Suzuka Grey Audi R8 V10 Convertible

One of  our clients came in for a needed a wash for his brand new R8 convertible in Suzuka Grey…

When he mentioned that I had a double take. Grey? Nothing grey about this car … is it and import…? Nah looks white to me …. or does it?

Its certainly a most complex colour that is hard to perceive that it has a hint of grey until you look at it next to a properly white car. (see last pic for and example!)

I must admit, Audi does come up with fantastic grey colours remember the first shape Audi TT in Nimbus Grey?

Anyway, the big takeaway is this, if you want to confirm if your car is SUZUKA GREY or not, come down to us we’ll give it a wash and then we can confirm if its grey or not.

We also have a an affordable paint service that turns “dust grey” cars to “clean white” … its very popular …we are also considering adding to this offer a white to “carbon black service” … 😛

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