You would be mistaken for thinking that since motorcycles is smaller than cars they should take less time and effort.

Every bike is different with many panels, covers, intricate trims, tight crevices and not a lot of space for a polishing machine to get into. We did a Honda Goldwing with every panel that was removable having a rubber washer that jumped everywhere!

Modern motorbikes also have a mixture of matte, raw or painted surfaces to consider. These may be washed in one way but polished and detailing will be unique attention.

I specialise in detailed cleaning, polishing and protection of any motorcycle.

We also do bicycles!


Give me a call to discuss what you want to have done and I can give you an estimate.

Pricing will be dependant on the time it takes to get it to your expectation and needs, type and size for example sportbike, chopper, Harley,Trike etc and condition of bike.

Motorcycle details we’ve done:

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do you offer a bike wash only?

No. We focus on detailing and maintenance versus car or bike washing.

Question: Why “detail” a motorbike?

Detailing is the “in depth, thorough and intense” cleaning, polishing and protection of a vehicle or motorcycle using specialised products, equipment and expertise taking much longer than a wash or buff that a typical Car Wash can provide.

Question: Can you protect a motorbike with a Ceramic Coating?

Yes. It will make it easier to clean, protect it from fading and improve scratch resistance depending on the coating applied.

Read more about ceramic coatings here.

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