Polishing & Detailing

I offer both Glazing and Paint Correction types of polishing. Paint Protection is included in every package and if the need exist, can be upgraded to better forms such as Ceramic Coatings. We also offer Maintenance Detail services and products for aftercare.

It can be intimidating to read through these options. You are welcome to arrange either a free Inspection, where we polish out a test spot on your car, (so that you can see what’s needed and what to expect), or I can call you to discuss some options.


A Glaze is a light polish that contains a protectant. It works by filling shallow scratches and swirls to give it a smooth look without cutting paint.

Glaze Packages:

I offer two glaze packages. Each is balanced between looks and longevity.

  1. Wax based Glaze from R850
    • Offers the best look but with trade off of less longevity.
    • Lasts 3 months+- depending on care and usage
  2. Ceramic based Glaze from R1350
    • This has less filling capability than a wax based Glazed but does produce great gloss.
    • It suits a car that isnt “bad on the eye” in terms of swirls where longer protection is required.
    • Better long term protection of up to 1 year!

Paint Correction

Paint Correction is the detailing industry term for polishing / buffing, where a coarse or heavy cut polish, can permanently remove or improve scratches, swirls and other paint surface defects and a fine polish increases gloss, wetness and reflectivity of paint.

The following points needs to be considered when polishing:

  1. A Polish microscopically cuts paint to the depth of the scratches in order to remove their appearance from the surface of the paint. i.e. it minimally reduces paint.
  2. The deeper scratches and swirls are in your paint, “more” polishing is required.
  3. Paint is a thin, multi layer system, with only 20% of the top layer being polish able as that’s where the paints UV protection lies. Original automotive factory paint is approximately 120 microns, which is the thickness of a yellow Post-It / sticky note! Therefore polishing has to be done with respect and consideration to your car’s paint thickness. It must be done with precision.
  4. The hardness or softness of your car’s paint also determines what level of polishing may be effective. That’s why it’s best to test polish so you can see if the results of a certain level will meet your expectation.
  5. Vehicle body shapes have become more complex / elaborate which needs multiple size machine/pad combos for the best results.
  6. Your eye. Do you look at your car’s paint critically, like 2cm away? Or do you look at your car’s paint work from 2m away (normal)?
  7. Are you keeping or selling?
  8. How is your car used? Is it mom’s taxi that will get scratched going to the mall or is it a cherished weekend driver?
  9. How is it stored?
  10. How will it be cared for? Would you or your staff clean it? or would you take it to a garage car wash?

I always start from the least aggressive polishing to achieve the expected results. This preserves your paint thickness and it minimizes cost to customer!

I can advise you by inspecting your car in person, doing a test polish on your car’s paint, so you can see for yourself what it will look like and if that meets your needs and expectations. I can also provide a paint thickness measuring service if you want better insight to whats happening with your paint before and after polishing.

Photographs is not a reliable source due to; object distance, lighting, lack of depth and it cannot inform me whether the paint is hard or soft etc. If you cant bring it in for an inspection, I’m happy to discuss options with your telephonically or via chat, but it would be limited to advising you possible options based on your eye and expectation. It’s important to note that, whatever I may suggest, It will still be subject to testing how the paint responds to polishing.


Detailing is the thorough and intensive cleaning, polishing and minor restoration of a vehicle, aircraft or marine vessel

Detail is determined by how much cleaning or polishing is done and what you expect or can see. In polishing, this is achieved by; how much polishing, what combination of polish, pad and technique, what machine is used and the size of the polishing pad. The smaller the pad the more intricate polishing can be done.

All Paint Correction packages includes Standard Detailing, this is outlined on our Paint Correction & Enhancement page. We can also provide extra detail.

Paint Protection:

We offer excellent paint protection at all levels for example:

Level 1: Paint Enhancement includes a polymer based paint sealant. While its possible to add more protection or even a ceramic sealant on top (but not a coating!), its a better deal for you to move to Level 2 or 3 that would include a separate polish that would give you a better finish in terms of more cut and gloss as well as a Ceramic Sealant as standard.

Level 2 to 4, includes GTECHNIQ’s C2v3 Liquid Crystal Ceramic Sealant as standard. C2v3 can last 6 months+ depending on use, care and storage. If needs be, it can be exchanged for wax or glaze at no extra cost, these options may yield “better looks” but “less longevity”.

For the ultimate paint protection, upgrade to a Ceramic Coating from as little as R750 to as much as R15000 extra

Paint Correction / Polishing Packages:

I use the latest polish technology and constantly buy and test new products as they become available. Our Paint Enhancement and single step polishing is highly effective and makes the old style 2 or 3 stage buffing obsolete.

