Paint Correction & Enhancement

Paint Perfection

Alfa Romeo 4C Polished, Detailed & Ceramic Coated – 2017

Paint Correction & Enhancement is the removal of scratches and swirls and to create reflection, wetness and gloss in your paint with detail.

If you dont know much about Polishing & Detailing services I would suggest first reading through my Polishing & Detail Frequently Asked Questions and then coming back to this page.

It’s important to keep in mind that the results of my services, indeed any company for that matter, is determinate on the condition of your car its currently in.

If you just choose a package without considering its suitability for your car, it will likely end up with results that does not match your expectation.

This is why I prefer to take a tailored approach to polishing and recommend that you arrange with me an inspection where I can assess your vehicle and polish out a test area on your paint with standard or customised package options to fit your needs and “go up” only as necessary.

I would also discuss your aims / expectations / vision for the car eg. do you just want scratches removed or you want a high gloss finish etc and either start from that or I would start with the least aggressive & cost package and go up until we reach an option you are happy with.

This benefits you as you get a preview of what your paint could look like and if it meets your expectations as well as precise cost. Another great benefit is that we dont do unnecessary polishing which translates to preserving your paint thickness!

Ferrari F355 F1 GTS: My first detail for Viglietti Motors, then sole importer of Ferrari and Maserati in South Africa. 2008.

Please Note:

  • Prices listed here is for up to a standard sedan sized car. Example a corolla.
    • Larger vehicles e.g. bakkies with canopies, suvs, mpvs minibus etc is priced on physical inspection
  • Inspection & Quoting
    • You can use the prices listed on this page as a guide or contact me for an estimate.
    • Precise pricing is confirmed on inspection
    • There is NO i.e. ZERO cost to an inspection.
      • If you require a “written quote” I charge R200 which is deductible if we do the job.
    • For cars i’ve not seen physically, I will only give Estimates / Recommendations
      • Regarding the use of photographs for pricing:
        • I cant see anything properly
        • Lighting plays a role in highlighting scratches and swirls.
        • I can’t judge depth of defects by photographs
        • The hard or softness of paint can only be determined in person.

Paint Enhancement

From R1500

Depending on vehicle size

For: Daily driven cars that’s; appearance is dull, hazy and lifeless, you unsure, need a budget detail or your paint is “not in a bad condition”

Paint Enhancement is the starting point for Paint Correction services.

In this service we use a polish formula that corrects, i.e. take out swirls, like from typical wash marring, light surface scratches as well as lay down paint protection in one.

How much it corrects is determined by the condition of your paint, how hard or soft it is etc. If the level of correction isn’t suitable we can show how much of an improvement a “stronger combination of polish” will make.

The end result should be more gloss, sharper reflections and richer colour.

NOTE: If you need a quicker / more affordable solution please look at my Polishing without detail options; Scratch & Swirl Removal or Glaze / Wax option.


  • Normal Time: 3.5 – 4 hours
  • 2 Staff = 6+ man hours

Full Correction & Detail

I advise all clients to book and inspection so we can test polish a section where we start from our Core Correction and increase “intensity” as necessary till we match your expectation and budget! I

In the Ultimate Detail, we take detail in polishing to the next level as well as other facets of your vehicle!

Ultimate Detail

From R3500 – R7500

Depending on time required

FOR: The Ultimate correction i.e. swirl & scratch removal and gloss, wetness, reflectivity & the Ultimate Detail

In these services I aim to provide the Ultimate detailed finish on your vehicle with the time / budget you give us!

There are many things that can be done to increase the level of detail that we do polishing, cleaning and other restorative functions with.

is detail within polishing for example the use of mini 3″ and micro 1″ buffers to get the best finish. Or the most detail within cleaning or restoration of other areas like wheel arches, caliper etc

  • More intensive correction and high gloss is possible as we can go more / over / repeat as necessary.
    • Here we have time to tape up which eliminates risk on edge burn through
    • Raising the vehicle with a lift to work better on the bottom half
    • Paint Thickness Measuring
      • Avail on 1.5 and 2 day details as standard
  • Detail polishing i.e. use of mini 3″ and micro 1″ buffers
    • As cars shapes get more complex then its better to polish with smaller machines to get the best detail. This takes of course longer
  • The use of high end polishes only

Time & Pricing

  • 2 staff on a vehicle not counting supervision
  • 1 Full Day from R3500
    • Normal time 7 hours = 14 man hours
    • Ready at the end of the same day or next morning
  • 1.5 Days from R5000
    • Normal time 12 hours = 24 man hours
    • Ready the 2nd day
  • 2 Full Days from R7500
    • Normal time 14 hours = 28 man hours
    • Ready the end of the 2nd or the 3rd day’s morning

Max Correction

From R2500

Depending on vehicle size

FOR: either High Gloss or Extra Cut i.e. removal of deeper scratches & swirls

Applicable to Daily Driven vehicles that needs the Maximum gloss or the vehicle needs more polishing than a single set can provide.

This package goes up from what I do in the Core Correction by adding and extra round of polishing that can will yield either High Gloss or Extra Cut.

We do one of either of the following combinations:

  1. High Gloss
    • This is what a traditional Cut & Buff is:
      • Compound polishing (CUT) for swirl and scratch removal like in the Core Correction
      • PLUS follow up with a gloss polish(BUFF) to produce more wetness, gloss, reflectivity etc
    • Buff on a paint sealant
  2. Extra Cut – for more swirl and scratch removal of deeper scratches and swirls or difficult soft paint.
    • We go over twice with a compound polish (if your car needs it) for Max-imum correction
    • Buff on paint sealant


  • 2 staff on a vehicle not counting supervision
  • Normal Time: 6 hours = 12 man hours
  • For larger cars we may add an exra staff member to complete in normal time

Core Correction

From R2000

Depending on vehicle size

FOR: The removal of scratches and swirls and improvement in Gloss.

