Paint Repairs

Brush Touch Ups

Brush touch ups and black trim restoration is done by us in-house.

Please note that brush touch ups is visible from 1.5m / 2m away and is not going to be like new or invisible. It is to protect the metal and improve the look. We advise this only for chips and not scratches.

Cost wise, we need to price touch up paint, the excess which would be given to you. We charge cost plus 15% and then R350 per hour on labour and consumables i.e. masking tape, brushes etc .

Paint Repairs

I only co-ordinate paint repairs if it is together with services I offer, e.g. polishing / detailing / valet etc as a matter of convenience to you.

If you only need paint repairs beyond the scope of brush touch ups, then you can contact my brother, Junaid Adams on 068 047 3140.

He operates a paint repair workshop, Ascot Motors, in Airport Industria. He can however arrange with you to quote and collect, drop off cars etc from my venue in Lansdowne or wherever you are or if required. He can also arrange pickup with a flatbed truck if the vehicle needs to be moved that way.

If he is unable to assist or you want someone closer, then contact me so I can refer a repairer closer by.

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