Interior Deep & Steam Cleaning

We offer two ways or levels to clean and detail a vehicle interior; Standard or Detailed

With Standard interior cleaning, i.e. “Full Interior Valet“, we clean with the seats a floor carpet etc remaining inside the vehicle and we clean within the scope of time. With Detailed cleaning, we assess your needs and clean according to the detail agreed upon. This may include taking out the seats and carpets and possibly more, and clean from the shell of the car.

Standard Full Interior Valet

In “our standard” Full Interior Valet services we do not remove the seats or floor carpets. This is left in the car and we clean around it.

If you require more attention, this is by definition detail. Detail is the result of the Time, Product, Equipment & Expertise that’s put in. We are happy to ur our standard packages in any way that may fit your needs.

While our standard packages is called ‘standard’, it is still quite thorough;

In our first phase; we use a high powered blower to blow out the interior, particular hard to reach areas like around, between and under the seats. We then brush up before doing a vacuum to remove as much dry dirt. We then pretreat carpets and fabric seats as necessary. Usually we wash the vehicle while the pretreatment breaks down the dirt.

After washing, or as the situation follows, we start the second phase of cleaning, which is where we scrub with a “dry foam” and extract the dirt . This method compared to, normal wet extraction or even hot steam works on all carpet and fabric, Alcantara, suede and velour seats and dries rapidly without forced drying or potential damage. ( Alcantara\Suede steering wheels is not included as standard. Only leather or plastic)

To note; for leather & vinyl, we scrub with a leather brush or special mitt & cleaner.

While dry foam allows surfaces to dry rapidly without the need for forced drying, very dirty cars that requires more cleaning will take longer to clean and dry as well as  previously wet /damp cars that already has high amount of moisture in them. In this regard we can optionally force dry or we can advise a self dry strategy. FYI: Forced drying is where we use blowers to create air flow for faster evaporation.

Hot Steam Vapour is available as an extra service on an as needed basis . E.g, bad smell or odour, disinfection, cleaning human or animal body fluids, decaying food or mould / fungus.

We offer two full interior packages; 1. Our Inside and Out, which includes a full valet of the interior as well as wash, clay and machine applied polishing glaze and wax and 2. A Full Interior Valet with just an exterior wash. We can also clean just a part of the interior i.e. a seat or the roof etc (see Partial Cleaning) Extra detailing, Forced Drying, Hot Steam Vapour cleaning, Ozone treatment, Advanced Leather Care and Fabric Protection are all available as well.

Read about what’s included

The explanation we offer here is as thorough as possible so that you know what we offer. We are happy to discuss any requirements outside of this.

Time Allocation:

  • Full Valet with Wash for a small to standard sized sedan is 4 normal hours with 2 staff = 8 man hours
  • Inside and Out i.e. Full Valet with Wash, Clay and Glaze for a small to standard sized sedan is 5 normal hours with 2 staff = 10 man hours
  • Please note that lunch times must be considered in terms of time scheduling.
  • Any custom detailing requiring more time than the standard allocation should be discussed and quoted for.
  • Vehicles with pet hair or excess sand, mud or other dirt
    • To remove these types of dirt takes longer than what can be done in the standard allocated time and if total or near total removal is required, then a surcharge would be applicable.
    • However, If your vehicle will be used again to transport pets or taken to the beach etc, then it would not be practical to spend more time on trying to remove every last bit as it would be used again, in this regard we advise that we work with in the allocated time and get your interior to the best it can be within that time.

Our Full Valet / Deep Clean Process:

