Volvo S40 Detail

This week we detailed a light metallic blue Volvo S40. 

The bonnet, roof and boot areas were resprayed some time but was not finished very well. Orange peel (a description of the texture of the finished sprayed article) was very fine and dense. Possibly from spraying to dry. There was a bad blend on the right rear pillar and roof corner that ended up standing out even more after we were finished, The only way to correct that would now be to redo that area.

We flatted the area , (also known as wet sanding) with 2000grit and then compound polished, and we finished the entire vehicle with a milder polish and sealant.

The results was fantastic!

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Volvo S40 Before

Volvo S40 Before
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2005 model Volvo S40 2.4 Before detail

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