How to Keep Your Car Safe From the Corona virus COVID-19

How to keep your car clean and safe from Corona Virus COVID-19 – Picture credit: United Nations

The Corona Virus COVID-19 pandemic has reached humanity all over world. In our homes, workplaces and our cars!

As we have kitchen or bathroom hygiene, so we should have Car Hygiene!

Here are some tips to help keep your car clean and control the Corona Virus COVID-19 spreading in you car.

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Dog Hair Removal On Polo TDI – June 2016

Hi All We did an enhancement detail and full valet on this Polo TDI in June for its “new owner.” To start with, It looked like it was used as a dog kennel in a previous life… and smelled more like a farmyard… To just remove the dog hair it took us a day with everybody pitching …

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