  1. Clear out vehicle interior from personal items, loose dirt and clutter
    • We recommend that this is done by yourself before you bring your car as we may accidentally or unintentionally throw away an important piece of paper or item or mistakenly not replace an item which may cause inconvenience or possible loss.
    • Please remember that this step takes up time that we should be spending on cleaning your car.
    • Disclaimer: At vehicle owners risk
  2. Vehicle interior blown out, carpet and fabric brushed up and vacuumed.
    • This is so we can get loose dirt out between and from under the seats, rails and other hard to access areas.
    • Optional: removal of seats and interior parts. Price on Inspection.
  3. Standard vehicle wash and dry (total time allocated 30min)
    • If your vehicle has been standing long, has come back from a panel beater or has a lot of dirt in the mouldings, seams, wiper area etc such as old polish, dirt, leaves, gravel dust etc – this would take more detail cleaning time outside the allocated package time. We can quote you on inspection
    • Wheels & Brake Calipers:
      • We apply and acid or acid free wheel cleaner to the wheel face and as far as can be accessed to the barrel area of your wheel.
      • We concentrate on the wheel face primarily allocating 10 minutes to it.
      • Details like brake calipers, lug nuts, studs, valves, split rim type designs may not be 100% as these may require more detail and time depending on their condition.
        • Optional: If these details are important to you please let us know. We can offer more detail time to clean the wheels on the car (quote on inspection) or provide a wheels off service i.e. take the wheels off and clean them thoroughly as well as wheel arch and brake caliper – from R1500 – time for this service is a separate 4 hours
    • Wheel arches we apply and All Purpose Cleaner to the wheel arches and scrub it with a fender brush limited to what can be practically reached and then power rinsed. Some vehicles are low with little to no access. A vinyl /rubber / plastic dressing is sprayed in on this area and allowed to cure.
    • On Exhaust tips we apply a cleaner and ensure the exterior exhaust tip is cleaned. (5min)
      • These can be polished and sanded on request. Pricing on Inspection
    • Running boards, bull bars, roof racks; when we apply car shampoo through the foam cannon these parts are covered as well. When we are washing, we would either use a body safe brush or wash mitt to clean.
    • Door jambs, door sills and boot sills washed and dried.
  4. If you have chosen our Inside & Out Full Valet we follow the wash with a Clay Treatment and after that a Glaze Polish
    • Optional paint work treatments:
      • Iron or Tar remover – price on inspection
      • GTECHNIQ C2V3 Liquid Crystal Ceramic Sealant -from R250
      • Waxes and or Sealant from R200
      • Level 1 Paint Enhancement polishing from R1500
      • Level 2 Single Step correction for scratch and swirl removal from R2000 or
      • Level 3 2 step correction i.e. Step 1 remove scratches and swirls and Step 2 high gloss polishing from R3500
  5. Fabrics and Carpet
    1. Pre treatment
      • We have a variety of quality chemicals to treat the various situations we encounter. It could be normal water marks and stains or it could be a grease mark, whatever it is we would use the appropriate chemical.
    2. Shampoo and Scrub areas to loosen dirt
      • A foam based cleaner is used to avoid over wetting and increase drying time
      • It has “encapsulation” technology to lift dirt out of fabrics
    3. Optional: Hot Steam Vapor cleaning from R250 extra. Best for:
      • Oil or grease based dirt
      • The presence of Biological waste i.e. Urine, poo or blood
      • Sanitizing: Steam kills bacteria and germs
      • Please Note:
        • Our staff is trained to stop ahead of any electronics!
        • We will not spray steam near speakers, window controls or use it on your dash!
        • Disclaimer: At vehicle owners risk
    4. Rinse & Extract surface
    5. Optional: Fabric protectant i.e. “Scotchguard” – Price On Inspection
  6. Loose mats:
    • Cleaning process determined by the material i.e. flat or pile carpet, rubber etc
    • Very dirty mats; pre treated, shampooed, scrubbed, pressure washed and then extracted by vacuum. These will be wetter and take longer to dry.
    • Normal dirt mats; pre treated, shampooed, scrubbed and then extracted by vacuum. These will dry fast depending on weather and when we started on them.
  7. Roof liner :
    • This is cleaned by hand i.e. microfibre and foam or a low moisture approach if a liquid cleaner is required.
    • Please Note: The roof liner is very sensitive and thin. All work is done by the vehicle owners risk.
  8. Dashboard, vents, storage areas and center console blown out and cleaned  and dressed:
    • Products are applied to a microfibre and then cleaned / wiped.
    • Soft Detail brushes may be used between seams, buttons an dials
    • We do not directly spray products on these areas to avoid damage to sensitive electronics etc
    • We avoid any shine on the dashboard to prevent reflection and glare on windscreen.
    • Gentle no hard pressure is ever used. If something doesn’t open as we can be reasonably be expected, we avoid it and bring it to your attention.
  9. Door panels and pillars scrubbed or wiped down
    • We avoid speakers and electronic and just dust and wipe down in these areas.
  10. Boot area
    • we remove the spare wheel, clean it and replace.
  11. Glass
    • Your glass is cleaned inside and out with tint safe glass cleaner or steam with dedicated microfibre for the best result possible.
    • Windows is rolled down, the top of the glass edge and inner frame is wiped clean.
    • Optional: Glass polishing to remove water marks and water repellant coatings. Price on inspection
  12. Rubbers
    • All rubber seals is wiped clean with a standard All Purpose Cleaner
  13. Plastics are either:
    1. Autoglym Cleaner and disinfectant used to wipe clean and disinfect
    2. Wiped clean and Autoglym Super Sheen is applied (matte standard or shine if your prefer)
  14. Dashboard
  15. Leather and Vinyl
    • Only leather safe cleaners are used to clean vehicle leather.
      • Note: We avoid direct water contact to prevent it turning hard.
    • Worn through or previously repaired leather i.e. re-dyed, the colour may come off.
      • This is often the case for high wear areas like steering wheel, seat bottoms and bolsters
      • This is inevitable as this is wear and tear
      • The solution is to re-dye
      • Note: We use dedicated leather brushes with no pressure applied.
    • A water based dressing is applied as standard.
      • Optional leather conditioner and protectant or coating can be requested. This requires an hour to do.
  16. Quick Detailer on Paint Work
    • This is applied on all vehicles we work on to remove any smudges etc before handover
  17. No sling water based tyre and exterior trim dressing
    • Optional: we have trim dyes and tyre and trim coatings available.

