It’s GR8

This Red Audi R8 came in for a basic detail around our Single Stage Correction. We did and extra set of polishing on certain areas and went with a separate sealant to maximise results. Read more about our Polishing & Detailing services here

Whenever we receive a query for polishing, we invite the potential client for an inspection. We look at the paint condition and test out some options on the paint. This allows the client to see what works and what to expect. The option that is preferred at the demo becomes the baseline. When the vehicle comes in for its booking, we further ‘dial in’ the chosen package by testing out different product and equipment combinations from our wide product and equipment collection, to ensure we yield the ultimate result.

For example; in the case of the above Audi R8, we did the demonstration initially with Meguiars and when it came in, we found that Menzerna gave the best results. Note: Thats not to say Menzerna is the best, its just that it worked best in this scenario! We believe, that if you use just one system, you will be limited by what that system can do. This approach does tie up a lot of money but the results we can achieve is far greater.

This is just some of the benefits taht all clients enjoys, regardless of the package level or budget chosen. We are able to optimize every facet of your detail!

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