Paint Correction

Paint Correction is the removal of scratches and swirls as well as to create reflection, wetness and gloss in your paint.

Each of my packages has been designed to meet varied expectations and budgets that clients may have. I’m happy to customize any of these packages to suit your needs!

The key to results in detailing is the time spent on your car. More time equals better detail.

Correction for each person’s perspective is also different. some people want to be able to see no defects by looking at the point with their eyes 5 cm away from the paint while others will stand a meter or more from their car when they look at it.

If you arent certain of which to choose, I would recommend that we inspect your vehicle’s paintwork and we polish out a test spot so you can see for yourself what will meet your needs & expectation.

PS: Unfortunately I cannot judge from photos as it lacks information like “depth” etc

From Fiats to Ferrari’s we have the experience!

Ferrari F355 F1 GTS: My first detail for Viglietti Motors, then sole importer of Ferrari and Maserati in South Africa. 2008.

All Packages Includes:

  • Exterior wash
  • Paint Decontamination
    • Clay pad to remove bonded dirt. We allocate 30 min of time to this.
    • Iron remover between joints, badges, seams and wherever clay wont get to.
      • If your car has a high level of iron / rust deposits we can apply to the entire car.
  • Polishing
    • We use only the best quality brands of polish on the market namely:
      • Premium production brands e.g. Meguiars, Autoglym, Menzerna, 3D etc
      • High End brands e.g. Koch Chemie, RUPES or SONAX is available*
    • All our polishing machines is from RUPES and included Rotary, Forced Rotation and Dual Action movements.
      • We have polishing diameters from 8″ down to 1″
    • Each package includes an optimal combination of polish, machine and pad size for the best results in the allocated time.
  • Paint Protection
    • The standard paint protection we use is Menzerna Sealing Wax for a high gloss, protective shine.
      • It offers the characteristic Menzerna candy gloss look we love.
      • It offers up to 6 months protection.
    • We have a wide selection of Glaze, Wax, Sealants and Ceramic Coatings that can further enhance your vehicles looks and protection.
  • Interior
    • Disinfection of vehicle interior high touch areas
    • Interior blowout, brush up and vac
    • Glass steam cleaned inside and out
  • Details
    • Tyre dressing
    • Exterior plastic trim cleaned and dressed
    • Rubber trim cleaned and dressed
    • Standard exhaust polish
    • Extra detail can be provided for!
  • Keys disinfected before hand over

We are equipped with the full range of Rupes polishing equipment and use only the best available products!

We use the full range of RUPES polishers: Rotary, Forced Rotation and Bigfoot Long throw and short throw Dual Action machines

Please Note:

  • The prices listed is for vehicles up to the size of a sedan sized. Larger vehicles like bakkies, suvs, mpvs minibus etc is on physical inspection only.
  • Quotes: I cannot quote polishing based on photographs.
    • Lighting plays a role in highlighting scratches and swirls.
    • I can’t also judge depth of defects by photographs
    • The hard or softness of paint can only be determined in person.

Ultimate Correction, Detail & Gloss

Our Ultimate series is focused on perfection. The more time spent on your car the more perfect we can make it. We take time to find the best combination of polishing system to exact the ultimate finish on your car. In these packages we dont hold back, we refine till we cant!

Polishing system

We allocate some time to testing what will work best and most efficiently on your paint by polishing out with different polishes, pads, machines and technique.

Only High End products is used in this service e.g. Koch Chemie, Farecla’s G360 syste, SONAX etc


Menzerna Sealing Wax is used as standard across all correction packages. We offer a wide selection of waxes, sealants and ceramic coatings to take the look and protection of your car further.

Ultimate 2-Day

The Ultimate 2-Day Package is all about giving your car the ultimate attention to detail.

The significant difference compared to other packages is we include Paint Thickness Readings.


We estimate 24 to 32 man hours will be spent with 2 to 3 staff working on your car.


From R4500

Up to sedan sized cars. Larger cars is quoted on inspection

Ultimate 1-Day

The Ultimate 1-Day Package is for clients that wants the best attention that can be given in 1 / full day


We estimate 16 to 24 man hours will be spent with 2 to 3 staff working on your car.


From R3500

Up to sedan sized cars. Larger cars is quoted on inspection

Maximum Correction & Detail Polishing

The aim of our Maximum service to remove or reduce scratches and swirls that if viewed closeup i.e 0.5m-1m or even closer, your paint will look perfect. Note: Depending on paint type and severity.

Each panel of your car is buffed with two different polishing machines for the Maximum detail / result.

  1. 5″ diameter long throw polisher for the main correction
  2. 3″ diameter mini polisher to ensure details like edges, curves, bodylines and small vehicle areas, (e.g. mirror caps, pillars, spoilers etc) parts are all corrected to the Maximum!

Time Spent:

Approx 6 hrs normal time with 2 staff ( +-12 man hours)

Price: From R2500

Up to sedan sized cars. Larger cars is quoted on inspection

Core Correction

Our Core Correction is capable of 80 to 95%, removal of swirls, scratches and other removable clear coat defects from a distance of 1-1.5m . Note: Depending on paint type and severity.

Time Spent:

Approx 4 hours with 1 to 2 staff (+-8 man hours)

Price: From R1500

Up to sedan sized cars. Larger cars is quoted on inspection

Optional: Gloss Polishing

For gloss, wetness & reflectivity

If you want the the ultimate, wet, reflective and glossy finish your paint is capable of.then we need to do and additional step of fine polishing. this option is primarily for the Core correction service we offer because if you add it to the Maximum service its more beneficial doing the Ultimate 1-Day service.

From R1000 Extra

Photo of a Ford Mustang piano black boot trim getting De
tailed polishing

Piano black trim piece needing ‘Detail Polishing’

‘Detail Polishing’ is using 3 inch or smaller polishers for recesses, edges and curves

After correction and gloss polishing

Close up of Piano black trim showing the wetness, clarity and reflectivity achieved.

Single Stage of correction with Detail and Extra \ Gloss polishing and then Ceramic Coated

Up close or standing farther the paintwork came out flawless

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