Important Notices

  1. Clients are requested to allow the vehicle to air when home to allow any remaining humidity to escape.
    • Mould and smell will occur if your car is left closed, in the dark and unused.
    • On that note, We don’t recommend doing a valet immediately before you go away for an holiday.
    • If you expect that you wont be able to do this, please discuss with us.
  2. Please allow time on collection of your vehicle to check the work done. If anything was missed, it can be immediately attended to.
    • After Service is as important as the sale to us. If something should be noticed outside of this, please report this immediately with video or pictures if possible.
    • We allow a 2 day period to bring it back for the snags to be addressed.
  3. All loose mats or items we have found in your car, will be placed in the boot.
    • Unless we are certain the fitted carpets and loose mats are completely dry, we will place the loose mats in your boot.
    • please remove the loose mats from your boot and allow them to air or dry before placing them back
    • Please note that rubber mats can sweat and smell.

Full Valet Packages:

Inside & Out

from R1500
  • In our Inside & Out package we include a Full Interior Valet for the “Inside” with an exterior wash, clay bar treatment and machine applied glaze (a light non abrasive polish & wax ) on the “Outside”
  • NOTE: We provide much more polishing services .
    • Upgrade from Glaze to AIO from R500
      • True correction ability i.e. it cuts the paint
    • Extra Sealant from R150
    • For more polishing options please look at our Polishing & Detail page.
  • Pricing for service as standard:
    • from R1500 for standard sedan e.g. Toyota Corolla
    • from R1850 for larger vehicles
      • Excludes Off road / 4×4 vehicles is priced on inspection
      • These vehicles typically requires more detailed cleaning.
    • All Pricing confirmed on physical inspection
  • Time: 6 hours ( 2 staff = 10/12 man hours )

Full Interior Valet & Wash

from R950
  • Includes a Full Interior Valet and an exterior wash.
  • Pricing for service as standard:
    • from R950 for standard sedan e.g. Toyota Corolla
    • from R1200 for larger vehicles
      • Excludes Off road / 4×4 vehicles is priced on inspection.
      • These vehicles typically requires more detailed cleaning.
    • All Pricing confirmed on physical inspection
  • Time: 4.5 hours ( 2 staff = 8 man hours )


Extra detail /time from R250 Per Hour – for pet hair, very dirty cars or special requests etc

Extra detail /time from R250 Per Hour

  • Pet Hair
  • If you continually drive with pets then extra time spent to make it perfect wont be practical as they will get in again. We should then clean within the allocated time and get it as good as it can be.
  • Gravel dust, mud, excessive sand
  • Panel shop or spray painting residue
  • Excess dirt or spillage
  • Pricing quoted and confirmed on physical inspection of vehicle.
BIOHAZARDS i.e. Mould / fungus, Body Fluids etc

The definition of a Biohazard is; ‘a risk to human health or the environment arising from biological work, especially with microorganisms.’

In context of a vehicle, this is typically Mould/fungus, Body Fluids, from both animal or human sources, but can include decaying matter, a popular example is seafood left in the car for a few days.

In this regard, we are taking our health at risk in cleaning your vehicle. The precautions we need to take is at minimum proper masks, gloves as well as discarding things like microfiber towels that are usually reusable. We may need to specially clean and disinfect our premises, clothing etc before we can continue business.

This is therefore a surcharge to cover the appropriate costs of cleaning such a vehicle.