In my Level 1 / Paint Enhancement, we use a fixed formula of polish, pad, machine and technique. This is always based on the best available All In One technology of the moment.

With today’s polishing systems, the importance isn’t the polish that is used like years before. It’s now a combination of polish, technique, the kind of pad, polishing machine / buffer movement and the pad size. Pad size determines the level of detail over car. This is indicated in each of my packages by Polishing Application Method.

In this regards, what we do in Level 2 to 4, before we start the job, we extensively test for the best combination of polish, pad and technique before carrying out the work. This makes this highly effective and ensures the best and optimal results on every car we do. It also ensures our objective of maximum preservation of paint thickness.

In summary, if your primary need is to remove scratches and swirls then Level 1 to 3 may be all that’s needed.

If you want the best possible finish then Level 4.

Standard detail

All the correction packages includes standard detail. i.e. washing, clay (i.e. decontamination), interior work etc. If there is something that doesnt appear on this list we can discuss it.

The standard detail list includes:
  • Exterior washing
    • As with everything in life a “strong foundation” is important. Cleaning is the foundation for a good detailing!
    • We do several cycles of washing :
      1. First wash
        • We pretreat for bugs and if there is a light of tar before washing
        • Presoak – to remove maximum dirt
        • Wheel clean
        • High Pressure rinse
        • Foam up and hand wash
        • Clean with a detail brush through of rubbers, channels, emblems and grill
          • We allocate 10 minutes around the car. Complex front grills may require more time and possible polishing after cleaning
      2. Post Paint Decontamination / Final wash
        • Please Note: This is done after claying and if optioned iron remover. This is necessary to properly remove contaminants that has been lifted through claying.
        • high pressure rinse
        • hand wash
        • towel dry
      3. Pre coating wash – This is only done if we are ceramic coating to remove and polish residue.
        • high pressure rinse
        • soak with a co-polymer remover (removes the polish)
        • rinse
        • hand wash
        • towel dry
  • Paint Decontamination
    • Clay bar / pad/ cloth treatment to remove bonded dirt.
      • We allocate 30 min of normal time to do this with 2 staff. This equals 1 man hour and is sufficient for most cars.
    • Iron remover between joints, badges, seams and wherever clay wont get to.
      • If your car has a high level of iron / rust deposits we can apply to the entire car at an extra cost.
  • Polishing
    • We use only the best quality brands of polish on the market namely:
      • Premium production brands e.g. Meguiars, Autoglym, Menzerna, 3D etc
      • High End brands e.g. Koch Chemie, RUPES or SONAX is available*
    • All our polishing machines is from RUPES and includes all polishing movements namely: Rotary, Forced Rotation and Dual Action movements.
      • We also have polishing diameters from 8″ down to 1″ for maximum efficiency.
    • Each package includes an optimal combination of polish, machine and pad size for the best results in the allocated time.
  • Paint Protection
    • We have a wide selection of Glaze, Wax, Sealants and Ceramic Coatings that can further enhance your vehicles looks and protection.
    • Our standard options include premium Ceramic Sealant technology amongst others
  • Interior
    • We spend 15 minutes on your interior and focus on the following:
      • Interior blowout, brush up and vac
      • Wipe down with Autoglym’s car specific disinfectant and cleaner of your vehicle interior’s high touch points, i.e. dash, steering, gear shift, door handles
      • Glass steam cleaned inside and out
    • PS: We offer full valet / deep cleaning the interiors
  • Details
    • Tyre cleaned during washing cycle and tyre dressing applied.
    • Exterior plastic trim cleaned during wash cycle & dressed
    • Exterior rubber trim cleaned during wash cycle & dressed
    • Standard exhaust polish to clean and improve shine (5min)
  • Disinfection
    • As part of our COVID19 protocol, during our wipe down we use a multi surface disinfectant from Autoglym purpose designed to sanitize.
    • Before hand over, we go over your steering and other controls, inside and outside door handles to ensure the highest level of safety.
    • Keys is disinfected before hand over

Level 1: Paint Enhancement

from R1500

  • An All-In-One (AIO) Polish & Protectant is used to remove or improve scratches and swirls and lay down protection simultaneously.
  • As with every package: results is dependent on your paint’s condition i.t.o
    • how deep your scratches and swirls are…
    • how hard or soft your paint is…
    • its best to test polish on your car to see what the results are like
  • Polishing Application method: Applied with a single forced rotation buffer in 5″ pad diameter size over the whole car
  • Paint Protection:
    • This is built in to the polish and would be polymer based.
    • All paint protectant, no matter their chemistry, their longevity is determined by use, care and storage
  • Time: Approximately 3 to 4 hours with 2 staff which equals 6 to 8 man hours of detail.

