Polishing & Detailing

On this page you will find our core Polishing & Detailing packages and pricing.

Each car has an individual circumstance like; paint type (hard or soft), how was it cared for, has it been repaired or original et cetera. There are also different polishing systems (e.g. Meguiars, Menzerna, etc) , machines, pads and not too mention expertise, time and effort that’s required on your car. We are able to ‘customise, tweak or optimise’ each of the packages below to best suit your paint condition for the best possible results.

In this regard we advise bringing your car in for an inspection where we do a test spot with you to determine what works best and you can see what to expect without suprises.

We have two categories of Polishing & Detailing namely Paint Correction and Glaze & Wax / Sealant. Read further below to identify which one suits your needs.

Paint Correction

Paint Correction is polishing (or sanding) that permanently removes paint defects like scratches, swirls & fading ( aka oxidation) and refines paint for a deep and wet look.

Polishing is also referred to in “stages” or “steps”. This means how many different polishing grades was done e.g “3 stages”. We use the latest polishing technology available on the market which reduces the the stages or steps required to correct and perfect paint so we can balance both the look and preserve the paint thickness. If you are doing an old style 3 stage type package you maybe removing more paint than you should! We will advise the least aggressive polishing for the required results to preserve paint thickness and also save cost.

All our packages uses the latest in polishing and ceramic paint protection technology in either sealant or coating format. Waxes and sealants are still options we can offer.

NOTE: Certain Paint Correction services is available mobile. (extra charges per day is applicable). All pricing is for sedans sized vehicles. Please query your larger vehicle
Full Correction, Detail & Ceramic Coating*
Our ultimate polishing & detailing package
Full service polishing, detailing with a ceramic coating*
Full decontamination i.e. clay, degreaser, iron remover
Multi stage / set Paint Correction for the best possible correction of paint defects such as swirls and scratches
Multi stage / set polishing for the maximum gloss / reflection / wetness
Higher level of detail in curvatures and recesses using down to 1" media
Extra detail on other surfaces such as plastics, rubber etc
Paint report - before and after paint thickness
Includes courtesy interior vacuum and wipe down
*Includes a basic 1 yr Ceramic Coating.
Ceramic Paint Enhancement with Correction
For deeper swirls and scratches
This service includes the latest in compound polishing to remove deeper swirls and scratches and other defects. It includes our Paint Enhancement service as well to further refine and protect paintwork for an awesome finish.
Clay treatment to remove industrial fallout and roughness on paint
First Stage: The latest in compound polishing technology that makes traditional 3 stage polishing unnecessary thereby preserving paint thickness and safely removing deeper scratches and swirls from 1000grit and finer.
Second Stage: Includes our Paint Enhancement package for further refinement and paint protection
Includes courtesy interior vacuum and wipe down
Ceramic Nano Sealant for up to 6 months protection. Full Ceramic Coating can be added
Ceramic Paint Enhancement
Enhances shine, removes swirls, scratches and protects paint
Our most popular
Clay treatment to remove industrial fallout and roughness on paint
The latest in polishing technology for the balanced removal of scratches, swirls, paint refinement and paint protection
Ceramic Nano Sealant for up to 6 months protection. Full Ceramic Coating can be added
Includes courtesy interior vacuum and wipe down

Package information for the above:

Ceramic Paint Enhancement from R1500

This is our most popular package. It is for people that just wants an improvement in the look of their car with great paint protection. It includes a ceramic based sealant. (Please note: A ceramic sealant does not perform the same as a ceramic coating!)

It is also the least aggressive polishing package and is our starting point to not only minimise cost but to reduce the amount of paint or clear coat that we need to remove in order to take out swirls and scratches.

If you come in for an inspection we would be able to doa test spot where we apply a standard set of passes of our Enhancement level polish to a small area and see if it gives a satisfactory result. If it requires more passes we would be able to assess that and go further over the area. If the Enhancement doesnt give the required results we would look at our Correction & Enhancement package for more cut to remove swirls and scratches more efficiently.

The protection in our enhancement based packages is polymer sealant based and lasts from 3 to 6 months depending on storage and care. We can also discuss any extra detail or an upgrade to a Ceramic coating or sealant.

Ceramic Paint Enhancement with Correction from R2500

Ceramic Paint Enhancement with Correction takes our Enhancement package further by first doing a Compound polish to more efficiently remove deeper swirls and scratches and then following up with an Enhancement package to refine and protect the paint.

