Headlight Restoration

Please Note:

  • We are not mobile
  • We do not work with the inside of a headlight
    • If you see condensation / water vapour inside the light or other issues
  • We cannot restore glass headlights
  • We cannot repair broken lights or make new lights.

Please read more about Headlight Issues that cannot be repaired below:


Headlight Restoration for Clarity

If your headlights are:

  • Fading
  • Milky or white
  • Yellowing
  • Hazing
  • Minor scratches

Restoration includes a UV sealant that should last 3-6 months depending on how the car is stored and cared for. I recommend regular cleaning of your entire car & applying sealant every 3-6 months over your paint and using the same product over the headlights.

We can optionally apply Ceramic Coating for both headlights. ( Read more below!) which would only need cleaning i.e. when you wash your car – nothing extra.

Pricing: from R500 to R750

Depending on vehicle

Time: 0.5 hour to 1.5 hrs

Depending on booking and staff allocation (i.e. if we can put one staff on each headlight it goes quicker than 1 staff doing both.)

Photo of the headlight being taped up before restoration to prevent possible damage to the paint
Safety First: Before starting restoration we tape up around the headlight to prevent possible damage to the paint
Photo of  plastic Headlight being restored
True Headlight Restoration is best achieved by completely resurfacing the headlight plastic. No comebacks ever! – Photo credit nynsa.org
Photo of  headlight restoration on a Golf GTI
Headlight Restoration being finished.

Intensive Headlight Restoration

This takes alot more time than restoring for clarity.

For headlights that are deeply scratched and pitted we need to go deeper below the damage in order to restore them.

Pricing is on inspection as it depends on severity and how long it would take. From R750 to R2000 Every vehicle will be different.

The headlights shown here is from a Mercedes S-Class. We charged R2000 to restore and it took over 4hrs to perfect. New headlights for this vehicle is R120,000

Pricing: from R750 to R2000 – depending on Severity of Lenses

Time: from 1.5 Hrs to a Full Day – depending on Severity of Lenses




You can either Advanced bookings ahead or call and enquire for a booking on the Same day.

Advanced bookings

  • I ask a booking deposit of R250 with the balance due on completion of your car.
    • This is to secure that time and prevent no shows or late cancellations.
  • On Advanced Bookings we can better plan and schedule which benefits you , as we can allocate 2 persons to restore your headlights i.e. 1 per side. This reduces the time it takes to 30+- min!

Same day bookings

  • Does Not require a deposit but
  • You may not be assured of a specific time being available or that we can see you that day
  • For same day bookings, we cannot guarantee the same turnaround as when we have an Advanced booking i.e. we may not have extra staff to allocate. Therefore Same Day bookings we advise 1 hour +- (i.e. 1 person doing both headlights)

Headlight Ceramic Protection

CarPRO DLUX is one of the coatings we use to protect headlights, Photo Credit: Expert Gloss Detailing

We can apply a Ceramic Coating that is specially formulated for plastic headlight lenses that will help your lenses from fading from the sun’s damaging UV rays ( aka Oxidation)

The only maintenance that should be necessary is regular washing of your car ( which should include washing of the headlights) to prevent dirt from sticking, staining and scouring / scratching your headlights i.e. causes them to look milky and faded!

The other alternative is to regularly wash and then apply a sealant every 3 to 6 months depending on vehicle usage and storage.

Longevity of coating: Approximately 1-2 years longevity depending on vehicle care and storage.

Invisible. No seams or edges

Pricing: From R250 Per Pair depending on what coating is available

Please Note:

  • Coatings are not hard enough to prevent pitting or chipping.
  • A Coating cannot restore only protect!

Samples of our work


Headlight issues that cannot be restored

#1 – The inside of the headlight

Most headlights on the market is sealed beams, the lenses should not be separated from the housing otherwise you would have future problems with water and condensation entering. Its not impossible to repair but we do not offer it!

Suggestion: Look online to see if you can order just the “lense” from ebay or online.

#2 – Cracked lenses

We cannot repair cracked or broken lenses.

#3 – Glass

Typically cars before the early 2000’s Example Mk1 to 3 Golfs and Jettas, up to 90’s model Corollas etc – Just replace!

#4 – Crazing

Crazing appears like cracks, crow foot or spidering patterns. It looks “almost like shattered glass”. 

These are stress cracks anywhere within or on the lens material.

Spot lights these are generally made of glass the inset doesnt allow us full access.

If you have plastic spotlights the can be brought to us loose (if plastic)

Examples of crazing on headlights

Please do not hesitate to Contact Us for any further queries!

The main aim of typical headlight restoration is to produce clarity so that the lighting system can work as it should and the car looks better cosmetically.

Why restore a Headlight?

Todays headlights are complex items. Each headlight can be several thousand to replace.

Headlight Restoration is many times cheaper than replacement. This will improve your vehicle’s looks, enhance night vision and safety and of course provide better resale value if you preparing to sell your vehicle.

More than 90% of vehicles today have headlights or taillights that are manufactured out of acrylic, polycarbonate or other type’s of thermoplastic material. Due to environment exposure, road conditions and even the aerodynamic design of a vehicle, all these factors contribute to these plastics yellowing, scratching and getting sandblasted. A vehicle’s lenses can experience fading within 2 years or less of its road life!

Fading and yellowing ( also known as oxidation), is the main problem we get and thats what we focus on.

Deep scratches and pitting such as can be felt requires more time .

We have done 1000’s of headlights but it’s still hard to see condition from looking at a photo. It is best to book a time with us and let us inspect them in person to see what you need.

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