Skyline GTX

This is one of our frequent Skyline details we do. The highly regarded R series of Skyline we still see today traces its roots to this model, the R30/31 with the R35 being the latest and greatest. This particular Red GTX has been owned by two different owners with us still its detailers. šŸ˜› It …

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Audi TT Detail – ICE baby – July 2016

Hi All Here is another “R350 Detail” completed on an Audi TT. The vehicleĀ came in initially for just the R350 special an we ended up doing an extra stage. The results was phenomenal. Oddly the result was “a sharp, hard, yet wet even mercury” look to the paint. We even did the petrol cap which …

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Suzuka Grey Audi R8 V10 Convertible

One of Ā our clients came in for a needed a wash for his brand new R8 convertible in Suzuka Grey… When he mentioned that I had a double take. Grey? Nothing grey about this car … is it and import…? Nah looks white to me …. or does it? Its certainly a most complex colour …

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