Level 2 Paint Correction

from R2000

  • Polish: Separate Correction Polish with one kind of pad
    • We extensively test the best combination of pad type, polish and technique to yield the optimum results for each car.
  • Polishing Application method: Applied with a single forced rotation buffer in 5″ pad diameter size over the whole car
  • Paint Protection: Choice of GTECHNIQ’s C2v3 Liquid Crystal Ceramic Sealant or wax / sealant / glaze or upgrade to a Ceramic Coating
  • Time: Approximately 4 to 5 hours with 2 staff which equals 8 to 10 man hours of work.

Level 3 Paint Correction

From R3000

  • Polish: Separate Correction Polish with one kind of pad
    • We extensively test the best combination of pad type, polish and technique to yield the optimum results for each car.
  • Application method: applied with two different size DA buffers (5″ and 3″) for better detail particular on complex body shapes
  • Paint Protection: Choice of GTECHNIQ’s C2v3 Liquid Crystal Ceramic Sealant or wax / sealant / glaze or upgrade to a Ceramic Coating
  • Time: Approximately 5 to 6 hours with 2 staff which equals 10 to 12 man hours of work.

Level 4 Paint Correction

from R4000

This is my best polishing package. The final polish used is specifically intended to maximise your paintwork’s gloss, wetness and reflectivity.

  • Polish: Multiple Polishes and or kinds of pad for the ultimate Correction & Gloss
    • We extensively test the best combination of pad, polish and technique to yield the optimum results for each car.
  • Application method: applied with two different size DA buffers (5″ and 3″) for better detail particular on complex body shapes
  • Paint Protection: Choice of GTECHNIQ’s C2v3 Liquid Crystal Ceramic Sealant or wax / sealant / glaze or upgrade to a Ceramic Coating
  • Time:
    • Depending on the paint condition, complexity of the body shape, vehicle size and detail required we need more or less time.
    • We can apply more staff in order to gain more time example:
      • Full Day:
        1. With 2 staff: Approximately 8 hours with 2 staff equals 16 man hours
        2. With 3 staff: Approximately 8 hours with 3 staff equals 24 man hours
      • Two Days:
        1. With 2 staff: Approximately 16 hours with 2 staff equals 32 man hours
        2. With 3 staff: Approximately 16 hours with 3 staff equals 48 man hours


  • Classic, Super / Hyper Cars, Luxury and Custom cars are quoted on request.
  • Prices quoted includes small cars up to standard sedan sized vehicles e.g. Corolla.
    • Larger vehicles e.g. Long sedans cars, Rang Rovers, Bakkies with canopies, SUV’s, MPV’s minibus etc is priced on physical inspection
  • Vehicles with mud is extra
  • We allocate 15 minutes to a courtesy vacuum and interior wipe down. Interiors that requires more cleaning time, only if you want it, will be extra.
  • Pricing is also dependent on how much polishing or cleaning detail / time you require outside of the standard detail I have included.


“How much is it to polish my car?”

It isn’t “how much is it to polish my car” as much as:

  1. How much polishing does your car need i.e.
    1. How deep is the scratches and swirls?
    2. Do you have swirls and scratches just “here and there” or is it over the whole car?
    3. How hard / soft is your paint?
    4. How thick is your paint?
    5. Is your car’s paint original or has it been completely or partially been resprayed?
  2. What polishing can be done considering paint condition e.g. how thick is your paint?is the number one issue.
  3. Your budget
  4. Your expectation
    • You might not even be worried about polishing to take out scratches, you might just want your paint squeaky clean and protected!
  5. What’s practical for how you use your car or even if you are selling it

These are alot of questions you may havent considered and may not know the answers too. Theses answers are needed so that safe and quality results can be achieved.

How much is it for an Inspection or Quote?

There is NO i.e. ZERO cost to an inspection!

I recommend booking an inspection to help you decide what will be the best in terms of polishing for your car.

There is so many variables such as how deep your scratches are, whether your paint is hard or soft etc, that makes looking at a photo of your cars paint to estimate impossible. Generalisations can be made but it would be not be exact!

In a physical inspection we inspect your vehicle and do a test polish on a small area to show you what polishing would look like on your own paint so you can make a better decision in terms of what suits your expectation / eye / budget.

If you require a “written quote”, I charge R200 which is deductible from the job when we do it.

I offer digital paint measurement & reporting which can measure your paint thickness if your paint is suspect or you want a deeper insight. Please read more below

If you arent able to make it for an inspection before booking, I would suggest we schedule a call and we can discuss options based on your perspective, i.e. the way you see your car.

“Why is it so important to know so many things, I just want to have my car polished!”

It’s actually not important its critical.

The paint thickness on your car is limited. If its damaged its very expensive to replace properly.