Pricing from R350. Pricing is confirmed on physical inspection.

Please inform us correctly on your cleaning requirement, i.e. reason / what has occurred so we can provide the appropriate care!

Hot Steam Vapour from R350

Hot Steam Vapour from R350

Using Hot steam is only necessary when dealing with; oil or grease type dirt, bad smell or odour, wet cars, mould and fungus or to disinfect. It is an additional step in the Full Valet process not an alternative cleaning method.

Forced Drying

Forced drying is the use of high powered (CFM) air blowers to create air flow and movement for faster evaporation or dehumidifiers.

In our professional opinion we strongly advise against just/only drying a wet /damp car without cleaning. This is to prevent smell, bad odour and mould /fungal growth. There is of course different situations and budgets so hence why we accommodate with a service like this.

It is more efficient and effective to remove, clean and dry seats and carpets out of a car for the following reasons:

  • ALL cleaning methods will only clean the top fabric cover of a seat and the top of a carpet and leaving liquids and dirt underneath.
  • The floor of a vehicle has underfelt, hollows and indentations which can hold water.
    • Your carpet may feel initially dry but later turns damp /wet because it will wick or evaporate upwards.
    • You may see condensation on your windows and of course experience smells and odours.
  • If a seat gets wet, gravity will draw the liquid down, through the layer of sponge and possibly out of the bottom.
    • Leaving liquid and its contents suspended.

Please inform us correctly on your cleaning requirement, i.e. reason / what has occurred so we can provide the appropriate care!


PLEASE NOTE: If you need more than 4 hours, I strongly recommend you consider removing the seats and carpets and cleaning them out of the car in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. To know why this is click here

  • R250 / 2 hours
  • R450 / 4 hours
  • Forced Drying plus wet vac/extraction , (no cleaning/shampoo) from R750 / 5 hours
Advanced Leather Care

As standard, in all our full valets, we clean and then apply a water based dressing on leather, artificial leather and vinyl.

We also offer more advanced leather care for example;

Autoglym – best for older leather

Autoglym’s leather conditioner and protectant is applied thickly over your leather and allowed to soak in for a minimum of and hour to help soften/condition it as well as to form a top coat over your leather. This is buffed up by hand to the finish you choose; shine or matte.

GTECHNIQ – my preference for new leather

GTECHNIQ L1 Leatherguard is a 6 month Leather Coating, that is Anti Microbial, Abrasion and Stain Resistant from R450

Ozone Treatment – for bad smell and odour

Our system uses both UV-C & Static charge to generate ozone for maximum effectiveness at treating bad smell and odour as well as disinfection and treatment of mould/fungus. ( We’ve been using this system with success since purchase in 2011!)

  • NOTE:
    • Vehicle should be clean, preferably valeted beforehand and dry without any dressing on the interior surfaces (oily or silicon based dressings trap dirt and microbes)
    • It’s recommended that the vehicle’s pollen /cabin filter should be replaced before or immediately after.
  • Price: R450
  • Time :  Max 1 hour
Fabric & Carpet Protection

Fabric & Carpet protection preserves the condition of your interior and hence future value but also benefits you and your family daily by maintaining a clean, easier to clean and biologically safe interior.

We offer GTECHNIQ SMART FABRIC fabric protection which features the patented BIOCOTE technology.

Price On Inspection

Detailed Cleaning

Detailing an interior is to clean more intensively, at minimum taking a brush to go through every seam or where we remove the vehicle’s interior, i.e. door panels, roof liner even dashboard, and clean it like it was a ‘bolt and nut’ restoration.

If this is not what you require please look at our normal Full Interior Valet services.

This level of interior detail may be necessary if the vehicle has been severely neglected, spillage of food, liquids, bodily fluids (perhaps a car accident etc), very dusty, bad smell or odour, a used car, OR anyone wanting the most thorough and detailed service to “reset” their vehicle’s condition.

For cars that get flooded, wet or damp, (i.e. any amount of moisture), or has progressed to mould and fungus, this is the best way to be able to thoroughly clean through the carpet and the floor of the vehicle itself. ALL cleaning methods can only clean the top of a carpet or a seat’s fabric, not all the way through.You need to physically access all areas. on top and from the bottom, to be able to truly deep clean.

The floor of a vehicle has underfelt, hollows and indentations which can hold water. Your carpet may feel initially dry, but later turn damp or wet because the trapped water underneath, will wick or evaporate upwards. You should also see condensation on your windows and of course experience smells and odours.

