Polishing & Detailing

Polishing & Detailing is our specialty!

I offer different packages to suit different budgets, needs and expectations.

It is best that a pre inspection and polishing test spot is done so you can see what works on your car and meets your expectation.

Please Note: If you are specifically wanting to know about removing something stuck on your paint, example paint splatter etc, you need Paint Decontamination

Paint Correction & Enhancement

Like Plastic Surgery for paint

I explain Correction & Enhancement polishing “like plastic surgery for paint” as the procedure is “permanent” and therefore “longer lasting”. Any swirls and scratches after a treatment is newly acquired.

Paint Correction is polishing or buffing to remove or improve scratches, swirls and other defects and to create a wet, glossy finish. A high quality paint sealant is seperately applied to protect your paint from the elements.

Paint Enhancement is where we use a specialised polishing formula is used to correct and protect in one. Enhancement is our general starting to point and is my recommendation for daily driven vehicles that would be cared for by normal car washes.

As more intensive polishing or detailing is required, then we move up in package. This is why its important to polish out a test spot.

A Ceramic Coating is optional on any of the above services.


  • Paint Enhancement from R1500
  • Paint Correction from R2500 to R5000
  • Additional Ceramic Coating from R650 to R12000

Duration: From 4 hrs to 2 days

Glaze & Wax

Like cosmetic foundation and sunblock

I explain Glaze / Wax “like cosmetic foundation and sunblock but for cars”. The results is positive and stunning but will require followup treatment to maintain the look every few months depending on how the vehicle is cared for and stored.

A Glaze is a light polish with masking or filling capabilities for minor swirls giving paint a smooth look. It includes a protective wax or sealant.

A Wax or Sealant by itself is paint protection from typical things like the sun’s UV rays and also gives your paint water repellancy and keeps your car cleaner for longer and easier to clean.

Ideal for maintenance, pre sale preparation and lower cost and time.

The Glaze formula we use includes a Wax / Sealant within its formula.

If we are doing maintenance, we can use a dedicated Wax / Sealant.


#1 Initial Glaze/Wax: Wash, Clay, Glaze/Wax by machine From R850

#2 Followup Maintenance Glaze/Wax

NB: Excludes clay includes a wash

  • From R550 applied by machine
  • From R350 applied by hand

Duration: 2 to 3 hours

Paint Contaminants

If you have anything stuck or bonded to the vehicles paint and it doesnt come off with washing you need to have it Decontaminated like with a Clay treatment. It may be visible or it gives a rough feel / texture to paint or glass.


  • Paint splatter
  • Cement
  • Rust flecks from iron / industrial fallout
  • tree sap
  • pollen
  • water marks from borehole water

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