Interior Deep & Steam Cleaning \ Valets

COVID-19 Protocols

All vehicles on arrival and collection is disinfected including your keys with a vehicle specific sanitizer.

Bookings is essential for COVID-19 safety as well as individual attention.

Kindly book inspections, visits or work beforehand.

We are committed to ensuring a safe and clean environment!


I offer complete vehicle interior deep cleaning, also known as a ‘valet’. As well as partial cleaning, for example just seats.

My Inside & Out package combines a full interior valet with a clay and glaze, of the paintwork. A glaze is a light polish combined with paint protection.

Pricing is determined by how dirty your vehicle is.

I have more information to common questions on valets in my Frequently Asked Questions section. If you have other queries or to book please Contact Us

1. Inside & Out

From R1500

Perfect for; new car purchase, preparation for selling or just maintenance.

This service combines deep cleaning / valet of the complete Inside of your car as well as a Clay and Glaze Polish of your paint on the Outside


Standard valet

  • From small car up to sedan size i.e. Corolla from R1500
  • Larger vehicles priced on request E.g. 4×4, 7 seater’s etc
Duration: From 4 to 5 hours

2. Interior Full Valet

From R950

If you only want your interior to be deep cleaned

This services focuses on the deep cleaning / full valet of your car’s complete interior. It includes an outside wash, tyres and trim.


Standard valet

  • From small car up to sedan size i.e. Corolla from R950
  • Larger vehicles priced on request E.g. 4×4, 7 seater’s etc
Duration: Approx 4 hours

3. Partial Cleaning

If you only want a part of your interior cleaned

This is the deep cleaning / valet of either your seats, floor or roof only.


1. Fabric Seats Only

  • 5 seats from R500
  • front seat i.e. 1 only from R180
  • two seats front or just the back seat from R280

2. Carpet Only

  • price from R450
  • from small cars up to standard sedan size interiors e.g. corolla
  • 7 seater’s and larger floor areas priced on request

3. Roof liner from R200

Duration: Approx 1 Hour

Leather Treatment from R350

In our standard valets we apply a water based dressing on leather. This service is another level up.

We apply a leather conditioner and protectant thickly over your leather and allow it to soak in for a minimum of 30 minutes as well as to form a top coat over your leather. This is buffed up by hand to the finish you choose; shine or matte

Alcantara and Suede – Price on Inspection

Alcantara and suede needs to preferably be cleaned by hand or special tooling. No steam or harsh chemicals or scrubbing.

It can be protected optionally with a fabric protectant.

Pricing strictly on inspection.


  • Pet hair i.e. Cats or Dogs extra – Price on inspection
    • The effort required for pet hair is a lot as it is difficult and time consuming to remove to a high degree of detail.
    • NOTE: If this isn’t a major issue for you we can work within the standard time set and remove as much as we can in that time.
  • Excess sand – Price on inspection
    • If a section of carpet requires more than 8 brush passes to collect the dirt then I consider it to be excess.
    • To remove excess sand to a high degree of detail takes time beyond the standard package.
    • NOTE: If this isn’t a major issue for you, we can work within the standard time set and remove as much as we can in that time.
  • Mud or water damage
  • Body fluids like urine, feces, blood etc – Price on inspection
  • Removal of seats or interior trim
  • Extra Detailing – if there is anything that you want done outside my standard process I’m happy to accommodate you. Please discuss your needs


