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Protouch Car Care provides services such as; interior steam cleaning / valets, buffing / polishing & detailing, ceramic coatings, headlight restoration and other vehicle restoration and protection services.

We are not a car wash or valet service. We are “Detailers”. It means that we do these services but with more detail or thoroughness.

What makes us different and what we believe the essence of detailing to be, is that we treat you and your vehicle on an individual basis. We believe that detailing is a personal service, as every car is different in condition and every client is different in expectation or budget.

We have experience on a wide range of vehicles; be it daily driven vehicles, exotic sports cars like a Ferrari or Porsche, vintage or classic, hot rods, motorcycles and even bicycles! Between 2008 and 2010, I provided detailing services to Viglietti Motors, the then South African importers of Ferrari and Maserati and continue to do work for other brands.

Qiyaam testing Feynlab self heal tech

We’ve attended various courses to develop professionally and provide a qualified service:

  • Certificate in Paint Repair at First Car College, Cape Town
  • Spray Painting from Start to Finish, Paint Colours and Mixing at Chemspec, Cape Town
  • Abrasives and Polishing training with 3M at Balco, Strand, Cape Town
  • FEYNLAB Tier 1 & 2 Ceramic Coating certification with Poor-Boys, Johannesburg
  • Paintless Dent Removal with Janson PDR, Port Elizabeth

In 2018, Protouch was voted as one of the top five places for car care in Cape Town! Read It Here

We have the latest equipment from the likes of Rupes, Scangrip, Autolift and Kranzle to name a few. This includes every polishing movement platform on the market, rotary, forced rotation and Dual Action from 21mm down to 2mm orbit, polishing media from 7″ down to 1″ in size as well as Paint thickness gauges to give you the highest level of detail.

We are able to perform “wheels off” detailing as we have a lift onsite with a capacity of up to 3 tons.

We also have backup generators so there is no delay in getting your car done on time.

If you require, we can provide polishing, detailing and ceramic coating services on a mobile basis at extra cost.

All work and inspections is done exclusively on a booking basis. This allows us to be organized, focused and get things done.

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