Ideal for Daily Drivers & Budgets

In this service I use a separate polish & paint protectant compared to what we do in Paint Enhancement which uses an All In One i.e. Polish & Protectant in one product.

This results in a higher degree of scratch and swirl removal.

For maximum effect and efficiency, I keep a wide range of premium, which is used as standard, as well as high end polishes from brands like: Autoglym, 3D, Meguiars, Menzerna, Turtlewax, CARPRO, Koch Chemie and others.


  • 2 staff on a vehicle not counting supervision
  • Normal Time: 4 hour = 8 man hours
  • For larger cars we may add an exra staff member to complete in normal time

Paint Protection:

In my Full Correction packages I use a separate sealant to protect your car’s paint from UV rays and to make it easier to clean. My standard is Menzerna or Autoglym. Expect 3 to 6 months depending on care and storage factors.

On request, this can be upgraded to higher end sealants or a choice of one of my wide range of Ceramic Coatings. We have solutions for every budget and functional requirement.

Ongoing protection can either be done with us for as little as R350 for our Maintenance Detail or we can supply you Products so that you can maintain your vehicle yourself.

Standard Detail

This is the included standard detail thats included with our Paint Enhancement and Correction services but not the Glaze service.

Included Detailing:

  • Exterior wash
  • Paint Decontamination
    • Clay pad to remove bonded dirt.
      • We allocate 30 min of normal time to this. 2 staff = 1 hour
    • Iron remover between joints, badges, seams and wherever clay wont get to.
      • If your car has a high level of iron / rust deposits we can apply extra to the entire car.
  • Polishing
    • We use only the best quality brands of polish on the market namely:
      • Premium production brands e.g. Meguiars, Autoglym, Menzerna, 3D etc
      • High End brands e.g. Koch Chemie, RUPES or SONAX is available*
    • All our polishing machines is from RUPES and included Rotary, Forced Rotation and Dual Action movements.
      • We have polishing diameters from 8″ down to 1″
    • Each package includes an optimal combination of polish, machine and pad size for the best results in the allocated time.
  • Paint Protection
    • The standard paint protection we use is Menzerna Sealing Wax for a high gloss, protective shine.
      • It offers the characteristic Menzerna candy gloss look we love.
      • It offers up to 6 months protection.
    • We have a wide selection of Glaze, Wax, Sealants and Ceramic Coatings that can further enhance your vehicles looks and protection.
  • Interior
    • Disinfection of vehicle interior high touch areas
    • Interior blowout, brush up and vac
    • Glass steam cleaned inside and out
  • Details
    • Tyre dressing
    • Exterior plastic trim cleaned and dressed
    • Rubber trim cleaned and dressed
    • Standard exhaust polish
    • Extra detail can be provided for!
  • Keys disinfected before hand over

Extra / Special Request Detailing

If you want more or you dont see the detail you want mentioned in the Standard detail, let me know and I will price you.

Advanced Detailing

Paint Report

A Paint Report is an optional service where I catalogue defects and measure the paint thickness from the beginning till after the paint has been corrected.

Our gauge measures the total paint thickness from the metal to the top clear coat.

It does not give individual readings. ( A gauge like that is well over R60000! which not a lot of detailers in the world owns! )

While we dont have a precise read of how much clear coat, we can determine an average thickness, compare body paint thickness to door sills as well as comparing to general thickness by manufacturer.

It benefits any intensive polishing by reducing the risk of damage like burn through of the clear.

As this service takes additional time, I do charge for it.

This is also a great service if you are buying a vehicle and want to be sure of the condition of paint on a potential car purchase.


  • Included as standard in Ultimate 1.5 and 2 day details
  • Core, Max and Ultimate 1 Day Correction
    • From R350
      • depending on the scope of polishing and size of vehicle i.e. time it takes
  • New Vehicle Purchase Inspections
    • If you want to me to inspect and measure a vehicles paint condition
    • From R450 ex travelling for mobile inspection
We use NEXDIAG’s Advanced PTG which is linked to a Smartphone App
Progress is captured as the detail progresses

Wet Sanding

Wet sanding, aka flatting, is a method of removing or improving deep scratches and levelling paint texture, known as orange peel, ( because it resembles the skin texture of an orange) It is an extreme method of levelling or cutting the top portion of your paint system compared to polishing.

It removes the top most part of the paint which on modern cars is a clear coat layer and older paint systems, which is known as single stage, the colour. In fact, pre 90s it was also called colour sanding.

I regularly use this method for spot scratches but for a whole car I would prefer it done by a spray painter. My main reason for this is risk and a secondary is that spray painters are more efficient at it as well as if things goes bad, which the risk is high, the car is right there to be touched up / done over.

Here is a recent example of deep scratch removal using the wet sanding method. While I dont have photos detailing the process, the area was cleaned and decontaminated with clay, sensitive areas ( folds and edges in metal ) was taped up and then we proceeded to start sanding. For consistency, we count our strokes i.e. back forward draws. We constantly check by cleaning and drying our progress. This area required 60 strokes. After sanding we cut with a rotary polisher followed by a Dual Action machine to refine and leave the surface hologram free.



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