Most times a single set of of Compound polishing is required. We would always advise a pre-inspection to confirm what package is most suitable for you and your vehicle so we can ‘dial in’ a package if required. If more compound polishing is required we would be able to show this to you and advise cost.

We keep different polishes, pads and machines to offer the best looking results with the most efficiency and preservation of the paint.

We can also discuss any extra detail or an upgrade to a full Ceramic coating.

Full Correction, Detail with Ceramic Coating from R4000

This our best Polishing & Detailing package. The previous packages is based on a ‘mini valet wash’, clay and then the respective polishing where this package’s level of Polishing & Detailing is unleashed. We are only limited by the amount of time the client wishes us to spend on their car!

Pricing is from R4000 per day. We can either work within the time of a full day or over a number of days if required. For example: restoration or concourse preperation.

Two or more staff is dedicated to a car in this package, so a normal day of 8 hours is actually 16 man hours etc

Our Full Correction, Detail with Ceramic Coating includes:

  • Intensive hand wash – as many times over as required!
  • Full Decontamination – whatever it takes!
    • Degreaser, tar remover
    • Iron Remover
    • Clay treatment
  • As many sets of compound and polishing as required within the time frame allowed!
  • More ‘detailed’ correction and polishing. i.e. we use different sizes of pad to perfect curvatures and small recesses. In the above packages we use one pad size as standard.
  • Sanding if required:
    • Spot sanding by hand of deeper scratches is inclusive
    • PS: full car wet sanding requires more than one day with materials as another consideration
  • Detail i.e. clean, condition, restore or polish
    • textured and smooth plastic trim
    • rubber trim
    • headlight and tail light polishing
    • Exhaust polishing
    • Glass polishing and sealant
    • Door sills
  • 1yr Ceramic coating

Other information

Read more about what Paint Correction means, terminologies and the different types of polishing

Another term for polishing is to buff. It means the same thing i.e. polishing is buffing!

Another term used is to ‘Cut & Buff’, where the ‘Cut’ part refers to an aggressive polish known as a compound / cutting cream / rubbing compound and the ‘Buff’ part refers to the follow up with a milder set of polishes that would refine the finish even further.

To Glaze or Glazing, is also a type of polish but very mild. Its more like cosmetic ‘foundation’ in that it fills and masks light to medium swirls and scratches and will wash out eventually. So it needs to be considered temporary unless otherwise indicated (like our Custom Glaze).

Therefore Paint Correction is advised for the long term as the type of polishing (or sanding) that permanently removes paint defects like scratches, swirls & fading ( aka oxidation) and refines paint for a deep and wet look.

We keep Paint Correction seperate to our Glaze & Wax packages

Polishing is also refered to in “stages” or “steps”. This means how many different polishing grades was done e.g “3 stages”. With the latest polishing technology we use today, less stages or steps is required that balances both the look & the preservation of paint. If you are doing a 3 stage type package you maybe removing more paint than you should!

In polishing the term ‘set/s’ is also use. This is how many times a combination of a polish, pad and machine combination has gone over a vehicles panel to get to the desired finish. The moment an element of the combination changes it would be

Paint correction may also include advanced bodyshop techniques such as wet or dry sanding to remove deep scratches or the Orange Peel texture from original factory paint or due to a bad spray job. While this sounds dramatic, in the right circumstance it is better than machine polishing.

Read more about what Detailing is

Car Washes, Valet centers and body / panel / spray shops all offer washing, polishing and interior cleaning.

These are typically standard cookie cutter type packages applied to every car in a production environment regardless of whether it’s suitable for the individual circumstances of that car. This skips the true potential of the car and possibly damaging it more than what it went in for. Your car ain’t a cookie!

You may also even find glorified Detailing companies in all but name (Buyer beware!) and most definitely between detailers a difference in knowledge, experience, work ethic, quality control and service. So do you homework and choose wisely!

To get a better idea of detailing consider these examples showing the lack of detail: 

  1. A body shop may polish the car but leaves traces of polish everywhere… 
  2. Car washes, valet centers and even body shops typically uses only one machine, one pad size and cost cutting polish products to get any and every car out and done in the same way. This approach will leave many areas of the car underdone, unrefined and likely with holograms, burned edges (i.e. no paint!) and damaged or stained rubber and plastic trim
  3. 3 Stage polishing – this is a throwback to older polishing systems using non diminishing compounds. Todays technology minimises these steps perhaps down to even one like in our Paint Enhancement package. To give you great look and preserving your paint!

