What is a Hybrid Ceramic Wax and Sealant?

Hybrid Ceramic Waxes and Sealants is a new fashion trend in car care.

But it is not the same as a proper Ceramic Coating.

So what is it then?

As paint work developed from the earliest cars so has maintenance and protectant products evolved.

The first protectant was car wax. At first they were natural based using carnuaba and blends of other naturally derived waxes.

As technology developed, particularly polymers, think ‘plastic’, so did paint protection and the birth of Paint Sealants occurred. Paint Sealants was superior to Wax in that it lasted longer. Sealants are able to resist heat, UV rays, environmental contaminants, and detergents much better than wax. The main reason is that wax sits on the paint’s surface, it does not create a chemical bond to paint like a sealants. In fact, a wax could evaporate on a very hot day and in some cases sweat which then holds dirt to the surface!

From the early 2000’s Ceramic Coatings started to be developed. There is a variety of Ceramic technologies, for example; SIO2 or Silicon Dioxide, TIO2 or Titanium Dioxide, SiC or Silicon Carbide and in some instances even a mix of them. The most common one is SIO2. The defining characteristic of coatings is that its molecular bond to paint is far superior to normal sealants giving its longevity. In fact, it is popularly marketed as ‘semi-permanent’ and cannot be washed off by a detergent like a wax or sealant. Its also thicker, improves scratch resistance and in all factors superior

The biggest problem to date has been that Ceramic Coatings is rigorous to be applied.

That brings us to Hybrid Ceramic Wax or Sealants. Simply, these are both a hybrid formula of either a low dilution of SIO2 in a water base formula or blended with polymer sealants or even natural carnuaba wax.

By including ceramics in their formulas, it makes these products easier to apply, repel water better than normal waxes and sealants and of course cheaper and faster to apply than a full blown Ceramic Coating. Read more about Ceramic Coatings here.

So while a Hybrid Ceramic Sealant is not the same as a Ceramic Coating they will protect your paint.


I can provide whatever preparation is needed and application of a Ceramic Sealant or supply you with product to either completely do it yourself or carry on maintenance after I’ve done an application for you.

I charge per application of Ceramic Wax or Sealant from R150 to as much as R650 depending on size of vehicle and the product im applying.

Below is a comparison of

Please Note: I currently only provide CarPRO Reload and Feynlab Ceramic Spray Sealant to clients on request.

photo of CarPRO Reload

From R460 Per 500ml – Dilutable 1:2

TurtleWax Ceramic Spray Coating
Photo of TurtleWax Ceramic Sealant

From R310 Per 500ml

Meguiars Hybrid Ceramic Spray Sealant
Photo of Meguiars Hybrid Ceramic Spray Wax

From R440 Per 500ml

Feynlab Ceramic Spray Sealant
Photo of Feynlab Ceramic Spray Sealant

From R770 per 500ml

Mothers CMX Ceramic Spray
Photo of Mothers CMX Ceramic Spray Wax

From R450 per 500ml

Read more about Ceramic Coatings here.

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