We provide the following vehicle Exterior services:

Paint Decontamination

Paint decontamination is the removal of anything that sticks to paint and cannot be simply washed off.

For Example:

  • Industrial Fallout – appears as dots of rust
  • Tar
  • Paint splatter or overspray
  • Cement
  • Tree sap


We offer two categories of Polishing:

Paint Correction

Paint Correction is polishing that removes paint defects like scratches, swirls and fading / oxidation from paint.

These will only come back if the car is not maintained and neglected or the paint fails.

It’s also known as buffing, cutting, 1, 2 or 3 Stage polishing or compounding.

Its the car care equivalent of ‘plastic surgery’

Qiyaam Adams

Pricing from R1500 up to R7500 depending on vehicle conditions and client requirements.

We advise booking an inspection where we can do a test spot on your car with you so you can see for yourself what is needed and will meet your expectations.


A Glaze is a polish that is very fine. It fills or masks light scratches and swirls to give a smooth appearance.

If you are selling your car, you are looking for a quick and cheap fix, you have sensitive or thin paint or you want a low risk treatment.

Its like cosmetics. Think of it as a mix of ‘foundation and sunblock’

Qiyaam Adams

Pricing under R1000 for sedan sized cars.


Detailing is expert cleaning / maintenance, polishing or restoration / repair on any type of material of a car.

Paint Protection

We offer all types of Paint Protection namely:

Standard Paint Protection

Examples of standard or traditional paint protection is Waxes or Sealants.

When I refer to waxes for paint protection I mean natural, carnuaba and hybrid infused formulas. This type of protection lasts weeks and best case months. Arguably the best looking.

These are usually synthetic and can be blended with carnuaba and ceramics. These lasts months.

Sealants is our standard paint protection.

Ceramic Coatings

We offer normal Ceramic, Self Heal Ceramic and Graphene based coatings.

Our most popular paint protection solution!

Paint Protection Film / PPF

The best for stone chips, vandal or accidental scratches, scrapes, road debris and other.


With the exception of Headlight Restoration, all other Exterior Repairs is done by trusted 3rd party businesses for your convenience.

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