True Detail or Detailing is therefore greater effort, care and time put into cleaning, polishing and restoring the different parts and materials of a car with proper tools and products.

If you need to look at cheaper polishing have a look at our excellent Glaze & Wax packages

Glaze & Wax

We offer Glazing as our entry level polishing services. Think of it like “foundation” in cosmetics. It masks flaws for a temporary period of time and protects paint for up to 3 months depending on vehicle storage and care. In the case of paint, it will appear smooth, reflective and buffed. There is also protection in the form of synthetic wax. This is also known as a buff and wax.

Note: All pricing is for sedans sized vehicles. Please query your larger vehicle
Read more about what Glazing is

A Glaze is a type of polish that fills or masks swirls and scratches thereby giving you a smooth look.

Generally, whatever it has filled will wash out in time.

It should be considered as a solution where time is limited , cost is a factor, pre sale or simply to make it look good for an event like a wedding or matric ball.

It is also a strategy for paint that is thin or finicky, perhaps on a classic car where glaze is the best alternative to a cutting polish to preserve paint thickness.

Our best Glaze option is out Custom Glaze which is a mix of of normal glaze and compound for extra cleaning and removal of light swirls and scraches.

Extra sealant can also be applied to increase longevity.

Paint Decontamination

Paint Decontamination is the removal of anything stuck or bonded to the vehicles paint. This may be visible or it gives a rough texture to paint.

Its important to prevent your paint from failing and degrading. If you see a car with its paint peeling, cloudy or fading, its because it was left uncared for (not decontaminated and protected) or poor aftermarket paint and then in that case most likely both combined.

Decontamination should be done at least once or twice a year depending on the condition of your paint and the environment it is exposed to. It may require polishing afterwards if the contaminants is very rough (may cause swirls or marring)

We have divided contamination that vehicles can experience as Everyday / Typical and Heavy paint surface contamination.

Everyday / Typical Decontamination

Everyday contamination that bonds to your paint comes from industrial fallout like:

  • Paint Overspray,
  • Rail or brake dust,
  • Insect poop from bee’s, flies
  • Oil or Tar
  • Tree pollen
    • but not tree sap.

NOTE: Clay, the most basic form, is included in all of our Paint Correction packages and in the Custom Glaze package.

Other Heavy surface contaminants, (read the list below), can also be removed but not throught typical decontamination methods.

Approximate Pricing:

  1. Clay Treatment from R350
    • The base method of decontamination for a wide variety of contamination.
  2. Iron Remover from R350 
    • Removes iron flecks in the paint.
    • Commonly felt on all colours and highly visible on white or light colours
    • Gets in where clay does not.
  3. Degreaser / Traffic Film Remover from R250 
    • Removes medium to heavy oils and oil based contaminants.
    • Ideal for cars that hasnt washed in months before main wash to prevent imparting swirls and scratches due to heavy dirt.
  4. Tar Remover – Price on Inspection
    • More suitable for heavy oils, oil based contaminants and adhesives.

Heavy surface contaminants

We can remove a varierty of other surface contamination that get stuck or bonded to paint through either chemical, manual or a combination of both. This may require polishing afterwards to remove any resultant swirls or marring and at minimum a form of paint protection to finish off.

Examples of Heavy surface contaminants:

  • Paint splatter
  • Graphitti
  • Tree Sap
  • Paint overspray
  • Cement
  • Hard Water Spotting
  • Adhesives from stickers and advertising

NOTE: Due to the nature of this contamination pricing is on quotation.

Read more about why it’s better to inspect your car before doing a detail:

We also arrange Paintless Dent Removal, minor paint touch ups & wheel repair with our trusted partners.

Read more about why it’s better to see your car in person:

Photos cannot convey the information we need such as the depth of damage. 

Camera lens, object distance, focus, correct lighting temperature, camera angle amongst other technical photography is needed.

In an inspection with us, we check the car & polish out a test area with a few combinations allowing us to confirm what works best on your paint. 

This benefits you in that it allows you to see for yourself what works & what to expect with no surprises!

If you don’t have the time for an inspection then you may still book for whatever package you are prepared for. On the day of your booking we can always do a test spot  on your car with whatever package it is you booked for to confirm if it meets your needs and expectations.