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Photo of Qiyaam from Protouch Auto Detail Correction Polishing a Red Alfa Romeo 4C with a Rupes RotaryAlfa Romeo 4c Polished, Detailed with System X Ceramic CoatingHigh Gloss Polishing and Paint CorrectionPaint Correction and DetailingBlack BMW M4 Polished, Detailed with Feynlab Ceramic CoatingsViolet Mercedes CLA  Polished, Detailed & Ceramic CoatedDark Blue Audi RS4 Avant  Polished, Detailed & GTECHNIQ Ceramic CoatingQiyaam doing headlight restoration on a Ferrari California

Protouch Car Care is a Cape Town based, ( Lansdowne, Southern Suburbs) auto detailing specialist.

Detailing is to do a task beyond its basic way. In terms of cars, it would be in-depth cleaning of the in and outside of a car, washing, paint correction (the detailing industry term for polishing, buffing, and sanding), paint, and other surface protection like ceramic coatings, and restoration of all types of vehicles.

Every vehicle is different in condition, and how it’s used, stored, and cared for and every client has different expectations in terms of requirements, time, and budget. In this regard, we treat every client and vehicle on an individual basis, considering all these factors to provide a personal and practical service that’s consistent and maintainable.

Ferrari F355 F1 detailed by Protouch Car Care in 2007 or 2008 for Viglietti Motors, then sole importer for Ferrari
Qiyaam with the first Ferrari we detailed, an F355 F1 on behalf of Viglietti Motors in 2007/2008
Qiyaam from Protouch Car Care doing headlight restoration on a Ferrari California
Qiyaam doing headlight restoration and detailing on a Ferrari California on behalf of Viglietti Motors in 2009

Our Story

Hi, my name is Qiyaam (pronounced ‘Key-yaam’ 😉 ) Adams and I am the owner and operator of Protouch Car Care.

I started assisting my dad in detailing cars in the late 1980s on vehicles he bought and sold from his BP service station in Belgravia Road, Athlone. (now the site of Allies Wheels)

At that time, I was a Hot Rod Magazine fan, which exposed me to the American detailing scene and product brands such as Meguiars. So when Meguiars first came to market in 2001, I immediately recognised it and started buying up every product to try!

A significant experience at that time was that often we would sell a car back to the previous owner because of the dramatic turnaround we would achieve after cleaning and polishing it. This legacy carries on today, where clients bring in their car intending to sell it, and with the turnaround we achieve, they decide to keep it!

In 2005 I was an IT training consultant at BP. The project manager called me one day and informed me that I was requested to train BP’s car wash network. Apparently, in one of the training sessions I gave, I spoke about proper car cleaning/detailing and how it was hard to find … It was this experience that opened my eyes to the market and what I had to offer.

In 2006, I officially started a car wash at my dad’s Total service station behind the Ottery Pick n Pay. I knew when I started the business I wanted to detail and not just wash cars. We started the business exclusively using Meguiars, making us the first Meguiars detail center in Cape Town.

The inspiration for our name, Protouch Car Care, is from Pro from the word professional and Touch from Meguiar’s professional quick detailer product, Last Touch.

From 2014 to the current day, I have been exclusively focused on detailed cleaning, polishing, ceramic coating as well as restoration / reconditioning projects for clients.

In 2018, Protouch was voted as one of the top five places for car care in Cape Town!
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The Detailing Formula

Through my years of detailing, I thought of how to quantify what detailing is. If you know what the formula is for something, it’s easier to understand and implement it. What I’ve come up with is this formula:

Detail = ( Product + Equipment + Venue + Time ) / Expertise

Product and Equipment are critical for productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency.

We use premium Products from brands such as GTECHNIQ, Autoglym, CARPRO, Meguiars, and so forth.

We use the latest Equipment from the likes of Rupes Bigfoot, Flex, Scangrip, Autolift and Kranzle to name a few.

By continuously investing in new generation and quality equipment it’s easy to achieve better efficiency and results by anyone. However, it’s more than that, it’s about being prepared. We have every polishing movement on the market i.e.; Rotary, Forced Rotation, and Dual Action (from 21mm down to 2mm orbit!). Additionally, we have polishing machines and pads from 7″ down to 1″ in size. Our Paint thickness gauges are the latest and our lighting is all professional colour matching lights. These lights can adjust in brightness but also from 2500 to 6500 Kelvin so we can see defects in all light settings and paint colours. All of this is to give you our client the absolutely highest level of detail. In short, we always have the best tool for the job.

Venue is where the detailing gets done. This is important for efficiency and precision. Space is needed to move and work around the vehicle safely and efficiently. Controlled lighting allows you to spot defects better as well as reflections from the walls. Temperature and humidity change how chemicals like polish (working time) and ceramic coatings cure. Draft for dust control, etc is just some of the factors that contribute to a good detailing environment. Detailing also generates dirt/dust/debris as well as noise. These are some of the reasons why I prefer my own venue versus mobile. We are not averse to mobile but it generally takes longer, creates more risk to us and the client, dirt and noise at the client’s venue, and of course, costs the client more overall.

Time is precious & you never get it back …

Time, therefore, needs to be managed. All work, inspections, and interactions are on an appointment basis to ensure we manage time fairly on work in progress as well as new sales/inspections/queries so everyone gets due and focused attention.

Qiyaam from Protouch Car Care applying and testing Feynlab self heal ceramic coating
Qiyaam on training for Feynlab Self Heal Ceramic Coating Accreditation


Expertise is the last element in my detailing formula.

In short; You can have the best product, equipment, venue, and all the time in the world, but without expertise, it’s all a waste!

Expertise has two sides, Experience, and knowledge.

With my background as a professional IT trainer particularly in a fast-paced industry like IT, I know the value of going on courses, qualifications, and continued professional development. To this end, I’m always on the lookout for extending our knowledge and qualifications.

Here are some of our professional development:

  • GTECHNIQ Accredited Detailer at Johannesburg, October 2020
  • Autoglym Carbon Shield Accredited Detailer July 2020
  • FEYNLAB Tier 1 & 2 Ceramic Coating certification at Poor-Boys, Johannesburg – 2019
  • Certificate in Paint Repair at First Car Care College, Cape Town – 2014
  • Spray Painting from Start to Finish, Paint Colours and Mixing at Chemspec, Cape Town – 2011
  • Paintless Dent Removal with Janson PDR, Port Elizabeth – 2009
  • Abrasives and Polishing training with 3M at Balco, Strand, Cape Town – 2007
  • Meguiar’s training – 2006

Please Note: The detailing formula, as expressed above is the opinion/experience that originates from Qiyaam Adams of Protouch Car Care. If you are a detailer intending to use it. Please state this as a citation.

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