“What is included in a Full Valet / Deep Clean?”
Our Full Valet / Deep Clean Process:
  1. Clear out vehicle interior from dirt and clutter
    • We recommend that this is actually done before you bring your car as we may accidentally or unintentionally throw away an important piece of paper or item.
    • Disclaimer: At vehicle owners risk
  2. Vehicle interior blown out, brushed up and vacuumed.
  3. Vehicle washed and dried
  4. Door jambs, door sills and boot sills washed and dried
  5. Fabrics and Carpet
    1. Pre treatment
      • We have a variety of quality chemicals to treat the various situations we encounter. It could be normal water marks and stains or it could be a grease mark, whatever use as appropriate
    2. Shampoo and Scrub areas to loosen dirt
      • A foam based cleaner is used to avoid over wetting and increase drying time
      • It has “encapsulation” technology to lift dirt out of fabrics
    3. Optional: Hot Steam Vapour cleaning from R250 extra. Best for:
      • Oil or grease based dirt
      • The presence of Biological waste i.e. Urine, poo or blood
      • Sanitizing: Steam kills bacteria and germs
      • Please Note:
        • Our staff is trained to stop ahead of any electronics!
        • We will not spray steam near speakers, window controls or use it on your dash!
    4. Rinse & Extract surface
  6. Loose mats:
    • Cleaning process determined by the material i.e. flat or pile carpet, rubber etc
  7. Roof liner :
    • This is cleaned by hand i.e. microfibre and specialised low moisture product..
    • Please Note: The roof liner is very sensitive and thin. All work is done by the vehicle owners risk.
  8. Dashboard, vents, storage areas and center console blown out and cleaned  and dressed:
    • Products are applied to the the microfibre and then cleaned / wiped
    • We do not directly spray products on these areas to avoid damage to sensitive electronics etc
  9. Door panels and pillars scrubbed or wiped down
    • We avoid speakers and electronic and just dust and wipe down in these areas.
  10. Boot area
    • we remove the spare wheel, clean it and and replace.
  11. Glass
    • Your glass is cleaned inside and out with tint safe glass cleaner or steam with dedicated microfibre for the best result possible.
  12. Rubbers
    • All rubber seals is wiped clean with a standard All Purpose Cleaner
  13. Plastics
    • pH neutral / biodegradable / Antimicrobial All Purpose Cleaner to clean and disinfect
    • A protective dressing is applied in your choice of finish i.e. shine, matte etc
  14. Leather and Vinyl
    • pH neutral / biodegradable / Antimicrobial All Purpose Cleaner to safely clean and disinfect the leather surface
    • A protective dressing is applied in your choice of finish i.e. shine, matte etc
  15. Optional paint work treatment
    1. Paint Decontamination using clay and iron remover extra if needed.
    2. Polishing & Protection
      1. Glaze & wax e.g. which is included in our Inside & Out Package
      2. GTECHNIQ C2V3 Liquid Crystal Ceramic Sealant
      3. Paint Enhancement or Correction
  16. Quick Detailer on Paint Work
    • This is applied on all vehicles we work on to remove any smudges etc before handover
    • It will boost colour
  17. Tyre and trim dressing

“How long does it take to do a Full Valet or Interior Deep Clean?”

I specify approximately 4 hours for a standard sized sedan for example a Toyota Corolla.

The interior we spend approximately 3 hours on and an hour for miscellaneous detail and washing. 2 staff works on a car so the man hours put in doubles this.

If we do a premium level valet, the time extends by and hour so that the leather conditioner and protectant that’s applied has time to “cure”.

Extra dirty vehicles for example pet hair, excess sand or mud may take longer and hence why a surcharge may apply.

It must be noted that depending on when you book, for example if you book today for tomorrow or on the day, that is a late booking, we may already have other bookings that we need to do first and or work around with.

It is then better to book ahead so you can specify your time.

Also, the time you bring the vehicle in, we need to consider staff lunch time

“What is the difference between a Mini Valet, Full Valet & Deep Clean?”

Whether you call it a Full Valet or Deep Clean both means the same thing; the thorough and intensive cleaning of a vehicles complete interior. Seats, floor, roof, doors dash, you name it everything in the interior!

A mini valet in comparison to a full valet or deep clean, can be done by a normal car wash, where only a vacuum is used to clean the interior while other surfaces may be wiped but not scrubbed. I do not offer a mini valet, normal car wash or engine or chassis cleaning.

We use different cleaning methods in our full valet that goes beyond what a car wash would offer:

  • Pre treatment – before we get into scrubbing we pre treat the stains and dirt to allow it to soften and loosen
  • Interior shampoo of fabrics and carpets, where we scrub a foam or spray cleaner to release dirt
  • Hot vapour steam cleaning recommend for; oily / greasy type dirt, body fluids, odours and smells or disinfection
  • Wet Extraction – This is where we rinse and extract / remove the released dirt so the cleaned surface can dry without residue
  • Disinfect – we use a vehicle specific disinfectant to ensure your car it is safe.

Cleaning your car is the first thing to do when you want to remove a bad odour or smell or disinfect it. We offer additional services to improve odour elimination further such as Ozone

“How Do You Sanitize / Disinfect A Car?”

My current protocol in light of COVID-19 is to use a vehicle specific disinfectant over all touch surfaces in any of our services and therefore your vehicle should be at a disinfected state when you collect it.

If someone has been ill, whatever the infection i.e. from Corona, TB, HIV or even Cold or Flu I recommend going a step or two further by using:

The addition of any of these extra services ensures the maximum effort has been applied leaving no doubt and to give you peace of mind.

“Do you clean baby seats / prams?”

Short answer. No.

Baby seats and prams actually have removable covers that can be machine washed. There is usually a label somewhere on there like a clothing label for advice on machine washing and drying.

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