Scratch & Swirl Removal

Pricing from R1000

Up to standard sedan size vehicle e.g. corolla. Larger vehicles priced on inspection.

The standard polish used is the same as used in our Paint Enhancement. Its All – In – One technology meaning it corrects, i.e. removes scratches and swirls as well as lays down paint protection.

NOTE: “Stronger polish” can be optioned with or without paint protection etc.


Paint Decontamination i.e. Clay from R350

Glaze / Wax

NOTE: if you option for a Glaze & Wax, we swop the standard polish out for a heavier cutting polish ( it will remove deeper scratches and swirls)

  1. by hand from R200
  2. by machine from R500

Further Information

This is one of my Polishing without Detail services. It is meant to be a simple polishing only package.


  • Exterior wash
    1. Interior blowout
    2. Carpet Vac
    3. Wipe dash
    4. Spray in air freshener
    5. Wipe down windows inside and out
    6. Tyre dressing
  • Polishing of the entire car to remove scratches and swirls with built in paint protectant
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