Please Note:

  • Booking is required for our services
    • You may call or whatsapp
  • We offer more than this in terms of detailing – Read More Here
  • Surcharges
    • Very dirty cars
      • What we consider “very dirty” is excess sand / mud and pet hair
      • We can either try and work within the allotted time to avoid surcharge OR Quote on inspection, either in person or Whatsapp video call, for the extra time that may be needed to get it perfect or as perfect!
  • Sanitizing & Disinfection
    • Through our standard cleaning process every area of your car should be at the least at a sanitized state.
    • High contact areas i..e steering, gear shift, door handles as well as your keys would be disinfected i.e. a specific disinfectant will be used
    • If you require your vehicle thoroughly disinfected i.e. from Corona, TB, HIV or other we recommend:
      • Hot Steam: Its optional in as an extra process in any of our valets. steam is an effective cleaner , deodorizer and sanitizer


1. Inside & Out

Deep cleaning of the complete interior including: outside wash, clay and glaze polish, tyres and trim.

Perfect for; new car purchase, preparation for selling or just maintenance.


  • Up to sedan size i.e. Corolla from R850 from R1500
  • Larger vehicles from R1850 E.g. 4×4, 7 seaters etc
  • Surcharges may apply

Duration: 4 to 6 hours

2. Interior Only

Deep cleaning of the complete interior including an outside wash, tyres and trim.

If you only want your interior to be deep cleaned


  • Up to sedan size i.e. Corolla from R850
  • Larger vehicles from R1200 E.g. 4×4, 7 seaters etc
  • Surcharges may apply

Duration: 4 hours

3. Partial Cleaning

Deep cleaning of individual areas / parts of a cars interior.

If you only want a part of your interior cleaned


1. Seats Only

  • 5 seats from R400
  • front seat i.e. 1 only from R150
  • two seats front or the back seat from R250

2. Carpet from R400 – up to standard sedan size car e.g. corolla

3. Roof liner from R150

Duration: +-1 hour

Our Full Valet / Deep Clean Process:

  1. Clear out vehicle interior from dirt and clutter
    • We recommend that this is actually done before you bring your car as we may accidentally or unintentionally throw away an important piece of paper or item.
    • Disclaimer: At vehicle owners risk
  2. Vehicle interior blown out, brushed up and vacuumed.
  3. Vehicle washed and dried
  4. Door jambs, door sills and boot sills washed and dried
  5. Fabrics and Carpet
    1. Pre treat with a All Purpose Cleaner containing a Biocide for cleaning and killing bacteria and germs within a vehicle interior.
    2. Shampoo and Scrub areas to loosen dirt
      • A foam based cleaner is used to avoid overwetting and increase drying time
      • It has “encapsulation” technology to lift dirt out of fabrics
    3. Optional: Steam clean
      • Best for oil or grease based dirt
      • Recommended when there is presence of Biological waste i.e. Urine, poo or blood
      • Sanitizing: Steam kills bacteria and germs
      • Please Note: Our staff is trained to stop ahead of any electronics!
    4. Extract dirt
  6. Loose mats:
    • Cleaning process determined by the material i.e. flat or pile carpet, rubber etc
  7. Roof liner :
    • Please note: that this is cleaned by hand i.e. microfibre and specialised product
    • PS: The roof liner is very sensitive and thin. All work is done by the vehicle owners risk.
  8. Dashboard, vents, storage areas and center console blown out and cleaned  and dressed:
    • Products are applied to the the microfibre and then cleaned / wiped
    • We do not directly spray products on these areas to avoid damage to sensitive electronics etc
  9. Door panels and pillars scrubbed or wiped down
    • We avoid speakers and electronic and just dust and wipe down in these areas.
  10. Boot area
    • we remove the spare wheel, clean it and and replace.
  11. Glass
    • Your glass is cleaned inside and out with tint safe glass cleaner or steam with dedicated microfibre for the best result possible.
  12. Rubbers
    • All rubber seals is wiped clean with a standard APC
  13. Plastics
    • pH neutral / biodegradable / Antimicrobial All Purpose Cleaner to clean and disinfect
    • A protective dressing is applied in your choice of finish i.e. shine, matter etc
  14. Leather and Vinyl
    • pH neutral / biodegradable / Antimicrobial All Purpose Cleaner to safely clean and disinfect the leather surface
    • A protective dressing is applied in your choice of finish i.e. shine, matter etc
  15. Optional paint work treatment
    1. Paint Decontamination using clay and iron remover at extra only if needed.
    2. Polishing & Protection
      1. Glaze & wax e.g. which is included in our Inside & Out Package
      2. Paint Enhancement or Correction
  16. Quick Detailer on Paint Work
    • This is applied on all vehicles we work on to remove any smudges etc before handover
    • It will boost colour
  17. Tyre and trim dressing

Duration: 4 hours+/-  Not counting lunch or break times

Extra Detailing:

The following list isnt limited. We can do a lot more! Whatever you need is let us know!

  • Alcantara / Suede cleaner – P.O.A.
    • For Alcantara and Suede we use a dedicated and specialized cleaner to avoid damage and for a safe cleaning process.
  • Interior trim polishing
    • i.e. polishing scratches out of piano black trim or instrument gauges
    • Please Note: We do not polish touchscreens
  • Premium Leather Conditioner & Protectant from R150
    • We have a few choices in our collection to suit different requirements e.g. Autoglym, CarPRO , Feynlab, Gyeon etc
  • Glass Polishing / Treatments
    • Maximum clarity and clean. Removes grime / oily windows typically from cigarette, vape or other
      • Windscreen Only R150
      • All Windows R250
    • Water mark removal from R350
    • Windscreen Ceramic Coatings for Water Repellancy from R750 
  • Fabric Protection – P.O.A
    • Ceramic technology to repel water, dirt and stains
      • Alcantara / Suede
      • Carpet
      • Upholstery
    • Pricing dependant on product chosen to apply and size of vehicle.


  • Pet hair i.e. Cats or Dogs extra – Price on inspection
    • The effort required for pet hair is a lot as it is difficult and time consuming to remove to a high degree of detail.
    • If this isnt a major issue for you we can work within the standard time set and remove as much as we can in that time.
  • Excess sand – Price on inspection
    • If a section of carpet requires more than 8 brush passes then it is considered excess.
    • To remove excess sand to a high degree of detail takes time beyond the standard package. If this isnt a major issue for you, we can work within the standard time set and remove as much as we can in that time.
  • Mud or water damage
  • Biohazards like urine, feces, blood etc – Price on inspection
  • Removal of seats or interior trim
  • Detailing i.e. work done beyond the included above. Read about our Extra Detailing section above

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