Our full valet process

A full valet is a thorough cleaning of a vehicles interior.

It may also include either just a wash of the outside or polishing. Click here to learn more of our valet packages

Below is our full valet process to inform you on what’s covered and how we do it.

If you want something not covered here chat to us and we can arrange this.

Our Full Valet Process Includes:

  • Vehicle wash, dry tyres and trim
  • Vehicle interior blown out, brushed up and vacuumed.
  • Door jambs, door sills and boot sills washed and dried
  • Roof liner is cleaned by hand
    • The roof liner is very sensitive and thin.
    • We take all care and effort not to purposefully damage anything. We first check if the roof has any sagging or damage and we press the liner to see how the indent made pops back out. However this is one area that despite your best effort can bite you. All works is done by the vehicle owners risk.
  • Fabrics and Carpet
    • Pre treat with and Antimicrobial and / or Standard All Purpose Cleaner and allow to activate
    • Scrub areas to loosen dirt
    • Steam clean
      • If you have chosen one of our valets using hot steam. This is most effective at killing bacteria and germs and extra cleaning power on all surfaces including leather.
      • Our staff is trained to stop ahead of any electronics!
    • Extract dirt
  • Loose mats cleaned
    • Cleaning process determined by the material i.e. flat or pile carpet, rubber etc
  • Dashboard, vents, storage areas and center console cleaned
  • Door panels and pillars scrubbed or wiped down
    • We avoid speakers and electronic and just dust and wipe down in these areas.
  • Roof liner
  • Boot area
    • we remove the spare wheel, clean it and and replace.
  • Glass cleaned inside and out
    • Standard glass cleaner is sprayed on and the glass is cleaned with special microfibre.
    • Tint Safe
    • A Glass polish for the windscreen is optional. This is for extra clean and clarity from things like cigarette smoke, vape and oiliness,
  • Leather and Vinyl
    • is either cleaned with pH neutral / biodegradable APC (All Purpose Cleaner) to safely clean the leather surface with a standard leather conditioner
    • a high end dedicated leather cleaner and a leather conditioner / protectant is optional
How long does a valet take?

This process usually takes us +-4 hours to do.

Is there any extra costs?

If the vehicle has pet hair, excessive sand it will take longer to get it as perfect as can be. Here we may advise a surcharge to cover the extra time or just work within the time allotted.

Special materials like Alcantara and suede requires more time and best done with dedicated cleaners to avoid damage. If there is trim like carbon or piano black that you want polished this would be extra.

Larger vehicles, that it beyond a sedan sized vehicle of course takes longer and will be quoted for before commencing.

We able to provide vehicle sterilization services where there is blood, poo, urine and other biohazardous issues.

The only circumstance we may refer away is if a vehicle is infested.

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