Odour Removal

The #1 essential thing to do to remove a smell is to remove the source of the smell first by cleaning. 

Bad odours and smells is an individual problem and therefore cannot be treated with just one method like you will find at a normal car wash or valet center. We offer various odour removal strategies depending on the smell and its causes.

A standard odour removal will therefore be  Hot Steam Valet & Ozone which is from R1300 and we then ask for 6-7 hrs (the day) and more if its complex.

It may be that we need to strip your vehicle. This would be extra depending on the vehicle, for example we may have to get an upholsterer in to expertly remove trim. (Read notes below)

We try to avoid the use of extra chemicals as much as possible but this may be necessary like in the case of wet dirt like spilled liquids or vomit. 

If you want to save money then it is up to you to first do the Valet to see how it goes and then in another booking the Ozone. Ozone by itself should only be done if the car has been cleaned before. 

Our Hot Steam Full Valet has proven to be an effective strategy. Hot Steam Full Valet is from R850 depending on size and how dirty the car is. By itself its 4hrs+-

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Then depending on the smell and its location, we use either Chemicals, Ozone or both. If we need to use specialized chemical this is on a car by car basis. Ozone is R450 per booking this is approximately +-1hr


  • Another important part of removing odours , especially smoke, is to replace the vehicle’s cabin air filter. These are also called pollen, micro or air-con filters. We do not offer this service and advise you to your own mechanical service center.
  • If you have spilled a liquid 
    • In the carpet: we can take out the seats and remove the carpet and clean underneath and through the carpet. The underfelt would need replacement. This is priced on inspection. If its one area only perhaps we can lift only that section without total removal.
    • On a seat: This is bad. If it gets into the sponge it’s impossible to remove. In this 

How to book an Odour Removal

  1. Please read through the above information on our odour removal services so that you are familiar with what we offer.
  2. If you know where the smell is coming from let us know this. If you dont know what and where the smell is coming from, dont worry we can still resolve it.
  3. Give us a call so we can discuss your problem, strategies to remove it and approximate pricing and possible date and times you want to book the details with us.
    • You are of course welcome to book an inspection first this is always best !