Glaze: a smooth, shiny coating or finish.

If you dont know the difference in terms between Polishing, Glazing, Wax, Correction or Detailing services I suggest first reading my Polishing & Detail page and then coming back to this if it confirms this service suits your needs.

A Glaze will improve the look and protect your paint by making it appear smoother, glossier and reflective.

It’s a light polish with minor cut capability but I prefer to explain it as a cosmetic treatment, think ‘cosmetic foundation and sunblock’ in one for paint. It fills and masks defects rather than correct it.

If you come 1.5m and closer to your paint, you will then start to see the deeper scratches and swirls it couldnt fill, ( which a Paint Correction or Enhancement will sort). So the end result after applying either a Glaze or Wax will depend on the current condition of the car.

This service is ideal for pre sale prep, you have a tight budget, time or for paint that is fragile i.e. thin, old, vintage, classic and so forth.

Note: I can add extra spot / “here or there” of panel polishing to permanently remove deep swirls and scratches ( I have to see your car physically to quote you). However if you have deep swirls and scratches everywhere on your car you need to consider Paint Enhancement or Correction.

What does a Glaze Include

  • Wash – to remove loose dirt
  • Clay – to remove bonded contaminants / dirt / fallout
  • Microfibre Towel Dry
  • Machine (or hand applied if your prefer) Glaze with Wax based or Ceramic
  • Glass cleaned in & out
  • Tyres & Exterior Trim
  • Interior vac and dash wipedown (15min)


Applicable for small cars up to standard sedan size (e.g. corolla) vehicles. Larger extra.

Glaze with Wax R850

The look of the product we use is superior to the Ceramic Glaze but the protection is less at only 3 months and therefore needs a followup every 3 months to maintain paint protection.

Ceramic Glaze R1350

The protection of the product we use is superior to the Glaze With Wax. It can last upto 1 year with a followup of ceramic sealant at the 6 month mark to boost water repellancy.

In the looks department the product does not fill as much as the Wax based Glaze.

Time: 2- 3 hrs

Follow Up Maintenance

Follow Up Maintenance needs to be done periodically to maintain the look and protection of your car and the frequency is dependant on how your car is used, stored and generally cared for.

If you require more intensive polishing & detailing have a look at our Paint Enhancement & Correction options

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