Glaze & Wax

A Glaze / Wax is meant to improve the look and protect your paint by making it appear smoother, glossier and reflective.

A polishing Glaze has a fine polishing capability but I prefer to explain it as a cosmetic. Think ‘cosmetic foundation and sunblock’ in one for paint. It tends to fill and mask defects than correct it and it contains a synthetic wax / sealant protectant.

If you come up close to your paint, i.e. 1 or 1.5m away, you will only then start to see the heavier scratches and swirls. So the end result after applying either a Glaze or Wax will depend on the original condition of the car.

The Custom Glaze is ideal for a neglected car, pre sale prep, tight budgets , time or simply for paint that is fragile i.e. thin, old, vintage, classic and so forth.

Note: I can add extra spot / “here or there” or panel polishing to permanently remove deep swirls and scratches ( see below options) . However if you have deep swirls and scratches everywhere on your car consider Paint Correction.

Maintenance Glaze / Wax done by machine or hand needs to be done periodically to maintain the look and protection depending on how your car is used, stored and generally cared for.

Custom Glaze / Wax

Price: From R850

For sedan size vehicles. Larger extra.

Includes Clay mitt treatment

Time: 2- 3 hrs

Maintenance Machine Glaze / Wax

Price: From R550

For up to sedan size. Larger vehicles extra.

No Clay

Time: 1.5 – 2 hrs

Maintenance Hand Glaze / Wax

Price: From R350

For small cars. Sedans R400. Larger vehicles extra.

No Clay

Time: 1.5 – 2 hrs

Custom Glaze Upgrade Options:

Note: These options are only for the Custom Glaze

  1. Upgrade Custom Glaze to Ceramic Glaze & Sealant – Up to 1 Year Protection
    • This will not offer the full benefits of a proper Ceramic Coating
    • It can be a base service for a Ceramic Coating
    • Add from R400
  2. Pro rata Compound polishing to remove deeper scratches and swirls
    • Note: If the entire car needs compound level polishing, it has scratches on every panel, then Paint Correction is more appropriate
      • From R150 per door or fender
      • From R250 full Bumper, bonnet or roof
      • Top Half from R650
  3. Extra sealant from R150
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