We have been disinfecting cars since we began in 2006. Human or animals getting sick in a car, death, blood, infestation of insects or animals, rotten food, waste, mould, fungus you name it!

We use a vehicle safe disinfectant that is LAB TESTED to kill the Corona Virus SARS COVID-19, TB, HIV as well as to remove bad odour which is typically caused by bacteria or gases like smoke (phenols)

It is important to note that Disinfection should only be done once a vehicle is thoroughly cleaned. We offer Steam Cleaning of vehicle interiors in our Full Valet service.

The disinfectant takes between 1 to 3 min before it dries and you are able to use the vehicle immediately.

Disinfectant is applied in and ultra fine mist that doesnt over wet and gets into the smallest of spaces to eliminate virus, bacteria and germs wherever they lurk!


Disinfection treatment is from R150 with Certificate.

We also provide this service to commercial and residential properties!

Only SABS or NRCS approved products is used. Wherever we need to dilute product we use distilled water we produce ourselves!


While these products are safe, if you would prefer a non chemical route, we do have an Ozone & Ultraviolet ( UV-C ) treatment from R450.

Our system is imported from Europe and is a single unit that is specified for automotive use combining both Ozone and UV-C technology.

Ozone is a gas (O3) generated artificially through Corona / Static discharge, think lightning. Ultraviolet UV-C light is generated by a light bulb that emits light from 200nm to 300nm.

The combined technology kills living organisms like virus, bacteria, germs, fungi and mould.

Photo of an Ozone Generator in a car
We place the Ozone Generator in the center of the car and run it with the cars AC on

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