Polishing & Detailing

I offer Polishing with or without detail to provide tailored solutions that fit the different expectation, needs, budget and time constraints that clients may have.

PLEASE NOTE: If your paint feels rough or you have anything “stuck on your paint”, it needs to be first Decontaminated and then polished. We need to determine if the standard Clay method, or more intensive methods, needs to be applied. BTW: Clay is optional in the no detail services and included in the detailed services.

If you dont know the difference between Polishing & Detailing, Paint Contaminants etc, please read my Frequently Asked Question section first and then have a look at my package categories.

If you have any questions please let me know.

We offer polishing with and without detail to fit different clients needs, expectations and budgets.

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Polishing With Detail

Detailed services includes:

  • Clay treatment i.e. standard paint decontamination
  • Intensive Correction i.e. scratch and swirl removal and Higher Gloss
  • Detailed polishing i.e. using mini 3″ and micro 1″ buffers for higher detail
  • Other Detail e.g. wheels, glass, exhaust etc
  • Better paint protection

Full Correction & Detail

Pricing from R2000 to R7500

Full Correction & Detail Packages >> Paint Enhancement & Detail >> Scratch & Swirl Removal Buff / Polish with no detail >> Glaze & Wax with no detail

Intensive polishing for the best swirl and scratch removal, highest gloss, detailed polishing and overall detail.

Best for Ceramic Coating preparation.


Up: This is the best of my services.

All alternatives to full correction is lesser. All correction packages offers true correction. Whatever they fix is what you get. It will only be the accumulation of new swirl or scratches!

Downwards from here is Paint Enhancement & Detail and Scratch & Swirl Removal Buff / Polish with no detail which uses a polish with paint protection built in, and at the bottom my Glaze & Wax with no detail package.

Paint Enhancement & Detail

Pricing from R1500

Full Correction & Detail Packages >> Paint Enhancement & Detail >> Scratch & Swirl Removal Buff / Polish with no detail >> Glaze & Wax with no detail

If you consider your paint in “not bad condition” OR you want to do some correction and/or amp up shine/ gloss/ reflectivity with detail.


Up from here is Full Correction & Detail. The polish combinations gets more intensive / stronger and more high gloss.

Downwards is the Scratch & Swirl Removal Buff / Polish with no detail, which is the same polish used in this ( Paint Enhancement) . We can option it with ‘stronger polish’. At the bottom is my Glaze & Wax with no detail.

Polishing Without Detail


  • Basic exterior wash includes wheels
  • Tyre dressing
  • light vacuum and dash & console wipe
  • relevant polish formula/method
  • Note: No detail or clay

Scratch & Swirl Removal (no detail)

Pricing from R1000

Full Correction & Detail Packages >> Paint Enhancement & Detail >> Scratch & Swirl Removal Buff / Polish with no detail >> Glaze & Wax with no detail

Full car polishing package to remove scratches and swirls from the paint without detail.

“Stronger” polish can be optioned for more cut as needed. We can determine this by polishing out a test spot so you can see the results.


Up: is Paint Enhancement & Detail. It is basically this package, ( Scratch & Swirl Removal ) but with detail and clay. My best packages is Full Correction & Detail

Downwards is only a Glaze & Wax with no detail

Glaze / Wax (no detail)

Pricing below

Full Correction & Detail Packages >> Paint Enhancement & Detail >> Scratch & Swirl Removal Buff / Polish with no detail >> Glaze & Wax with no detail

A non abrasive polish that cosmetically works by filling, not cutting, light clear coat / top layer scratches & swirls giving it a smooth and beautiful appearance.


Clay & Glaze / Wax from R850

Recommend for: Initial treatment, Paintwork that’s rough or the vehicle hasn’t been Clayed Decontaminated in along while.

Feel you paint (obviously it must be clean not dirty and see if you can feel bumps or roughness on it. If so you need a clay!

Follow up maintenance / For Smooth paint

Recommended for vehicle we are following up with or vehicles paint that is in smooth condition.

By Hand from R400

By Machine from R650


Up: All the packages up from this offers true correction. Whatever they fix is what you get. It will be the accumulation of new swirl or scratches! compared to a Glaze which doesn’t cut and will eventually wash out.

