Polishing & Detailing

Our Polishing services is divided by two categories. Both can be customised to suit you.

Please read through these services and then contact me to discuss your needs.

It is best that a pre inspection and polishing test spot is done before starting work to ensure the level of work meets your expectation.

COVID-19 complicates matters so here are some suggestions:

  • Come in for a pre-inspection before booking and we conduct it with the appropriate social distancing.
  • Book your car for a Single Step Correction, our base package, and when you drop off your car, I will then inspect and polish a test spot so you can see in person while you wait or we send you video / photos if you have not.
  • We conduct a pre-inspection using a combination of video and high res photography.
    • This will be laborious but its and option.
    • Lighting and angle is the big issue.

If you are specifically wanting to know about removing something stuck on your paint, example paint splatter etc, you need Paint Decontamination

Why this approach?

Every car is different. It’s condition, swirls and scratches, age, how its cared for, stored, used, paint type i.e. soft or hard, original or resprayed etc

Your expectations, how you look at the car, level of detail and budget is also unique.

To achieve the best results its important to treat each car and customer individually and not by a one size fits all approach.

No matter how these services can be described, It can still be confusing as to which service will meet your needs. The reason for this is that polishing and detail is visual. You cant read about it, you need to see it for yourself!

Paint Correction

Paint Correction is polishing / buffing to remove or improve scratches, swirls and other defects and to create a wet, glossy finish.

Like Plastic Surgery for paint

  • From R1500 for Single Step Correction
    • From R1000 per step of Extra or Detail polishing if needed.
  • Depending on the paint condition and what it takes to get it to your level as well as size of vehicle.
  • Choice of paint protection

Duration: From 4 hrs to 2 days

Glaze & Wax

A Glaze is a light polish with masking or filling capabilities for minor swirls giving paint a smooth look.

Like cosmetic foundation and sunblock

Ideal for maintenance, pre sale preparation and lower cost and time.

We can add spot polishing for scratches here and there.

  • From R400 to R1500
  • Depending on package and size of vehicle
  • in-built paint protection

Duration: 2 to 4 hours
What’s included as standard

All packages includes a combination of the following 5 Car Care steps:

  1. Wash – To remove loose dirt and grime
    • Includes:
      • Interior vac and wipe off
      • Glass clean
      • Tyre and trim dressing
  2. Paint Decontamination click here to read more about paint contaminants
  3. Polishing – i.e. Paint Correction or Glaze
  4. Paint Protection
    • Glaze services includes protection.
    • Paint Correction you choose from a wide selection of either a wax, sealant or Ceramic Coating depending on your budget and requirements.
      • We can do a Single Step correction with a corrective polish that has built in protection aka Paint Enhancement
  5. Detailing

Paint Contaminants

If you have anything stuck or bonded to the vehicles paint and it doesnt come off with washing you need to have it Decontaminated like with a Clay treatment. It may be visible or it gives a rough feel / texture to paint or glass.


  • Paint splatter
  • Cement
  • Rust flecks from iron / industrial fallout
  • tree sap
  • pollen
  • water marks from borehole water

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