Maintenance Wash & Detailing

Our Maintenance Wash is for anyone wanting Detailed Cleaning and Protective Maintenance for ceramic coated or uncoated cars.

Detailed Cleaning

We do not offer ‘normal’ car wash as we focus on ‘detail’.

The Maintenance Wash is different to a normal wash as its more intensive in what is done, how long we spend and quality of materials i.e. ‘more detail’

For example the way we wash, we use wash mitts compared to sponges and we dry carefully by “blotting” vs rubbing dry to prevent swirls and scratches.

As with all our services its customizable, so if something is not included as standard we can quote and add it on.

Please Note: This service is different to a Full Valet. In a full valet we use steam and scrub the interior etc Read more about Full Valet

Protective Maintenance

This service is meant to maintain protection, for example you have a ceramic coating.

This Maintenance Wash includes Ceramic based protection for the entire car, i.e. paint, glass wheels, plastic etc. It is rated for 3 months UV protection, water and dirt repellancy.

Photo of a Range Rover being car washed and detailed by Protouch
Feynlab Self Heal Ceramic Coated Range Rover getting a Maintenance Car Wash & Detail
Ceramic coated BMW F30 3 Series getting a Maintenance Car Wash by Protouch Car Care
Ceramic Coated daily driver BMW 3 Series getting a Maintenance Wash

Photo of Matte Audi R8 getting carefully dried with microfibre towel after a car wash
Matte Audi R8 getting carefully dried with plush microfibre towel
Photo of Porsche Boxster convertible soft top getting cleaned
Porsche Boxster convertible soft top getting detailed cleaned


Below is the detail steps we use to ensure thorough cleaning, prevention of swirls and scratches and also to boost protection.

  1. Pre Soak
    • A snow foam is applied to loosen dirt and grime so when we high pressure rinse the majority of dirt is easily and safely removed.
  2. Pre Treatment
    • Degreasers, bug removers and tar splatter (max 0.25 sqm)
  3. High Pressure Rinse
    • First rinse to remove as much loose dirt preventing it from grinding and scratching when its contact washed.
  4. Wheel Cleaning
    • All Purpose Cleaner is our general cleaner so as not to be aggressive in terms of chemical.
    • Wheel Acid and Iron Removing Wheel Cleaners available at no extra cost
  5. Shampoo Application
    • Our standard shampoo is a Ceramic infused shampoo with 3 months of UV protection and water repellancy for maintaining ceramic coated cars and protecting non coated cars.
    • This covers your glass, paint, plastics and wheels!
  6. Contact wash
    • Wool wash mitts and grit guards in our buckets is used to help prevent loose dirt from swirling and scratching paint.
    • A top down, overlapping pass method is used to ensure thoroughness.
  7. Post Wash Rinse
  8. Drying
    • We hand dry your car using deep pile, high absorption microfibre towel to safely dry the vehicle by absorption action and avoid any rubbing that may cause damage.
    • Car specific hot air blowers is used to dry out seams, emblems and mirrors.
  9. Interior Carpet Cleaning
    • We first blow out the car to get between and under the seats and then brush up all carpeting and end with a vac.
    • Loose mats is brushed and vacuumed outside the vehicle.
  10. Interior Surface Cleaning
    • As an anti Coronavirus / COVID-19 measure, we offer a choice of interior finishing:
      1. A specific Antimicrobial cleaner to clean and disinfect surfaces from virus, bacteria and germs
      2. Our standard Ceramic cleaner and protectant that can be applied as glossy or matte as you require.
      3. From R80 extra if you want both done
    • Before we handover, we will sterilize your keys with an disinfectant.
  11. Steam clean glass
    • Glass is everyone’s bane. Steam not only makes glass crystal clean but sanitizes it from our breath, sneezing, cigarette and vape vapour etc.
  12. Ceramic Quick Detailer
    • A Quick Detailer, aka QD, is used to put the finishing touch to your vehicle. 
    • Its a spray product that quickly and easily removes water spots, streaks, dust, fingerprints, smudges and any other light contamination for the perfect look.
    • A Ceramic based QD’s is used to further boost your paint protection and colour of your car

Extra Detail:

If you want anything not mentioned above we can do it!

Pricing will depend on time, product i.e. level of detail

Some Examples:

  • “Nooks & Crannies”
    • We take detail brushes and get into the seams, joints vents – Price On Inspection
  • Ozone Treatment from R450
    • For odour control and vehicle interior sterilization
  • Iron Remover Snow Foam
  • Rubber cleaner & Silicone free conditioner / Water based Ceramic dressing
  • Ceramic Paint Sealant – up to 6 months UV protection and water repellancy
  • Spot scratch removal – if you notice a new scratch we can polish out just that area and protect it instead of doing the whole car!
Corona Virus COVID-19 Notice

For all our safety the following has been implemented:

  • Antimicrobial cleaners are used on as standard
  • Staff wears full personal protection which includes respirator mask and gloves.
  • Our safe process includes working from the inside out leaving areas you come into contact with as clean as can be.
  • Before we handover, we will wipe your keys off with an disinfectant.


All work is by booking. We allow only 6 slots per day so we spend dedicated time with each car and be organized.

Contact us with a time you have in mind as slot availability is dependant on what we are booked for that day.

Mon to Thursdays and Saturdays slots:
  1. 8:30AM or 9AM-10AM
  2. 10AM-11AM
  3. 11AM-12PM
  4. 1PM to 2PM
  5. 3PM to 4PM
  6. 4PM to 5PM
Friday slots:
  1. 8:30AM or 9AM-10AM
  2. 10AM-11AM
  3. 11AM-12PM
  4. 2PM to 3PM
  5. 4PM to 5PM


I’m open on a Sunday only if I have a larger detail.

  • Bookings for Maintenance Washes is strictly paid in full and upfront via EFT. No exclusions!
  • Due to the nature of the business and time, I’m unable to reschedule late cancels and no shows for another day.
  • I’m happy to reschedule to another unbooked time slot on the same day of the original booking you made if one is available.

Please Note: We have generators

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