What is Detail ?

Detailing is intensive and thorough polishing, cleaning and protection of your car beyond the normal service you would get at a car wash, valet center or spray painter.

It can be for the outside or inside of a car.

Each car’s condition and your expectations and needs is different and this is where Detail shines, to pardon the pun. Detail is done is a personalized, customized and tailored way.

A detail is like a project, repeatable in part but as a whole unique. Services you get from normal sources is in production environments and the results will be equal to it. Detailing therefore takes more time and a focus on quality which affects budget / pricing.

Detailing makes use of a variety of high performance products and the latest equipment for the best results.

A detailer is equally up to date with the latest techniques and his or her expertise determines their worth.

The detail in detailing

( Product + Equipment + Expertise ) X Time = Detail

Please Note: This is my formula, so all rights reserved. I’ve come up with this after considering the critical inputs you would need to get a successful detail right.

The above “formula” infers that the results of Detailing is influenced by the quality of Products used, efficiency of Equipment and the knowledge / passion = Expertise of the detailer. Detail without a doubt it takes more time than normal operations.
Car Washes, Valet centers and body / panel / spray shops all offer washing / cleaning, polishing and paint protection typically in standardised cookie cutter type packages in a production environment. Often the choice of package is left to the client and may not address the individual or car.

How is a detail better than what I can get a car wash / valet center / spray painter?

These are production environments where the mindset will always way up lower cost Products and Equipment in order to keep their costs down and profits high.

You need to interview your detailer an find out for yourself that person’s level of knowledge, experience, work ethic, quality control and service. Do you homework and choose wisely!

To get a better idea of detailing consider these examples showing the lack of detail: 

  1. A body shop may polish the car but leaves traces of polish everywhere …
  2. Car washes, valet centers and even body shops typically uses only one machine, one pad size and cost cutting polish products to get any and every car out and done in the same way. This approach will leave many areas of the car underdone, unrefined and likely with holograms, burned edges (i.e. no paint!) and damaged or stained rubber and plastic trim.
  3. 3 Stage polishing – this is a throwback to older polishing systems using non diminishing compounds. Today’s technology minimises these steps perhaps down to even one like in our Paint Enhancement package. To give you great look and preserving your paint!

True Detail or Detailing is therefore greater effort, care and time put into cleaning, polishing and restoring the different parts and materials of a car with specialised tools and higher quality products.

Standard detail

There are tasks done in a normal cleaning and polishing process that is detail but takes only slight more effort and time and should be included for example:

  • During our wash process we take a detailer’s brush and use it to clean through through seams, joints and badges etc
  • Door jambs is hand polished
  • Wheel faces is hand polished
  • Exhaust is hand polished

If the above measures isnt enough to restore the look to your satisfaction or if you want them better protected, then extra detail would be required on them.

Extra detail

Extra detail is anything that takes distinctive time, focus, product and perhaps specialised equipment and effort to do and is therefore charged for.

The list following is not the limit of what we can do but by the way of example.

  • Sunroof cleanout
  • Glass polishing and rain repellent coating
  • Wheel Ceramic Coating
  • Exhaust machine polishing
  • Plastic Ceramic Coating
  • Rubber Sealant
  • Black trim re-dye / restoration
  • Alcantara / suede cleaning
  • Interior steam cleaning and detailing
  • Vehicle stripping / assembly / disassembly e.g. The removal of plates, emblems, door handles, lights, bumpers etc for better access and detail – Pricing On Inspection
  • Wheels off cleaning and detailing
    • We have a lift to raise your car for better detail and cleaning

Whatever your detailing needs contact us!

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