Jaguar I-Pace full electric vehicle

Detailing the all electric Jaguar I-Pace

I must admit i was intrigued by this car way before. There is a competition currently running where to win it you have to motivate what you would do or where you’d go if you were given one full charge (470km). My simplest answer to that i would take it as far as i could go. One of the songs i’d be playing is Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car. 🙂

This is also one of a handful of full electric vehicles on the market joining the ranks of BMW, which has the i3 city car and i8 supercar and Nissan, the oldest with the Leaf. This also makes the I-Pace the only full electric SUV in SA. In person the silhouette of this car is far sleeker than typical SUVs and its fossil fuel counterpart the E-Pace.

The interior is clean, simple and quality with no fussy ornamentation. I actually detailed a new Jaguar E-Pace three weeks ago and it seems the styling ethos is similar across the board. 

Its one a few full electric vehicles available locally and this has All Wheel Drive. It has a range of 470km on full charge. 45 minutes will charge approx 80% battery. For the short stint I was in the vehicle, we started with 250km and when we got back to my place it read 258km. All the suburban stop and go gives the vehicle a chance to recover energy while braking and coasting. So its actually more economical in town than long distance!

The owner gave me a ride in it and the acceleration really puts you back in your seat. I happened to drive a C63S an hour later and felt it was on par. When I looked up the 0-100 specification, the I-Pace is 4.8 seconds and the C63S is 4.4 seconds. This at least confirms my ‘butt dyno’ works 😛 

Sticker price on for this cool cat is R1.6 million. Why wait for a Tesla? The future is here already!

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Jaguar I-Pace

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