatings.

It can be applied as a stand alone coating!

  • Grade: Professional
  • Longevity: 1 year
  • NB: We dont offer a double coat on any top coat

Durability: 1 Year

Price: From R1200

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