Do we offer Mobile Detailing?

We provide the following services on a mobile basis

  • For the public, I provide Polishing & Detailing and Ceramic Coating services.
  • Private collections, fleet or a corporate companies from car wash and up.
  • Dealerships, Car shows, traders, Auction houses, Production companies for Movies, Commercials and Photo shoots as well as for Events from car wash, onsite detailing and valets, resets etc

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Audi TT Detail – ICE baby – July 2016

Hi All Here is another “R350 Detail” completed on an Audi TT. The vehicle came in initially for just the R350 special an we ended up doing an extra stage. The results was phenomenal. Oddly the result was “a sharp, hard, yet wet even mercury” look to the paint. We even did the petrol cap which …

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Ceramic Paint Protection

Ceramic Paint Protection  – The Ultimate Paint In Vehicle Paint Protection


Ceramic coatings is the ultimate in vehicle paintwork protection technology now available. Superior to traditional waxes and sealants due to sheer physical hardness and longevity. Ceramic coatings is also known as Nano, Glass or Crystal coatings from a variety of manufacturers.




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Suzuka Grey Audi R8 V10 Convertible

One of  our clients came in for a needed a wash for his brand new R8 convertible in Suzuka Grey… When he mentioned that I had a double take. Grey? Nothing grey about this car … is it and import…? Nah looks white to me …. or does it? Its certainly a most complex colour …

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Deep Scratches Removed From A Silver Fiat Panda

This week we detailed a Fiat Panda with some deep scratches inflicted by a bad wash, something we see extremely often! To remove scratches and other paint defects you have to always try the least aggressive method to correct your paint in order to preserve paint thickness. Therefore we inspect and test out and area …

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