In fact, factory original paint, is about the same thickness as a Post It Note / Sticky Note with only the top 20/25% layer of clear coat being polish able.

Over or incorrect polishing is therefore a high risk if done by someone without experience and care, so you want to be sure you get the right people and service to suit you and your car.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is images-1.jpeg
Car paint from the factory is as thick as a Sticky Note!
“How much polishing does my car need?”

Polishing removes or improves scratches & swirls. A polish is used to microscopically cut the paint to the depth of the damage in order to remove it.

Polishing removes paint in order to take out scratches. Therefore:

  • If the defects ( scratches & swirls) is deep, more polishing is required.
  • The hard or softness of your car’s paint affects the amount of polishing that would be required.
  • If the whole car is full of scratches and swirls and as mentioned their depth, it will of course take more time.
  • The complexity of your cars body shape may require the use of multiple different sizes for machines for the best result or detail.
  • You may not want intensive polishing and only want it to look better and be protected, then a Wax or Ceramic based Glaze or even Ceramic coating without polishing may be the only things you need.

It’s also your expectation in terms of detail, “your eye”, in terms of what you are satisfied in seeing and of course your budget. In regards to what each person sees on their paint, that’s detail.

Some clients want their paint flawless with their eyes 2cm away from their paint while others are content looking at it normally from 2 meters away and some may want their paint to be the wettest / glossiest and most reflective.

These are only some reasons why we cannot offer a single polishing package.

Polishing & Detailing is dynamic

It’s for all theses reasons why it’s best I inspect your car in person.

It’s also reasons why I cant simply look at a photo of your car, as it will never give me the information I need to be accurate.

During an inspection, we can test polish and area so you and I can see what your paint responds to and you can see for yourself what meets your expectation.

I offer 3 sets of polishing packages that can also be customised to your needs.

PLEASE NOTE: If your paint feels rough or you have anything “stuck on your paint”, it needs to be first Decontaminated and then polished. We need to determine if the standard Clay method which is included, or more intensive methods, needs to be applied.

“What Is Detailing, Paint Correction & Polishing?”

Detailing is the thorough and precision cleaning, polishing and restoration of a vehicle.

In my opinion detail is a state of mind. It’s how thorough and attentive the person(s) that’s doing the cleaning or polishing is and how much time you as the client want to spend that determines the amount of detail. Polishing is a part of detailing and not detailing in itself. As with the definition of detailing I gave, polishing can be done superficially and it can be done with detail.

I include a standard level of detail that occurs in the cleaning process before polishing and then when finishing your car. I’m happy to quote anything outside this scope.

Polishing & Buffing refers to the “same thing” in the auto industry today.

Paint Correction is a detailing industry term for polishing or buffing.

There is two major ways to polish, to Correct paint, where defects is permanently removed or Glazing, where defects is filled / masked for a period of time.

“What Is a Paint Inspection?”

An inspection is a free service to my customers.

The only costs would be if you want:

  • A written quotation, which is R200 and its deductible from the job when its done.
  • A Paint Report where we measure paint thickness around the car and then submit it as a report from R350

At an inspection I go around your car and visually check the condition in terms of the type of defects such as scratches, swirls, water marks, bird poo and insect etching, contamination, repairs done etc

I then discuss with you a polishing package that either you already have in mind or a budget and we test polish that option(s). We may also detailing you may want beyond th standard detail we may already include.

This benefits you as you get to see what your paint can look like, if it meets your expectations as well as to know the exact cost. Another great benefit is that it limits unnecessary polishing which translates to preserving your paint thickness.

We keep a wide range of different polishes from different brands so we can optimise every job!

What about Paint Protection?

Paint Protection is a sacrificial layer on top of your paint

In each of my polishing packages we include paint protection. A paint protectant is referred to as sacrificial, meaning its there to take the brunt of wear and tear instead of the paint itself. This also implies that its not permanent, will eventually wear out and need to be reapplied periodically.

All paint protectant’s help protect your paint from fading due to the suns UV Rays, makes it easier to clean and repel water and dirt. Ceramic Coatings takes this even further by enhanced longevity in the measure of years, ph resistance, swirl resistance, heat resistance, corrosion and graffiti resistance.

Both my Glaze and Paint Enhancement packages will last about 3 months. More protection can be put on top but I recommend rather coming in every 3 to 6 months for followup maintenance. You can learn more about this on my Maintenance Detail page.

In all my Paint Correction options, the standard protectant is GTECHNIQ C2v3 Liquid Crystal which is a ceramic sealant that can protect for a solid 6 months. We can also finish with a wax or Glaze if the situation requires and upgrade to full Ceramic Coatings starting from R750 up to R7500 for conventional ceramic coatings and from R7500 to R20000 for either high end technology like self heal coatings.

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