Down: This is the lowest package.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If you dont know the difference between Polishing or Detailing or the different types of polishing there is, etc – please take a few minutes to read though this section. Although its a Frequently Asked Question section, its been written so that it can be read top to bottom. It will help you understand the different terms used easily.

If this ‘aint your first rodeo’ skip to the Package categories and go from there!

Please Remember: I’m always available for questions or advise, so feel free to contact me via call, email or whatsapp!

Table Of Contents:

How much does it cost to polish my car?

What’s the best way to go about getting my car polished?

I dont know what polishing package I need

What is Polishing?

I want to Detail my car …

What is Detailing?

I have something stuck on my paint …

What is Paint Decontamination

I want to protect my paint …

How much to polish / buff my car?

I cannot give a simple answer or amount to this question because I dont know what you expect, what your car’s paint needs and how much time and money you are willing to spend.

  • Criteria such as:
    • Why do you want to polish your car?
      • A better opening question that Ive made a list for with my recommendations. Read more
    • How much do you want to spend in time and money?
    • What is your expectation / needs?
    • Do you want it perfect with your eye to the paint or look at it from what distance?

The best way to go about polishing your car if you dont know what you need

I prefer to take a tailored approach to polishing. I recommend you arrange with me an inspection where I can assess your vehicle and polish out a test area on your paint with standard or customised package options to fit your needs. I would’ve discussed your aims / expectations for the car eg. do you just want scratches removed or you want a high gloss finish etc and either start from that or I would start with the least aggressive & cost package and go up until we reach an option you are happy with.

I have different sets of packages to suit varying budgets, needs and expectations.

The results of all my services is determinate on the condition of your car we are starting with. Just choosing a package, means we work within the advertised scope and the results are within that scope. This is why I prefer to first do a test area with you to show you what to expect!

This way benefits you as you get a preview of what your paint could look like and if it meets your expectations as well as precise cost. Another great benefit is that we dont do unnecessary polishing which translates to preserving your paint thickness.

We keep a wide range of different polishes from different brands so we can optimise every job!

Why do you want to polish your car?

  1. I want to remove scratches and swirls …
    • Best: Polishing with detailing – your overall car will look better!
    • Cheapest: Polishing without detailing
  2. … a cheap and fast way to prepare your car for sale
    • If your overall vehicle condition is “ok” and your want us to focus on paintwork: Either my Glaze / Wax or Scratch & Swirl removal
    • If your vehicle is neglected then consider a suitable service from Polishing with Detailing
  3. I want preparation to put on a ceramic coating
    • Best: Any Polishing with detailing services would be the most appropriate.
    • Cheapest:
      1. Wash & chemical decontamination – from R500 to R1000
        • No claying as it would require polishing afterwards.
      2. Swirl & Scratch removal
  4. My paint is peeling
    • If your paint is peeling, coming off it needs to be resprayed
  5. My paint is faded
    • I need to see your car in person to be able to determine if its clearcoat failure. If it is it cannot be repaired by polishing.
  6. My paint has cracks
    • You need to respray
  7. .. to maintain or protect
    • All of our services includes paint protection!
      • Best:
        • Polishing with detailing – your overall car will look better!
        • The best paint protection we offer is Ceramic Coatings
      • Cheapest: Polishing without detailing
  8. … more shine
    • Best:
      • Polishing with detailing
      • Ceramic Coatings
    • Cheapest: Polishing without detailing
  9. …. to look its best wettest / glossiest / most reflective
    • Best:
      • Polishing with detailing – from Max Correction up
      • Ceramic Coatings
    • Cheapest: Polishing without detailing – Best of the cheap: Swirl & Scratch Removal with optional Machine Glaze / Wax
  10. I want my car to better than showroom condition
    • Any Polishing with detailing.
    • Best:
      • Ultimate Correction & Detail
      • Ceramic Coatings

What is Polishing?

Polishing is the “processing” of the appearance of a surface which for cars can be; paint, metals, glass as well as smooth plastic (not textured)

There are many terms or names used to refer to Automotive Polishing example: Cut & Buff, Rubbing, Flatting, Compounding, Polishing, Paint Correction & Enhancement and Glazing. They are just different names for the different “intensities” of Polishing.