Once a floor carpet has been removed, we can identify and attend to any corrosion and replace water damaged underfelt.

Similarly, If a seat gets wet, gravity will draw the liquid down, through the layer of sponge and possibly out of the bottom. ALL cleaning methods will only clean the top fabric cover and a small percentage of the top layer of the sponge. Leaving liquid and its contents suspended. Please inform us correctly as to what occurred so we can provide the appropriate care!

The level of detail we go to is limited only by you!

Price Is Quoted On Inspection – from R2500 to R7500 – depending on size, cleaning and detail. From 1 – 7 Days.

Partial Cleaning:

NOTE: If you require more than 1 of the services below, then rather consider a full valet for better value !

  • Roof / Ceiling liner
    • Roof liner from R250
    • Roof liner + pillars from R350
  • Seats
    • Single Seats :
      • 1 Seat only i.e. front passenger or driver
      • 2 seat only i.e. front passenger and driver
      • Backseat only i.e. bench
    • All Seats
      • 5 seater
      • 7 seater
    • All Seats & door panels
      • 5 seater
      • 7 seater
  • Floor Carpet
  • Loose mats
  • Alcantara steering wheel

NOTE: Surcharge for Pet hair, BIOHAZARDS e.g. body fluids, mould, fungus etc & “Super dirt”


“How long does it take to do a Full Valet or Interior Deep Clean?”
  • Full Valet with Wash for a small to standard sized sedan is 4 normal hours with 2 staff = 8 man hours
  • Inside and Out i.e. Full Valet with Wash, Clay and Glaze is 5 normal hours with 2 staff = 10 man hours
  • Please note that lunch times must be considered in terms of time scheduling.
  • Any Optional detailing requires more time.
  • Vehicles with pet hair or excess sand, mud or other dirt These types of dirt takes longer than what can be done in the allocated time and a surcharge applies
    • If your vehicle will be used again to transport pets or taken to the beach etc, then we can work with in the allocated time and get it to the best within that time.I specify approximately 4 hours for a standard sized sedan for example a Toyota Corolla.
  • The interior is the focus of a valet. We spend approximately 3.5 hours on the interior with and 30 minutes to exterior cleaning / washing.
    • Therefore exterior detail is limited but can be extended by your request.
    • Please read our Full Valet Process so you know what we include.
  • It must be noted that depending on when you book, for example if you book today for tomorrow or on the day, that is a late booking, we may already have other bookings that we need to do first and or work around with.
  • It is then better to book ahead so you can specify your time.
  • Also, the time you bring the vehicle in, we need to consider staff lunch time
“What is the difference between a Mini Valet, Full Valet & Deep Clean?”

Whether you call it a Full Valet or Deep Clean both means the same thing; the thorough and intensive cleaning of a vehicles complete interior. Seats, floor, roof, doors dash, you name it everything in the interior!

A mini valet in comparison to a full valet or deep clean, can be done by a normal car wash, where only a vacuum is used to clean the interior while other surfaces may be wiped but not scrubbed. I do not offer a mini valet, normal car wash or engine or chassis cleaning.

We use different cleaning methods in our full valet that goes beyond what a car wash would offer:

  1. Pre treatment – before we get into scrubbing we pre treat the stains and dirt to allow it to soften and loosen
  2. Interior shampoo of fabrics and carpets, where we scrub a foam or spray cleaner to release dirt
  3. Hot vapour steam cleaning recommend for; oily / greasy type dirt, body fluids, odours and smells or disinfection
  4. Wet Extraction – This is where we rinse and extract / remove the released dirt so the cleaned surface can dry without residue
  5. Disinfect – we use a vehicle specific disinfectant to ensure your car it is safe.

Cleaning your car is the first thing to do when you want to remove a bad odour or smell or disinfect it. We offer additional services to improve odour elimination further such as Ozone

“How Do You Sanitize / Disinfect A Car?”

My current protocol in light of COVID-19 is to use a vehicle specific disinfectant over all touch surfaces in any of our services and therefore your vehicle should be at a disinfected state when you collect it.

If someone has been ill, whatever the infection i.e. from Corona, TB, HIV or even Cold or Flu I recommend going a step or two further by using:

The addition of any of these extra services ensures the maximum effort has been applied leaving no doubt and to give you peace of mind.

“Do you clean baby seats / prams?”

Short answer. No.

Baby seats and prams actually have removable covers that can be machine washed. There is usually a label somewhere on there like a clothing label for advice on machine washing and drying.

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