NU Paint Correction & Enhancement

Alfa Romeo 4C Polished, Detailed & Ceramic Coated – 2017

1 hour = 2 man hours

Detail Increase

Arrange a physical inspection

Polish a test spot

Start with least aggressive first

Least aggressive is also the cheapest

Preserves paint

Inspection & Quoting

I advise clients to arrange a physical inspection where we can polish out a test spot with options and show you what it will look like at each stage. This allows you to know exactly what the results can be expected and at what price.

There is no cost to an inspection however where I need to write up a quotation so it can be used to claim example; dealer, insurance, third party etc I charge R200 which is deductible if we do the job.

I cannot quote polishing based on photographs.

  • Lighting plays a role in highlighting scratches and swirls.
  • I can’t also judge depth of defects by photographs
  • The hard or softness of paint can only be determined in person.

You can use the prices listed on this page as a guide.

Listed Pricing:

As I offer a tailored service, the prices listed is a good guideline.

For Glaze, Paint Enhancement and for all Correction excepting the Ultimate package, is for vehicles up to the size of a sedan sized.

  • Larger vehicles like bakkies, suvs, mpvs minibus etc is on physical inspection only for these packages
  • The Ultimate Package
    • Time based i.e. full day where we work within the time and not dependant on vehicle size
    • Only special detail and material or other add on services like ceramic coatings
  • My pricing is from R1500 to R4000 and steps in increments of R500. We may quote otherwise in person to reflect your needs or a specific material is to be used etc.

Paint Enhancement

From R1500


“Paint thats not in bad condition” that needs a boost or its a daily driver



  • Normal Time: Up to 3 hours
  • 2 Staff = 6+ man hours

Paint Correction


Core Correction

From R1850


The objective of this service is to remove scratches and swirls which we can do to a high proportion of the cars we see.

Ideal for Daily Drivers.

  • Normal Time: 4 hour
  • 2 staff
  • 8 man hours

Max Correction

From R2500


For vehicles needing either extra compound polishing for swirl and scratch removal or for more gloss.


  • Normal Time: 6 hours
  • 2 staff
  • 12 man hours

High Gloss & Detail

From R3500


For the best finish more time and attention is needed.

We accomplish this with adding extra staff.

In this service we correct the paint within bounds of safety and thereafter polish to create high gloss, wetness, reflectivity etc using the best finishing polishes and systems on the market.


  • Normal Time: 6 hours
  • 3 staff
  • 21 man hours

Ultimate Detail

From R4000


With the use of mini and micro polishers we are able to exact correction and gloss in the smallest of areas.


  • Flat rate Full / Per Day 8 hours
  • 3 staff
  • 24 man hours

Paint Protection Options

We use a sealant to protect all exterior surfaces for UV protection and easier cleaning. Expect 3 to 6 months depending on care and storage factors.

Ongoing protection can either be done with us for as little as R350 for our Maintenance Wash or we can supply you products so you can maintain your vehicle yourself.

We also apply a wide range of Ceramic coatings to suit different needs and budgets.

Standard Detail

This is the included standard detail thats included with our Paint Enhancement and Correction services but not the Glaze service.

Included Detailing:

  • Exterior wash
  • Paint Decontamination
    • Clay pad to remove bonded dirt.
      • We allocate 30 min of normal time to this. 2 staff = 1 hour
    • Iron remover between joints, badges, seams and wherever clay wont get to.
      • If your car has a high level of iron / rust deposits we can apply extra to the entire car.
  • Polishing
    • We use only the best quality brands of polish on the market namely:
      • Premium production brands e.g. Meguiars, Autoglym, Menzerna, 3D etc
      • High End brands e.g. Koch Chemie, RUPES or SONAX is available*
    • All our polishing machines is from RUPES and included Rotary, Forced Rotation and Dual Action movements.
      • We have polishing diameters from 8″ down to 1″
    • Each package includes an optimal combination of polish, machine and pad size for the best results in the allocated time.
  • Paint Protection
    • The standard paint protection we use is Menzerna Sealing Wax for a high gloss, protective shine.
      • It offers the characteristic Menzerna candy gloss look we love.
      • It offers up to 6 months protection.
    • We have a wide selection of Glaze, Wax, Sealants and Ceramic Coatings that can further enhance your vehicles looks and protection.
  • Interior
    • Disinfection of vehicle interior high touch areas
    • Interior blowout, brush up and vac
    • Glass steam cleaned inside and out
  • Details
    • Tyre dressing
    • Exterior plastic trim cleaned and dressed
    • Rubber trim cleaned and dressed
    • Standard exhaust polish
    • Extra detail can be provided for!
  • Keys disinfected before hand over

Extra / Special Request Detailing

If you want more or you dont see the detail you want mentioned in the Standard detail, let me know and I will price you.

Advanced Detailing

Paint Report

A Paint Report is an optional service where we catalogue defects and measure the paint thickness from the beginning till after the paint has been corrected.

Our gauge measures the complete paint system from the metal to the top clear coat.

Clear coat or te

We use NEXDIAG’s Advanced PTG which is linked to a Smartphone App
Progress is captured as the detail progresses

Wet Sanding

Wet sanding or flatting is a method of removing or improving deep scratches and levelling paint texture, known as orange peel, ( because it resembles the skin texture of an orange) It is an extreme method of levelling or cutting the top portion of your paint system compared to polishing.

It removes the top most part of the paint which on modern cars is a clear coat layer and older paint systems, which is known as single stage, the colour. In fact, pre 90s it was also called colour sanding.

I regular use this method for spot scratches but for a whole car I would prefer it done by a spray painter. The main reason is risk and a secondary reason is that spray painters are more efficient.

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