I describe Polishing as doing three things:

  1. Removal of paint defects such as scratches and swirls as well as oxidation / fade. (Not paint thats peeling or cracked!)
    • A compound / heavy cut polish is used to Cut / Compound / Correct the paint by removing microscopic material from the top to the depth of the scratch or swirl.
    • There is a limit to how much and many times this should be done
  2. Refining to create Wetness, Depth, Gloss and improve Reflectivity
    • This is what polishing / buffing specifically means i.e. refine paint for more Gloss.
    • A polish to refine paint can be found in medium, fine, micro cut descriptions.
  3. Glaze / Glazing cosmetically fills light to medium depth defects by filling them in giving them a polished and smooth look
    • Think of an automotive glaze as the cosmetic equal of a mix of foundation and sunblock
      • Like foundation it needs to be reapplied periodically. Reapplication is determined by the use, care and storage of a car.
    • Typically non-abrasive i.e. does not cut specifically

Polishing products generally have a rating of the Cut & Gloss they are a capable of. Generally a product with more Cut would have less Gloss and vice versa.

Not to many years ago, it used to be standard process to perform 3 stages. Generally a Heavy Cut for Stage 1 followed by 2 Stages of Buffing / Polishing to Refine the paint. (A medium followed by a fine cut polish.)

3 Stage polishing is now outdated. Unnecessary polishing reduces your paint thickness, wastes time and it costs more to the customer with no greater value.

I use the latest and best available polishes and equipment to ensure I offer an efficient service and the best possible results!

We can produce results in the majority of cases with a single step of polishing with a secondary step for more particular customers wanting the best Gloss finish.

I want to Detail my car … / What is Detailing

The simplest way I can explain Detail, is how things get done and to “go further”/ more intensively in what you do.

In the automotive industry, Polishing is a part of Detailing as an occupation.

Detailing is an American word. The English version of it is called a Valet or Valeting. Detailing though, is more intensive than Valeting and may even include restoration like leather or exterior black trim re-dye etc

It also includes cleaning such as washing a car or deep and intensive cleaning of the exterior and interior of a car. The amount of “detail” here goes deeper than the mere act of washing a car. It would be taking a special detail brush and go through all the crevices or a cotton bud or toothpick through the interior.

When it comes to polishing, detailing means to go more advanced like; polishing the exhaust, wheels, glass for a better look or the use of micro or mini polishers to polish out the smallest area to the highest degree etc

I consider Detailing a custom service because everyone has different levels of detail they care about or may want.

In this regard, I’ve designed my services with a measure of Standard detailing which is included in only my Paint Correction & Enhancement services. With anything further required handled in my Ultimate polishing packaging or as Extra / Special detailing.

Note: The Glaze & Scratch & Swirl Removal services includes only simple wash & vac followed by a Clay and Glaze of the paintwork to keep it simple and affordable.

I have something stuck on my paint … / Paint Decontamination

If you have anything stuck / bonded to your vehicles paint and it doesnt come off with washing, you need to have it Decontaminated.


  • Paint splatter
  • Cement
  • Rust flecks from iron / industrial fallout
  • tree sap
  • pollen
  • water marks from borehole water

We offer chemical treatments like Iron, Tar & Adhesive removers as well as Clay treatment. In most cases you would probably need some level of polishing after decontaminating your cars paint.

Read more on my Paint Decontamination page

Why is Clay included in the Glaze / Wax service and not in the Scratch and Swirl removal but standard in the Polishing with Detail services?

My Glaze and Wax as well as Polishing with Detail services is a “old services” so not to confuse prior clients. Clients shopping for “Detailing” will also likely expect a clay treatment to be part of the package.

The Scratch & Swirl Removal package is aimed at cutting costs and doing “just a polish”. So if your paintwork doesnt need it why include it! and make you pay for something you can do without!

I want to protect my paint …

Protecting paint is not Polishing! It is a separate function from Polishing.

  • Paint Protection can be “built in” or part of a Polish formula or a separate product e.g. wax, sealant or coatings.
  • Products examples that contain polishing and paint protection would be ; AIO or All In Ones, 2 in 1, 3 in 1 etc we haor a separate product e.g. wax, sealant or coatings.
  • In my Enhancement and Glaze service the products I use includes “built in” protection
  • In my Correction services we apply separate paint protection products
  • A separate paint protectant is better at longevity

I offer waxes, sealants as well as the widest choice of the best available Ceramic Coatings if not South Africa at least in Cape Town!

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