Ozone & UV-C Treatment

This service is done by placing an Ozone generator in your car to effectively remove or improve bad odours and smells as well as disinfect vehicle interiors without the need for chemicals.

Our Ozone generator produces both Ozone & UV-C which is more effective than using Ozone only.

Photo of a Ozone Generator
Our Ozone Generator uses Corona Discharge and UV-C
I recommend the use of Ozone after the car has been steam cleaned for max effect.
Photo of car aircon vents with ozone
Ozone is generated and sterilizes the air inside your vehicles cabin Pic credit alln1indycom
Photo of vehicle cabin filter being replaced after ozone treatment
I recommend that your vehicles cabin filter is replaced before or after Ozone. Pic credit: Getty Images


Please allow and hour for this service to include setup and maneuvering time as well as sufficient time to air out the vehicle after the treatment.

  • Up to Sedan sized cars and double cabs – R450 for 30 min
  • Larger vehicles e.g. SUVS – R650 for 45 min
Please Note:
  1. I advise that your vehicle be cleaned before doing Ozone. Read more about our Full Valet / Interior Steam Cleaning service
  2. Allow for an hour for a booking as there is time required for setup and maneuvering as well as adequate airing after the treatment.
  3. You change out the vehicles pollen or air filter before or after treatment.


What’s Ozone?

Ozone smells exactly like the air after a lightning storm. Fresh and electric. Ozone is a gas (O3) generated by lightning as well as present in the Ozone layer ( Upper Atmosphere)

It can be generated by Corona discharge very much like the static charge of lightning.

It is a primary method of disinfection at many water works.

Pic of lightining
Lightning. Natures Ozone Generator Pic Credit: Oxidationtech.com

“What is Ultraviolet / UV-C?”

Ultraviolet light is a wavelength of light emitted by the rays of the sun naturally and can be generated artificially. Specifically the UV-C wavelength is used for disinfection.

While UV does give off an amount of Ozone, it’s the wavelength of light that it emits, that when biological organisms such as virus or bacteria, are exposed to the UV-C wavelength of light, in the range of 200 nm to 300 nm, it is absorbed by that organism’s DNA & RNA inactivating it, preventing it from replicating and when absorbed by cellular proteins, leads to the rupture of cell walls and death of that organism.

Graphic credit of TPA Impex

How does Ozone & UV-C Disinfect & Sanitize a Car’s Interior?

With the combined force of Ozone & UV-C, our system is effective at killing airborne and surface organisms like bacteria, viruses, fungi, mould and protozoa by destroying their exterior molecular shell. Ozone is known to be effective against SARS, poliovirus I and 2, human rotaviruses, Norwalk virus, Parvoviruses, and Hepatitis A, B and non-A non-B.

How do you remove Bad Odour and smells?

I ‘ve been using Ozone to effectively remove odour or bad smells for cars over many years with great results. Bad smell or odor is caused by bacteria on decaying organic matter. Therefore to remove a smell you need to remove the decaying matter by cleaning and disinfecting both the surface and air from bacteria.

Photo of an Ozone Generator in a car
We place the Ozone Generator in the center of the car and run it with the cars AC on

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